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Ask Dave: Can I connect Weber grill to RV’s LP valve with low pressure?

Dear Dave,
Can I use the LP gas connection on the side of the coach to supply a small Weber grill? I have been told that this supply is at low pressure and will not work for my intended purpose. Thank you! —Paul, 2021 Rockwood 2109

Dear Paul,
Since your Rockwood is a travel trailer, the main propane supply is either one or two DOT cylinders mounted to the front frame of the rig. These are high-pressure cylinders and have a pressure regulator just after the connection to reduce the pressure to 11” of water column pressure. This is the pressure your stove, refrigerator, water heater, and furnace require.

Pressure for Weber grill

I am not sure what pressure your Weber grill is designed for; however, it should have a regulator in-line with the connection hose that will provide the correct pressure. This photo has the regulator mounted on the front of the rig with the POL valve connected to the cylinder and the hose going to the regulator.

After the regulator, the hose goes under the rig and typically a black pipe is plumbed to the various appliances. “T” connections allow for multiple connections such as your quick disconnect valve. Your Weber grill most likely came with a POL connection and hose like this one shown here.

Quick disconnect valve on RVs for use with gas grills

Many RV manufacturers are plumbing a quick disconnect valve for the propane system to supply gas grills, just as you are intending to do. Since you referenced connecting to the side of the rig, I assume you have one of these. You will need to get a quick disconnect that will fit this. You’ll also need to check the pressure needed for your grill.

We just installed an Extend-A-Stay propane adapter on a 2015 Thor. It has an ASME tank rather than a DOT cylinder, so the connection was different and went before the regulator. Our Blackstone had a hose with its own regulator and it worked very well.

As I stated before, your Weber grill probably came with a POL valve and hose with a regulator that you can just hook directly to the DOT cylinder on the tongue. I have seen RVers that have two tanks disconnect one and use it for the grill so the other can still supply the water heater and refrigerator.

If you want to connect directly to the quick disconnect, check the pressure requirements of your grill and keep in mind the pressure at the QD is 11” water column. I really doubt your grill needs high pressure.

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2 months ago

It’s really not that complicated. If you intend to keep the Weber regulator attached then you need to T into the LP line before the RV’s regulator. If you want to use the line that comes off after the RV regulator, you need to remove the existing regulator on the Weber, or other LP cooking device.

The drawback, that I see, is that if you intend to use the, before the RV regulator method, it should be clearly stated at the quick connect. Just to be safe, add a permanent note that a regulator MUST remain inline for use with any device.

R. Sparks
2 months ago

There are many kits and adapters on the market for adapting a Weber to the propane outlet on your RV. As noted by Rick Myers, you generally have to remove the regulator on the Weber and then use the coupler or kit required to use the propane outlet on the RV. That’s what we did for our small Weber Q. You can even buy long hoses if you don’t want it to be used right next to the RV.

Rick Myers
2 months ago

I have removed the regulator from my Weber Baby Q, it has 1/8″ pipe thread, then attached a propane quick coupler (male end) in place of the regulator. I run a propane hose from the low-pressure quick coupler on the RV to the Weber, works great.