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At a restaurant, do you prefer to sit at a table or a booth?

Most people have a seating preference at a restaurant: booth or table. Which is yours?

Booths feel cozy and more private, but tables are easier to rearrange and may be more supportive for those with back or mobility problems.

If you had a choice, booth or table, which would you pick?


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1 month ago

Booth. Because I like a window seat.

Gary G
1 month ago

Booth or table, as long as we sit side by side. Been married 53 years and VERY RARELY sit across from each other.

1 month ago
Reply to  Gary G

Yes! Always! We have only 45 years together.

1 month ago

The older we get the easier a chair is to get into and out.

1 month ago

Booth. More comfortable to sit in 90% of the time. A stool is great facing towards the door. Like the old bar set up like in a diner.

Last edited 1 month ago by Skip
Joel L.
1 month ago

Since I have a hearing problem I prefer to sit with my back to a wall in an effort to diminish the sound coming from behind me. It doesn’t matter to me whether it is a table or booth just looking for the best hearing location in the rooms.

1 month ago

I prefer a booth in the winter when I have a coat. I can stuff the coat next to me in the seat. If at a table, the coat ends up on the floor because other customers are rude and have to push thru next to the table.

Andy Louie
1 month ago

A table if I’m at a buffet and my party is more than 3. I don’t like being in the center of a restaurant for all to see, so a booth for the other times.

1 month ago

For me it depends on the restaurant and the number in the party. One place we go to has the booths so low that we always get a table. With both my husband and myself being over 6 feet some booths just don’t work for us.

Pat Daubenmier
1 month ago

Prefer comfort. Often booths, my actual preference, don’t fit the body type, so we generally say “table please.”

1 month ago

Table. I’m barely 5′ and in a booth my chin is practically resting on the booth table top:)

Last edited 1 month ago by Marty
Roy Davis
1 month ago

I chose table for several reasons. 1. I am a big man and booths are not designed for me. 2. I have knee issues and booths put strain on them. 3. In the event of an emergency, booths take longer to get out of. 4. Part of my situational awareness training has me always wanting to face the door.

David Stansbury
1 month ago

Booths just seem more personal and private for us.

1 month ago

I like to sit watching the door or entrance into the restaurant. Never sit my back to a door. So saying that either is good with me , it’s all about the location.

Bob p
1 month ago

I prefer a table, DW prefers a booth, so guess where we sit, booth.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

If just the 2 of us a booth, if 4 then a table is considered.

1 month ago

Table, specifically a high top if available. Or we often sit at the bar.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

My preference for a table has more to do with short legs than seating location. Most booths just aren’t kind to very short legs.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it my 30” inseam is more comfortable at a table. Booths always seem to be to close to the table or to far away or to low. Sometimes I feel like all I have to do is lean forward and just scrape my food from the plate into my mouth. Lol

1 month ago

All depends on who I am with, wife not preference, with group of motorcycle guys: Table

Steven N
1 month ago

It seems to me that sitting in a booth has gotten more difficult as I have aged. Either I’ve gotten fatter or they are putting the seat closer to the table! LOL The cushions are usually really well compressed and I end up sitting with the table way too high to be comfortable. Feels like how it must be like for a youth sitting without a booster seat.

1 month ago

If no table is available we kindly say no thanks and leave. Our money so our choice matters.

T Edwards
1 month ago

Location is most important. Not near entrance/exit. Not near kitchen aisle. Not near restrooms. Prefer near well lit window. If it’s too cold, we leave. Full of noisy crowd, we leave. We rarely eat out but when we do it’s important to enjoy our surroundings while dining – in a booth or at a table.

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