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Quick RV Tech Tip: Why does my RV’s slide mechanism make a popping noise?

Dear Dave, 
My RV’s slide is making a loud popping noise when I close and open it. It seems to be coming from the bottom part around the lower bearing block. I have attached a video here. Any help you can give would be great. —Brandon, 2019 Thor Palazzo 33.2

Dear Brandon,
From the video, it looks as though this is a Schwintek mechanism. The first thing I notice is the housing tube that the mechanism sits in seems to be loose as it moves side to side when the motor starts. This is installed by Thor. I believe one of our writers, Nanci Dixon, had a similar problem with her Tiffin, as the rivets broke loose. I contacted Tiffin and the tech informed me it was a “spider”-type rivet where the back side doesn’t just bulge out like typical rivets, but rather has legs that basically explode out. I would recommend getting that housing secure first.

Then take a look at the following Schwintek diagram and you will see the spur gear, v roller, and a gib that guide the mechanism on the track. You can try spraying a little CRC lubricant as they recommend. However, I would imagine if the housing is that loose, one of those components is misaligned.

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25 days ago

Lippert does have a recall on the Schwintek system but you will have to contact them to see year and model.

Bob p
27 days ago

One of the biggest problems is Thor.

Hal Phalan
27 days ago

Our popping was the result of the plastic “shoe” breaking and binding the slide. The tech we worked with explained that our slide with dinette and refrigerater was too heavy for swintek mechanism.

27 days ago

Hi Dave, thanks for the very interesting and helpful column.
My slide makes a popping noise too. Investigation revealed the popping noise was the “wiping” gaskets popping as they changed direction from sliding out to sliding in.
This popping noise in my case was normal but concerning until I found the cause.
Thanks again for sharing your vast experience and knowledge with us.

27 days ago
Reply to  Steve

In our 2022 Tiffin 36UA, we had popping. Then it sounded like someone was stuck between the side and outside wall of the slide when extracting. Then, upon retracting the slide, it came in at an angle and gouged a hole in the bedroom door frame. Schwintek device was replaced.

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