Thursday, September 29, 2022


When you travel, what type of souvenir do you most often buy?

Buying souvenirs is half the fun of traveling, isn’t it? Well, okay, maybe not half the fun… but who doesn’t love a good gift shop? We never turn down gift shops!

When you buy souvenirs, what do you most often buy? A magnet for your fridge? A new T-shirt? A local piece of art or a local food specialty? A tea towel for your kitchen? Something else?

If you select “other” from the poll options below, please leave a comment and tell us what you usually buy.

Oh, and in this poll, you can select up to TWO answers.


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Steven N
1 month ago

We have started collecting the hiking stick medallions from National Parks in addition to a shirt if they have a neat one.

Leonard Rempel
1 month ago

Other than t-shirts, I collect logo’d golf balls from all the courses I play. Doesn’t take up too much space in my display cases when I get back home, so the wife is happy about that!

Leon S.
1 month ago

I collect shot glasses. Getting one from each state and of some site(s) that is significant.

Dennis Johnson
1 month ago

A hat, now that my hair is leaving without me…..

1 month ago

When I am at National Parks/Monuments, etc, I do the Jr Ranger booklet and get my earned badge or patch! I have a vest with them but with be getting a piece of fabric to hang them on my wall instead, as the vest is getting very heavy! I also, buy a pin of the area/park/state.

1 month ago

Post cards

harry williams
1 month ago

Sew on patches

1 month ago
Reply to  harry williams

easier to use fabric glue!!

1 month ago


1 month ago

I purchase a coffee cup so each morning when I am home I remember a special place.

Larry Lee
1 month ago

If we get anything it has to be really small, just a tiny reminder of where we went or what we did while there. T-shirts and mugs are absolutely forbidden!
Digital photos are preferred above all else since they store easily and all display on one screen. We are full-time in a motorhome already overflowing with stuff.

Val Catena
1 month ago

I occasionally buy pins depending on how large they are and how they can be worn on a ball cap. However my favorite, though not always found, are bookmarkers. I use them in books obviously but also to mark my place in office files. And they make great stocking stuffers for my granddaughters who love to read!

Pierre Schexneider
1 month ago

Coffee Mugs

Tom Macfarlane
1 month ago

While I really don’t buy many souvenirs, if I visit a National or State Park, I like to get a small sticker to put on the trailer bumper.

Larry Westcott
1 month ago

Pins for our walking sticks.

Steve Trimble
1 month ago

Got a collection of hat pins from places we visit.

Sheila Berman
1 month ago

Shot glass of each state/country

Debbie Miller
1 month ago

We buy koozies. They take up little space and after we settle down somewhere in the future, I plan to make Christmas ornaments out of them.

1 month ago

I buy post cards to show where we’ve been. I also buy extra to send to family and friends!

Scott Alexander
1 month ago

Jig-saw puzzles from National Parks to put together at home and hang on the wall.

1 month ago

For us, T-shirts/sweat shirts, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets sometimes.

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