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Did you have your RV independently inspected before you bought it?


If you’re a newbie RVer just getting started, know this: Having your RV inspected before you purchase it and drive it home is one of the, if not the, most important things you can do. You want someone up on that roof, under that rig, upside-down, inspecting that thing. Every last inch of it.

Trust us.

If you already own an RV, did you have it independently inspected before you bought it? If so, are you glad you did (come on, tell those newbies in the comments below to do it!)?

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4 months ago

No, because i didn’t know better. Our next one new or used, will be inspected.

Donald N Wright
4 months ago

I tried to. Everyone was backed up for three weeks or more. Seller wanted to sell it now ! There was a line of folks who wanted to buy it. One inspector wanted me to tow the trailer I was going to buy to his establishment. Owner said NO.

4 months ago

Bought our Phaeton new in 2012. I was not aware of any any independent inspection business at that time. We took possession on the dealers lot in a FHU campsite and lived aboard for 4 days while transferring from our former coach. We turned up several small punch list items, mostly related to the coach being “shopworn” from too many lookies opening and closing drawers. Everything was taken care of and brought up to Like New before we left. First year punch list items were minimal as I remember. In almost 90,000 miles we have had two roadside breakdowns which were dealt with expeditiously. First was a failed Throttle Control which left us stranded on the Natchez Trace Parkway overnight until the correct tow truck could get to us. The second was a failed cooling fan control which we were able to limp to service with. Both of these were after 80,000 miles and 8 years so inspection would not have helped 🙂

Neal Davis
4 months ago

It was new when we bought it 2 weeks ago. We plan as many trips to the manufacturer as it takes to dial it in.

4 months ago

I will never buy another RV that I didn’t get a certified NRVA inspectiin prior to purchase. This includes new ones. We spent more than most people’s houses and only a fool would spend that amount without having an independent inspection .

4 months ago

We were lucky. We purchased the RV new and went to measure some things. One of the guys who prepare the trailers was there. He told us we bought a good TT and when we said it was our first one he showed us everything, how things worked, how to maintain etc. A week later we picked it up and they completed a full PDI with me and even suggested we video thing like installing the WDS.

4 months ago

Regarding it being preinspected for you before you buy it. We did, and we feel it was a waste of money. Not only did they only see the things we saw, but 3 months after we signed on the dotted line the list of 8 or 9 items to get fixed was still not done so we took the RV because of our plans and now we’re going to have to file a warranty claim to get things fixed later

Richare OKelly
4 months ago

I had a 4 page PDI and checked everything off the list. The dealer was impressed that I was on the roof and crawling around underneath.

Bob Weinfurt
4 months ago

Checked it over myself.

Brian Burry
4 months ago

Yes and surprisingly it was the insistence of our lender, who recommended a nationwide third-party inspection company. They sent out a very high-quality, certified inspector who did inspection driving and making all systems function in his 35 page 97 picture report. The items he found wrong on a 10-year-old motorhome we’re actually very minor but it gave us great satisfaction that was a sound unit well-kept by original owner. Then we put a engine/transmission/systems warranty (aftermarket) on it and they required it to be inspected before issuing the warranty. That was a couple years after owning it and we maintained it well and the inspector is quite pleased at his observations and inspections. Even if you’re buying it “as is”, it is important to know the basic systems functions are worth investing your money into purchasing the RV.

Steven N
4 months ago

I knew the individual that we purchased our 5th wheel from so wasn’t concerned. He was totally capable and always on top of maintenance.

4 months ago

We bought a new Fleetwood Avion Savanna in 1999. I know every nut and bolt on it. Best RV I’ve owned and I’ve had several. Very well built, not just slopped together. All OEM appliances, furnace, water heater, and AC’s still working well. Upgraded TV’S and replaced converter. I think we’ll just hang on to it!

4 months ago

Our first (used) Rv we drove about 80 mi. to look it over. Came back a week later and bought it after negotiating with the owner. It had several issues which I didn’t consider to be beyond my abilities to fix. (And weren’t as a do-it-your-selfer).

The 2nd and current used Rv, I bought on EBay with the Ebay buy-back policy and extensive conversations with the owner. (In the day when you could contact the owner!). He agreed to deliver it to me (for expenses) – about 700 miles which gave me some assurance. I took delivery at a local gas station. What appeared to be a major issue was I couldn’t shift the automatic transmission into gear! After getting it home and crawling around I found the gear shift shaft just needed grease. Simple fix – getting to it not so simple. Beyond that and some major exterior cleaning and waxing – no major problems. 34′ Class A, w/GM 454. currently at 34,400 miles. (I also do annual oil analysis!)

John Koenig
4 months ago

I was NOT aware that such a service when I bought my Super-C back in May, 2014. Had I known such a service existed, I would have used it.

Diane Mc
4 months ago

No. Delivered from the factory 20 yrs ago. Had a blow by issue with engine. That was CAT’s issue. Always “within limits”. New engine at 200K miles. Laminate underneath paint started cracking. Serendipitously found out it was partially covered by warranty. At 15yrs old had all new panels and a repaint done at Newmar factory. Looks like the day we picked it up. The awning blew off over the top of the motorhome across 4 lanes on I-70 in Kansas. Faulty latch. Covered under warranty. (By the grace of God, no one else affected. We use fly fishing wraps to secure awning arms ever since). Other than those 3 “issues” can’t recall anything else. I’m sure there might have been some little things.

John Hanke
4 months ago

Didn’t know about inspections when we bought our 2000 Fleetwood PaceArrow in December of 2014. If it had been inspected, we may not have purchased. As I started repairing things, I needed to learn more about RVs. Found a training program that led me to becoming a Certified Inspector. I now have retired from doing inspections due to age and bad knee.
I would recommend getting any RV, new or used inspected by a NRVIA Certified Inspector before purchase. An NRVIA inspector will charge you more than some other inspectors, but you get what you pay for.

4 months ago
Reply to  John Hanke


4 months ago

we bought brand new so, no.

4 months ago
Reply to  rich

So did we, still had many issues.

Glenda Alexander
4 months ago

I checked YES even though I didn’t actually use a certified inspector. The original owner used the same mobile RV tech, whom I used, to do work on the Lazy Daze. He was helping her find a buyer for her LD and he told me about it. I felt comfortable buying it from her and I haven’t regretted the purchase.

4 months ago

1st one was old but we were lucky. Private seller gave great pointers. Second one was new, 12 years ago and we love it still.

Sheryl Hendrix
4 months ago

I say we did because my hubby got certified as an RV inspector before we bought ours so we could make a little money and inspect our own. I would recommend the class for all new RV’ers!

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