Wednesday, July 6, 2022


How often in the last year have you camped where there was NO cell coverage?

Even though it’s 2022 and there seems to be cell service almost everywhere these days, it’s still possible, especially as traveling RVers, that there are pockets without cell service.

Within the last year have you camped where there was no cell coverage? If so, how often? Do you prefer to camp where there is no cell coverage or does it drive you nuts?


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20 days ago

We try to stay in cell range, but sometimes we accidently find little or no coverage available. When that happens, we will sent text messages to those that need to know where we are with a time line for our return to better coverage.

The Road Less Paved
21 days ago

Usually need to drive into a town or to the top of the highest hill for a signal. Husband and I have different carriers to hopefully fill missing zones. It still drops a lot between hills and in national forests.

21 days ago

Currently we are staying at Pacific City RV park and there is no cell service. Since we generally use our phones as hotspots we bought wifi service from the park. We can drive to town if we need to make a call. It’s only for about 15 days. We’ll survive.

Timothy Johnson
21 days ago

That’s why we go camping to get away from everything.. We bring the satellite radio… Why go camping if your on the phone or on the computer.. You should just stay at a wal mart parking lot ..

Jeff Craig
21 days ago

Rarely go anywhere that I can’t get some signal.

Judith Roales
21 days ago

I am in the middle of a couple months in the Yukon and Alaska. Many places have no cell service from any carrier, exept satellite phones. Also no electricity or only what the campground generates itself. No cable TV.
And NO GPS signal. (Good thing there is only one way up and back. You can’t get lost.) To keep my friends and family happy, I carry a Garmin satellite tracker. They can find me within 30 feet on a map, but they can’t phone or email or text me. People seem much more civilized and friendly here and I really believe the lack of ever-present communcation has a lot to do with that.

Candy Medina
21 days ago

Don’t even think about it. The last thing I worry about while camping is cell service. If it’s there fine, if not, so be it. Actually prefer that it’s not

21 days ago

Joshua Tree NP was one of the many places I stayed during a 4 month trip traveling the SW, Central W, NW that did not have Verizon cell service. I like my phone but if there is no signal… I’m fine. Just arrived home, had a splendid time!

21 days ago

Close to none. In one location, our booster was able to get us to 1 bar. Two in another location.

Bob Weinfurt
22 days ago

Not in the past year but a few years ago we boondocked in the Adirondack mountains in NY a few times with no TV or cell service. Even FM radio station reception was poor but the area was beautiful. For our safety and should we need help, we stayed only a few hundred feet from the main road.

Last edited 22 days ago by Bob Weinfurt
22 days ago

Last month we spent a week at Copperfield Park at the south end of Hell’s Canyon. Absolutely no signal. The nearest town, Halfway, 18 miles away had service at the library only. Idaho Power had a “bubble” in front of their staff dorm which was our only place of outside communication. Park is gorgeous, BTW.

John M
22 days ago

Since my mother-in-law is 99, we like to have cell service all the time. My wife talks to her once every day.

Last edited 22 days ago by John M
21 days ago
Reply to  John M

I’ve been in the same situation, and couldn’t camp far from home either in case I had to get back.

22 days ago

Colorado Rocky Mountains have poor coverage. We often camp in areas where we are 20 minutes or more from cell phone service areas. I just got my Starlink for RV so hope to have good service anywhere.

22 days ago

Spent several days at Land Between the Lakes. The campground we were in had no Verizon service. I did notice several RV’s with their own “cell reception towers” mounted on their RV ladders, so assumed they were receiving service from a carrier.

Since we travel to sight see, we’re always someplace several times a day were email can be downloaded or texts received and sent, calls made, etc. So it’s not a crisis to us if the campground has no access, though our preference is to have it.

Neal Davis
22 days ago

Cell service is a big deal for us when we travel because our parents are age 80 and higher. We need to be able to stay in touch with them. Given that, we live in the East (east Tennessee) and almost exclusively travel in the East, so I cannot recall any campground where we have not had cell service even though we never ask about it when booking a campsite.

Bob p
22 days ago

The only place we have ever camped where there wasn’t cell coverage was visiting my brother in TX. He lives in a gated community SW of Ft.Worth, they have there own campground down in a depression next to the Red river out of sight of any cell tower. If we wanted to make a call we got into our toad and went to the top of the hill. Actually it was nice not getting robo calls for 5 days. Lol

22 days ago

Spotty but had service.

22 days ago

Amateur radio always has commo service.

22 days ago

The best camping that we ever had was when we didn’t have cell service. 10 days of no phone calls from the Mother-in-law asking “What you doing?” and then talking about nothing that we cared about. Now we just mute the phone if we’re doing something.

22 days ago

Put me in with the too many qualifiers on the last choice bunch. We didn’t stay at any sites with no cell service, but that’s only because we lucked out and had service at the places we stayed. Two years ago, we stayed at James M. Rob state park outside Grand Junction CO and there was spotty to no service. We were busy enough that that didn’t bother us though.

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