Monday, November 28, 2022


Do you know how to drive a vehicle with a “stick shift” (manual transmission)?


According to today’s trivia, Toyota says that only 18 percent of American drivers know how to drive a vehicle with a “stick shift” (or manual transmission). That’s a small number! And only getting smaller…

Do you know how to drive a stick shift? If you’re older, chances are that you probably do. Younger? Maybe not so much…

After you vote in the poll, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us if your current car is a stick.

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Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
3 months ago

My younger brother taught me when I was 21 years old.

3 months ago

I own 2 cars. Both are manual transmission.

3 months ago

Dad said all his girls were going to know how to drive stick. First vehicle drove stick was a Corvair Sandrail at age 11. Had to get the clutch just right or else you would be pulling a wheelie. My first car purchase was 83 Mazda truck with a stick. Still have our 2001 Nissian Maxima-purchased almost new…both sons drove that car during high school.

Dale Hammons
3 months ago

Next question: when was the last time you drove a stick shift.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dale Hammons

Just last month! LOL! I drove a friends jeep when he was moving to a new site. One needs to get accustomed to the clutch when first driving a vehicle with a manual trans that you haven’t driven before. Once that’s done it’s easy!

3 months ago

Bet if you asked this on a non-RV site it would be just the opposite!

Nove M. Canon
3 months ago

Better to start & learn driving using manual trans. It is easier to shift to auto trans.
Unlike starting at auto then going to manual. You need longer time to adjust your driving skills.

3 months ago

Stick shift?

Millennial anti-theft device!

Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

Drove a 54 Chevy 3 on the tree when I was 12. At 13, I learned how to drive a pick-up and back up a trailer. Half of my vehicles over the past 50 years have been manual shift, including a few motorcycles. Even had fun driving a model A. I like to drive the vehicle, not have it drive me.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

Haven’t had a “stick-shift” vehicle since I traded in my 88-1/2 Ford Escort (left knee going bad at the time) in about 2001 or so! My present vehicle is a 2017 Toyota Tundra (automatic).

Diane Mc
3 months ago

Drove a 1974 Triumph TR6 convertible. Had a job where I had to travel in the Bay Area in CA. That even meant on the hills of SF. That was fun. Loved it. One of our cars today is a MINI Cooper John Works Clubman with a 6 speeds. Very fun.

3 months ago

I learned to drive in a 1959 Rambler and 1961 Chevy pickup. Both had stick shift. It’s an important skill to have.

3 months ago

To get my first drivers license in Ohio the driving test had to be taken on a manual transmission. Thankfully Dad had a 1953 Henry J that I think only came with a manual transmission.

3 months ago

Yes, I drive a 2008 5 speed manual transmission 2.0 liter gas engine Citroën C4 but I learned to drive on a 1982 Automatic Ford Fairmont SW.

3 months ago

Yup, 3 on the tree, 4 on the floor and the jeep I drive now is 5 on the floor. Plus, 7, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds.

3 months ago
Reply to  TScott

Add in a 5 speed with a 4 speed Brownie you get 20 gears. Usually only used 13.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

Learned to drive on a pickup with “three on a tree.” Subsequently have had numerous cars with stick shifts. DW has a Mustang GT with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Tom Gutzke
3 months ago

First car was a well-used ’53 Chevy Bel-Air. Stick on the column; straight 6 cylinder engine. Then I bought a Chevy Corvair 4-on-the-floor. Great car but strong side winds certainly pushed you around if you were doing over 65. Always eased up if the woinds were high and never had a problem.

3 months ago

First car I drove was a 49 Ford with ‘3 on the tree’ at about 12 years old. Started pulling loads of hay bales with that car at 13 as the first experience of trailer towing.

3 months ago

We currently have 3 cars that have a manual transmission. It was hard to find our newest car (a 2020 Honda Civic) with a stick shift. We have made sure that both of our teenage children learn to drive a stick shift before they get to drive any other car.

Mark Nelsen
3 months ago

Yes, I drive a 2018 Mazda Miata with a six-speed manual transmission. It is a fun car to drive and the manual transmission is half the fun!

3 months ago

I don’t believe the results. The younger generation simply did not respond.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ray

They’re searching Google for “three on a tree”.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ray

I’m 50, do I count as “younger” ? 🤪. And yes, I can drive manual, as can my son and a couple of his friends…but not many!

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