Friday, September 22, 2023


Do you eat more or less red meat than five years ago?

Mmmmm…. meat! How much of it do you eat?

The times they are a-changin’ and us humans are eating less meat, mostly less red meat. Are you? Do you think you’re eating more or less red meat than you were five years ago? What’s the reasoning behind your answer?

Please vote in our poll below and tell us. Leave a comment too if you’ve made any changes to your red-meat-eating habits. We’re curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Although I said ” The Same” My wife has been vegetarian for many years and if I want any meat/fish/poultry I must buy it, prepare it, cook it, eat it and then clean up – or eat out.

  2. Once we discovered beyond burger and its products we have now sworn off beef burgers unless we are traveling and need to get something to eat. Otherwise we have been off the meat for at least 15 years or more now. Really trying to eat healthy and avoid red meat products.

  3. Red meat limited to what I can’t avoid when eating out. At home red is almost exclusively venison. Diet is 90% chicken/fish, salads, veggies.

  4. We love to Barbecue and enjoy a great steak, TriTip, Brisket, Hamburgers and so much more! Our family get togethers always have beef and we are in our mid 70’s and Mother is 96 years young and Aunt lived to be 105! All good old American Beef eaters. By the way, Aunt Mimi (who lived to 105) hit a home run at our family picnic, at 99 years old, heck who would tag her out anyway?!😀👍🏻

  5. Very rarely eaten red meat for years. I ate a burger (too rare) in March and I got food poisoning and I’m still dealing with dizziness/balance issues. Fish, some chicken, and lots of veggies.

  6. I voted “about the same”….however, that is practically nothing. My red meat intake is pretty much limited to a hamburger once a month or less. Poultry and fish are our main meat dishes or many time just a really nice salad. Breakfast has been limited to a fruit/grain smoothie (of my own concoction) for about the past 20 years.

  7. Eating a bit less than five years ago, but also eating less meat overall. We’ve been doing a better job of portion control, instead of just filling the plate.

  8. As my son said when he was around 7 years old and was asked if he had eaten red meat, “it wasn’t red, it was cooked”.

  9. We eat it just as often, but in much smaller portions so less overall. We use the smaller salad plates which encourages smaller portions of everything which as our metabolism slows down with age is a good thing.

  10. I’ve been eating the same for the last 78 of my 79 years. Back then there wasn’t baby food or if there was my mother couldn’t afford it so I was raised on farm type food. Pork, beef, and chicken, and today I’m still eating the same. Our daughter and SiL can only eat poultry since she was bitten by a deer tick and became allergic to almost everything. Some people like me can eat anything, others are on restricted diets due to medical conditions. I don’t subscribe to “Chicken Little’s” theory about red meat being bad for us, it’s whether our bodies tolerate certain foods or not.


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