Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Do you talk to yourself?

Okay, this is a safe space… you can admit to us if you talk to yourself or not. After all, we have no way of seeing how you vote in our polls.

According to WebMD, 96 percent of adults say they internally talk to themselves, and 25 percent say they talk out loud to themselves. Which category do you fall into? Or neither? Both?

We think talking to yourself is perfectly normal. The only time things could get weird is if you’re in a tightly packed RV park with all your windows open… Hmmm…


  1. I particularly “talk” to myself when I err. The greater, in my opinion, the error, the more I “talk” to myself.

  2. Wow, every time I see an old woman pushing a grocery cart down an aisle talking out loud to herself (no obvious blue tooth device on) I can’t help but think “Poor lady!”. It may be fine to think things, but talking out loud to oneself is not good.

    • Plus, they don’t talk back. Yep, since I lost my dog a few months ago (first time in 75 years I haven’t had a dog), I don’t have any excuse to be talking out loud in my house now, but that hasn’t stopped me. 😆 Have a great day, Vicki. 😀 –Diane

  3. My grandmother once told me “it’s okay to yourself. And it’s okay to talk to yourself and answer yourself. But when you talk to yourself and answer yourself and then say “what” you know you have a problem” Words that I live by.

  4. ROFL at the responses and stories! Love them all and I’ve done all of those things…including saying “huh?” to my own discussion with myself!

    • So does my wife, she says if she wants intelligent answers she always talks to herself. She’ll be in another room talking and when I don’t understand what she says I’ll respond and she says never mind. That’s the aggravating part.

  5. Zig Ziegler said, Sure I do, I like to talk to intelligent people, and I like to listen to intelligent people talk!

  6. At times I do think out loud. On the other hand my wife talks and reads out loud a lot. I’ve missed many bits of news and dialogue on TV due to her ramblings. Still love her to death though.

  7. Not only to myself, but also to inanimate objects like the seat I was going to install in my street rod. After several minutes trying to access a mounting bolt and pinching and banging my fingers, I let out with “Oh, Come On!”. The socket immediately found the bolt.

  8. I talk to myself, no big deal. But I have seen the most severe case of that behavior. New to the job, I was warned not to be surprised by the lab technician to whom I was to deliver samples. I was told he had worked there 30+ years alone. Upon reaching the lab, he was not there. I went to use a nearby restroom and found him sitting in a stall. Not knowing it was him, I heard him telling a joke. This was before cell phones. After telling the joke, he laughed then said “Oh you stupid S*B, you told me that joke last week”. Needless to say I beat a hasty retreat. I kid you not.

  9. Years back after I had retired the first time I got bored I took a job at wally world. One day one of the managers came into my hardware department where I was working and spurting to myself and asked if I always talked to myself. I told him it was the only way I could get a intelligent conversation around here. He sort of laughed but not sure if he liked it.

  10. My son made a sign and put it outside his bedroom door 30+ years ago: “It’s OK to talk to yourself, and it’s OK to answer yourself, but if you say ‘Huh?’ you know you’re in trouble.” 😆 –Diane


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