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How many TVs do you have in your RV?

You may remember the days when RVs didn’t even have one TV installed. Now, newer RVs are being designed with three, sometimes four, TVs. Can you believe it?

If you have an older RV, chances are you only have one (or two) TVs. But if you just bought a new model, you probably have three or four. Are we right? How many televisions are in your RV?

Please vote in the poll below, and leave a comment too. Do you wish your RV had more TVs? Do you wish it had fewer? How many TVs does your RV have, and out of those TVs, how many do you actually use? And if it has an outside TV, do you even use it?

We’re curious. Thanks!


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1 month ago

We have none. We have the prior technology…Radio. And, also, books. Also, we do have guitar, banjo, harmonica, accordion for backup.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

Technically, we have 3 inside and one outside. We rarely use the outside one

1 month ago

Came with none but spaces for two. Bought a Roku TV and had dealer install. I was living in the 26′ TT for two years. Good company in the evening for a solo camper with a couple of dogs.

Wren Grace
1 month ago

Two inside; one outside. It’s ridiculous; we only use one, and that, very occasionally.

1 month ago

We have one tv, but very seldom use it, and then mainly for DVDs. We keep current/track conditions via our computer.

Lyle hearn
1 month ago

We have two trailers one with two tv and don’t use them mostly listen to radios

Diane M
1 month ago

One, but we’ve never watched it a single time.

1 month ago

We have two but hardly get used. Use RV to see the countryside not watch TV. YMMV

1 month ago

My class A came with 3. 1 outside, 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the living area. The outside 1 I’ve turned on once, when I bought it.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

One 12 volt 13″ flatscreen in my 22′ motorhome.

John Ettel
1 month ago

I have one 40″ that I almost never watch, finally cancelled my Dish subscription and just stream Apple TV or watch OTA.

1 month ago

Our class A came with two CRT Tv’s. 19″ heavy one over the windshield which I removed and changed the space to storage and designed a swing down system for a 32″ flat screen so no more stiff neck! The bedroom had a portable sitting on a pull-out tray. (Lousy design! When out, no way to get around the bed!) I mounted a 22″ flat screen above the window opposite the head of the bed (side mtd bed). I cutout part of the window box surround so it is easy to view and control without getting up. We only watch in the late evenings and on rainy days. Also, on occasion we have the flexibility for each of us to watch separate programs.

1 month ago

I only have one in my 25′ trailer but it swivels between bedroom and living area so acts as 2.

John Koenig
1 month ago

I checked “three” but only two are actually in my RV. The third TV is mounted outside.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Same here!

1 month ago

none, and why would you want one camping? we do just fine hiking and kayaking. if you have rain, well, spend time with each other.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jeanne

Many of us live full time or almost full time in their rvs. We aren’t just camping.

1 month ago

Came with four.

The one over the windshield is what we use most because we have opposing sofas, so we can each lay on a sofa and comfortably watch. If that was the only TV, we’d be fine.

Never watch the one in the bedroom. Almost never watch the one at the back end of the living/dining/kitchen.

I do occasionally use the one outside if I happen to be grilling dinner and the news is on. Otherwise it would never be used. I wouldn’t put one there if it was a “pay for” option.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

Pulled out the two 27″ CRT TV’s our 2007 rig came with, and added a 32″ LED up front over the cab and moved the first replacement, a 30″ LCD unit, to the bedroom. We have a Dish Tailgater and Wally, plus various streaming devices for our rig.

1 month ago

One and it has spent most of the time under the couch. It might come out if we are camping during a Packer game. When I am camping I am getting away from TV too.

Ed K
1 month ago

2 analog and only the one in the living area was converted to use a A to D converter. Seldom used and the one in the bedroom is never used, bedroom is not a place we have ever watched the TV.

1 month ago

Since we ordered our RV, we had the option to have 4 TVs. We chose to have only one in the living room, which we do use frequently. We had cabinets installed where the bedroom TV and the second LR TV would go. We knew we’d never use the one outside.

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