Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Have you traveled outside North America in the last 10 years?

We know you’ve traveled around North America these last few years, but we’re wondering if you’ve traveled outside North America within the last 10 years? One time? Three times? 10 times?

If you have, did you go somewhere where you could RV or did you travel other ways? We hear RVing around Iceland is pretty spectacular (in fact, Chuck has done it!).

Leave a comment after you vote and tell us where you’ve been. We’re curious!

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Scott (@guest_202050)
1 year ago

Bahamas, Ireland, St Lucia…life is too short, be cautious but go

Roger Marble
1 year ago

Jamaica, Canada

L Beal (@guest_201135)
1 year ago

You should ask if people have traveled outside the US since the lockdowns began.
In the last 10 years we have been to Mexico and Peru in South America; and Portugal, Belgium, and Netherlands in Europe.
Definitely prefer Europe.

Gary Byler (@guest_201134)
1 year ago

My wife and I have traveled outside the U.S. too many times to count in the past 10 years (actually 12 +). We lived in our Arctic Fox 5th wheel 8 Years, volunteered at National Parks/National Forests, we delivered RV trailers from Elkhart, Indiana for 2 years (numerous Canadian trips) and have taken 28 cruises together to/from Europe, the Caribbean, South/Central America. Currently on the Enchanted Princess enroute from Belfast to Cobh, Ireland.

To quote Rick Steves “Keep on Traveling”.

Roy Davis (@guest_201126)
1 year ago

We haven’t in the past 10 years but will be doing it in December of this year. I am also working on the DW to go to Australia and New Zealand in the future.

Millicent Butterworth (@guest_201119)
1 year ago

In April flew to England, spent 10 days. Seven in Cornwall. Such a beautiful country, soooo clean. My grandson is attending University of Exeter. He loves it. It was so nice to spend the week with him. Had a rental car & no problem driving on the left.
In 2016 took the Danube River cruise starting in Budapest & ending in Germany.
In 2015 took a cruise to Barbados, St. Croix, St. Lucia, etc., a typical Caribbean cruise.
In 2013 flew to Moscow & took river cruise on the Volga River all the way to St. Petersburg. Each day was a different excursion on shore in a unique town. Very interesting.

Bob (@guest_201110)
1 year ago

We went on a cruise to Egypt, Greece and Italy 6 or 7 yrs ago but do not plan to ever leave North America again. Don’t want to ever fly commercial again to go anywhere since flying is such a big hassle with poor service and crowded planes!!!

John Macatee (@guest_201108)
1 year ago

Joined our Daughter, Her Husband and 2 granddaughters in the Dominican Republic in 2017. 2 Mexico cruises!

Paul (@guest_201107)
1 year ago

We joined w\ our adult kids at a Domican Republic resort in 2017, and just returned from a Caribbean cruise to Honduras and Mexico.

MargaretAnn Rice (@guest_201104)
1 year ago

Sweepstakes is a hobby for me, I won 10 day trip to Sydney, Australia. Other than that, our travels are within North America.

Dan A (@guest_201103)
1 year ago

We went to Greece, in the northern part where Macedonia is in 2015. My wife’s cousin lives there.

Wayne (@guest_201101)
1 year ago

No desire or need to travel outside North America. Too much beauty here. Plus, not into crowds at airports and disruptive Karen’s and their broods on airplanes.

Chris Cozad (@guest_201100)
1 year ago

We traveled to Ecuador twice and spent 6 months each time.

Danny (@guest_201093)
1 year ago

We traveled to China…10 days, and had a great time…was treated very well, found the country friendly and clean.
of course this was before the current political environment.

yelaroc (@guest_201089)
1 year ago

RVed to Canada. Cruised to Australia, New Zealand, Galapagos Islands, Brazil and Amazon River. Toured in Peru. Just completed cruise to Pribilof and Aleutian Islands, Alaska and down Inside Passage to Vancouver. Took seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Planning next trip to Antarctica in 2023.

Jeanette Walker (@guest_201087)
1 year ago

Belieze, Peru, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. We also went to South Africa and rented a small motorhome and toured South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe for 55 days, then flew to Uganda and with a guide toured for 3 weeks.

Bob Perata (@guest_201084)
1 year ago

….except the past two years.

Bob Perata (@guest_201083)
1 year ago

Yup, most every year for the past 24+ years for 3 to 5 months. And mostly to South/Southeast Asia . Warm!! Will be leaving for Malaysia first week in November this year and back first week in April. Combining travel and birding, keeps me busy.

Bob p (@guest_201080)
1 year ago

Agent traveled outside the states since the Marine Corps sent me to Vietnam in 1968. Don’t plan on going out now.

T Edwards (@guest_201078)
1 year ago

A few short weeks ago we were in Ogdenburg NY on the banks of the St Lawrence looking across to Canada and a bridge less than a mile away. Felt strange looking out across the water thinking how it’s not people that separate us, but governments. Decades ago I visited Canada pulling a camper up to the furthest roads North in Ontario. We stopped at the border and were asked if we had anything to declare and the purpose of our visit. Less than a minute conversation and we were off to explore. In the decades to come will it get better or worse crossing our borders of flying off to distant lands. Formation of the EUROPEAN Union improved trust and cooperation between countries. Will we ever see something like this for the U.S. Government and its relationship with the world or will we continue as a country along a path of further isolationism?

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