Friday, October 7, 2022


Do you like pickles?

Pickles, you either love ’em or you hate ’em! You rarely find someone who doesn’t like them, but will eat them anyway. If you’re that person there’s a space for you in today’s poll.

Did you know there are more than 15 types of pickles out there? There’s everything from traditional dill pickles to half sours to bread and butters. What’s your favorite kind? Tell us in the comments after you vote in the poll. Well, that is, if you like pickles…


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2 months ago

With a name like Larry Dill, how could I not like pickles!!! I was called Pickles in school growing up until college!!!

Roy Davis
2 months ago

We buy the big dil pickles in the gal jar and have bought a five gal bucket a few times. My wife make pickled watermelon rinds as well.

George B
2 months ago

Fried pickles …. yummy!

Bob Weinfurt
2 months ago

I like bread and butter and gherkins but don’t like store bought dill or the ones that fast food joints use but homemade ones are usually good.

2 months ago

I like most pickles. I miss my Mom’s pickled watermelon rind. A nice winter treat that reminded you, when last summer, you shoved the whole melon into your face. .

Neal Davis
2 months ago

I do like conventional pickles — dill, bread-and-butter, and sweet. I do not care for spicy food, which includes spicy pickles.

2 months ago

If I have Top Ramen or Cup O’ Noodles, I use some pickle juice along with the flavor packet.- Sort of like Hot N’ Sour soup.

Deborah Johnson
2 months ago

I love all types of pickles. I make my own from cukes, garlic, hot peppers, and dill that I grow myself. I even like to drink the leftover juice.

Linda Kay
2 months ago

I love dill pickles on peanut butter sandwiches. Think I’ll have one for lunch. Yum!

John Koenig
2 months ago

Nice crunchy half sour (aka “new” pickles) for me. Yum!

Pat Daubenmier
2 months ago

I add either Famous Dave’s or a candied dill from Sechlers of Indiana to my salad every day. Yum! I stock up on Sechlers whenever I’m in Indiana…buying them by the gallon….nothing better!

2 months ago

Sweet pickles do not agree with me, but I love all others.

2 months ago

Pickle Sickles! Large dill pickles on a pop sickle stick. Good stuff! Also, Sonic’s original Pickle-O’s The batter used on them was perfect! I miss those things!

Gil Coale
2 months ago

No Dill !!

2 months ago

My favorite pickle was an import from Poland. Only store that has it was Big Lots. Pickle disappeared with the advent of COVID.

2 months ago

My favorite is the dill pickle. Then a home made bread and butter pickle.

Jim Collins
2 months ago

Sweet midget the round only, or sweet pickle relIsh, no to anything larger or dill

2 months ago

Dill, bread and butter, mustard but no gherkins please.

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