Sunday, October 2, 2022


Do you have any live plants in your RV?

Dale Wade’s story this past weekend about purifying plants got us thinking: Hey, maybe having plants in your RV to purify the air isn’t a bad idea! Maybe you already have some that do this? Do you?

Do you have plants in your RV anyway (even if you didn’t get them specifically to purify the air!)? What about potted flowers? (Remember, flowers in a vase don’t count… and neither do fake plants!) Or perhaps you have a little bumper garden?

After you vote, tell us what plants and how many you have in the comments below the poll. Happy planting!


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Michael Galvin, PhD
2 months ago

Would be interesting to see who says Yes: Class A, B, C, 5er, truck, pop-up, etc.

Roy Davis
2 months ago

No, but we have traveled with a potted tomato plant. We sat it outside when we arrived and had fresh tomatoes on the trip.

2 months ago

I have a large pot of plants, which became an issue a month ago when I began planning our trip from the states to our northern neighbors. I read that plants were no allowed (I don’t remember if that was supposed to be the case going north or coming south back into the US. So I had to find a plant sitter for our time in Ontario. Neither border crossing interview inquired as to whether we had plants or not.

Tom M
2 months ago

On a long recent trip, I did take a potted rosemary and basil. Used them a few times. But normally, no.

Deborah Johnson
2 months ago

I take my Aerogarden with me so I can have fresh basil and lettuce.

Karen Bates
2 months ago

I have Peace Lilies! I brought them on our current trip because I didn’t want them die at home!

Diane Mc
2 months ago

If i can kill them at home, I can kill them in the motorhome 🙂

Rosalie Magistro
2 months ago

I have a 6foot dracena that I’ve had for 30 yrs and a few Cactus.
I am a plant lover, I had about 30 plants in our home before hitting the road for good.
Can’t wait to find our forever house .

2 months ago

When we go camping, my wife takes one of her plants with her. She has had it for 3 years and it has only stopped blooming one time to “rest”. She doesn’t trust the other family members to take care of it like she does.

Kathy Niemeyer
2 months ago

We live in Oklahoma and winter in south Texas and summer in Michigan. I have a basal plant that is 2 years old and still growing. I also have 2 geraniums that was 2 years old. They travel with us and give a feeling of home.

Linda F
2 months ago

Traveled with a spider plant for years. Woke up 1 morning a couple of years ago to see the local deer had eaten it down to the dirt. I was not happy. However, we didn’t toss it out and it grew back and now it’s enormous, so I guess they did me a favor 🙂

2 months ago

Once I read about the purifier plants I decided to get some! But not yet.

2 months ago

No. No indoor gardening.

Larry Boswell
2 months ago

Just two vegetables; the Wife and I.

Gregory Brott
2 months ago
Reply to  Larry Boswell


2 months ago

Not that we know about!

Judy G
2 months ago

A spider plant and an ivy occupy top of storage cabinet near the large rear window. On travel days, they ride atop the covered stove-top on a square of rubber mesh.

David Bulkley
2 months ago

D0es mold count as live plants. Seen in other campers, not ours. 🙂

Roger Worley
2 months ago

Back in 2006 or 07, we were gifted a Cactus. While in Mexico, we bought a large ceramic T-cup for it and over the years, it grew, finally this past Winter while back in AZ, we returned it back to niece and nephew who gave it to us in the first place. Bet it’s the only plant they got that’s traveled some 47 States and 3 Countries.

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