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Which season of the year is your favorite?

With autumn quickly approaching (can you believe it?) we wonder: Which season is your favorite?

Is the upcoming fall season your favorite? Colorful leaves, hot apple cider, cozy nights by the campfire… Or is summer your favorite? Summer fruits and beach days abound! Or winter? Do you love the snow? What about spring, when the world seems to come alive again after a long, cold winter (well, depending on where you are, of course).

Tell us in the poll, and feel free to leave a comment, too.


  1. This question is useless without specifying WHERE you are. A winter in Maine is not the same as a winter in Arizona. So if you like winter do you like cold with snow or 70 degrees and sunny?

  2. I have always loved the fall, especially when camping. The leaves changing colors, the crisp air in the mornings, and gathering around a big campfire with friends. As we grew older, we also started to enjoy the less crowded and noisy campgrounds that happens when school starts back up.

  3. Fall is great, but where I live we have about 3 good weeks of fall between summer and winter. Then it turns cold, and I hate cold weather.

  4. My weather seasons have changed with my life seasons. Body no longer likes the heat – bones no longer like the cold. I now just look forward to living another season. The reason for seasons: Mother Nature’s way of letting us know we need to adapt to change every so often.

  5. I love fall in south FL. Temps start dropping and you can be outside longer. Temps get into the low to mid 80’s, sometimes even upper 70’s so you can comfortably sit outside with guests. Much easier to entertain. Still plenty warm for pool, beach and boat time but you have that short break between summer vacationers and snowbirds so roads are a little less crowded and restaurants a little more open. Then it’s time to welcome back our winter residents and celebrate seeing everyone again. As long as we don’t get a big wind, it’s the perfect time of year to be in FL (although spring is a close second).

  6. Having spent about 80 years of my life in MN, ND and Alaska – all with 4 seasons – each has its advantages. However, winter is the least favorite with cars that won’t start, driveways and sidewalks which need snow blowing or shoveling usually resulting in frozen toes and fingers – well this is a no brainer for me! Our usually beautiful summers pass too quickly – (lest I forget a few thunderstorms and tornado’s), and looking forward to blizzards and ice is not appealing to me.

    So, why don’t we move already?? Because we also have “quality of life” and mostly people with a work ethic. Hard working, friendly farmers who are a major basis of our economy. (Typically, ND doesn’t participate in national recessions either – not sure about the upcoming one tho!). I guess life is about enjoying the best which each season offers!

  7. I’m usually not surprised too much by the poll results, but was on this one. While Fall is by far my favorite, I had no idea that a large majority (at least so far) would agree.

    For me, crisp autumn days, the colors, the smells in the woods, far fewer bugs, and wandering the fields and forests with my traditional bows or 1700’s style hand crafted flintlock arms in pursuit of game make Fall a magical time.

  8. The work around the house and farm vary with the seasons. Summer is probably my least favorite because of the humidity and heat (we have comparatively high humidity year ’round). However, I enjoy seeing everything newly mowed, so that is a plus for summer. Fall has nicer temperatures, but sporting events are plentiful and a distraction from all the necessary fall work to prepare for the following spring. Winter is gaining ground with me because it is cool (but sometimes flat cold) and the work comes at a slower pace — mostly clearing fallen trees and cutting them into firewood and brush, and piling and burning the brush; but also some driveway maintenance — that is more easily managed. Spring brings warming temperatures but also a frenetic work pace trying to finish the winter work before snakes emerge from hibernation and complete the spring work to eliminate weeds from the yard and fields. So, ask me anytime what my favorite season is and it’s probably the next one. 😉

  9. I grew up in central Florida in the 1950s-70s in a house with no a/c. We lived on a lake and played outside all the time. If we got hot, we jumped in the lake. After college I spent the winter at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. There was no amount or type of clothes I could put on to stay warm. I now spend my winters back in Florida and my summers in Virginia Beach with a/c.

  10. After 20+ years of trucking in the Sierras, I hated winter and all that came with it. Chaining up, black ice, snow-covered highways, etc. Now that I’m retired and can just look out the front window, coffee in hand, and watch the snow pile up, I’m liking winter again (like when I was a kid).

  11. Question could have been which is your least favorite? Winter. My whole life. I turn blue if I’m too long in a 90 degree pool or bath – as far back as I can remember. Absolutely hate the end of autumn all the way to early spring. So no snow and ice. Warmth and sunshine are my favorite season.

  12. It is winter. I have always loved it. Can always throw on a sweatshirt or sweater if too cold. And then we started going to Florida in the winter. Even though I don’t have the snow and storms of the 45th parallel, I am still loving winter, but for a lot of different reasons.


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