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Were you raised in a military family?

According to (The School Superintendents Association), there are currently 1.2 million military children of active-duty members worldwide right now. Were you one of those children? Were you raised in a military family?

If so, after you vote please leave a comment and share your experience (if you’re willing). There’s a good chance you’ll connect with many other military family readers. Wouldn’t that be fun!

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  1. That’s where I got my love of travel! I was surprised to see the low number, as I have found in my travels that there are many of us out here! I will admit though, talking to other “military brats” that with all the moves, it either makes you want to stay in one place (as an adult) or gives you the sense of adventure. I’m always ready for the next adventure!

  2. My husband and I were not raised in a military family but did spend 30+ years in the Army raising our 2 children in a military family

  3. I answered no. However my dad would tell us kids to not Pi_ _ off the Captain (mom, a WW2 nurse that was part of the 42nd field hospital that landed in Normandy 4 days after the troops) or there would be H_ _ _ to pay.

  4. My father was a weekend warrior in the Army National Guard and my great Uncle a Chief in the Sea Bees. So sort of. Myself served and retired USAF and all my 4 military brats. I’d do it all over.

  5. I was an Army brat and one of five kids. My older brother made the Navy a career, I went into the Air Force for 33 years, my next younger brother joined the Marines and my youngest brother made the Air Force a career… my sister married a Lawyer, so she had the hardest tour. 😀

  6. Answered NO; however, dad worked for military contractors so we moved across the US. I counted once and determined we lived in 22 different houses from when I was born until I graduated high school – 2 different states in my senior year. Sometimes we moved twice in one year as contracts ran out and dad started on new jobs.

  7. No, but both of my parents were children of WW2 Veterans (my Dads was a Gold Star family) and my daughter is 100% Navy brat! I’d still be in the Navy if I weren’t too old and fairly busted up.

  8. Yes. My father was career Navy, a Captain. He served in WWII aboard several different destroyers and supply ships. We were stationed all over the US (including Kodiak, AK, when it was a Naval Base). I think traveling as a child (through my teens) with my family was the start of my adventurous nature that lead to alot of camping with my family and finally becoming a full-time RVer.

  9. Neither my mother or father were, but my grandfather on my dads side was in the Army during WW2, my grandfather on my moms side was in the Air Force for 25 years serving in both the Korean war and Vietnam where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, my dad was the manager at the West Point cadet book store, my brother was in the Air Force for 10 years and my sister is a director at the United States Military Preparatory School at West Point… I can’t remember a holiday as a kid that we didn’t have West Point Cadets sitting at the table with us since they couldn’t be home with their families. While I wasn’t in a “Military Family”, we certainly have have a good bit of military history and support in our family. Thank you to all of you who have served!!

  10. Born in Japan 1950. Dad in an Engineer outfit making maps of Japan. He spent 28 years in the Army. Traveled all over the world attending school in over 18 different schools K-12. Drafted in 1969, traveling to many of the same posts over my 25 year career.

  11. YES! My father was WWII USAAC, 8th Air Force and POW in nazi germany for 415 days…followed by 35 years Nat Guard. Dad is 99 now and doing great! We had a great childhood and I am so proud to be the daughter of a WWII hero.

  12. My Dad was a WWII soldier who got out at the end of the war and started having kids. So no, I am not. But I was drafted in 1970, joined the Navy and my wife and I decided it would be a great career – so we WERE a military family. Had one kid in MS, one in Italy, and literally lived all over the world, moving 15 times and never once within the continental US. We loved it. That draft board did me a HUGE favor, which we certainly didn’t realize at the time!

  13. I responded no….However, my wife of 47 years was. Her dad spent 30 years in the Navy. I am a Navy retiree with 20 years. We have been able to travel the world, served with and kept lifelong friends and would not have changed it for anything. We married and lived in Hawaii. Oldest son born in Spain,where we lived for a number of years. Second son born in FL. where we also lived for a time. We (retired) now reside in my home state of Texas.

  14. My Dad, my 3 Brothers, and I clocked 74 accumulative years in the U.S. Navy. Plus 3 Uncles on Dad’s side and 3 on Mom’s’ all Navy. One Uncle was at Pearl Harbor during the sneak attack and one Uncle didn’t make it back. Some of my happiest young years were spent in Naval Housing at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago, IL.

  15. I said no because neither parent was in the military. However, my husband is retired military and grew up with most males in his family serving in various branches of the military. My brother is a veteran and a nephew is active duty.

  16. If you are asking if our families were active duty, then we were not, but our children were. My husband retired 8 years ago after serving 29 years in the USN.

  17. let’s see, my uncles, my grandfather, my step-father, my father, one of my brothers and my sister were all navy. another brother was army, a third brother was army national guard, but I’m the only one who did a career, Air Force. So when I was growing up my PARENTS were not active duty, and therefore I had to answer “no”. but my kids dad was! One of the best things I’ve ever done! My two ‘Brats’ grew up to be very successful.

  18. Yes. My Dad was a 26 year career Navy Veteran. I went on to serve 22 years in the Navy. Brother went a different route. Air Force

  19. Yes. Dad did 26 years USAF, WWII – Vietnam. I did 22 years US Army, Viet-Nam – Desert Storm. Both brothers US Army.

  20. Great grandpa – Marines – 30 years
    Father – Navy – 20 years
    Husband – Marines – 8 years
    Son – Army -4 years

  21. No, but we were a military family. I spent 30 years in the USCG and moved my family all over the US. Semper Paratus!

  22. I am a proud “navy brat”! My father was in the navy for 25 years and retired a Lt. Cmdr. Our family moved a lot and all four of us “kids” were born in a different city. Would not change a thing about my childhood!


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