Saturday, December 9, 2023


RV interior cleaning: How to disinfect and sanitize your RV

By Cheri Sicard
This video from Mark Polk of RV Education 101 about RV interior cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing was made in response to the COVID epidemic.

While the height of that has passed, COVID is still out there. I had six different friends and family members who tested positive last week.

And even long after the COVID threat has passed, there will always be germs and viruses, so the information in the video is timeless.

Mark covers two main topics: sanitizing surfaces in the RV as well as protecting against airborne germs.

When it comes to disinfecting, a good RV interior cleaning is the first step. Cleaning with products like Simple Green or Mr. Clean, etc., will remove a lot of germs, but it won’t necessarily kill them.

Clean freaks and germophobes are going to love the discussion of how to determine exactly what your cleaning products of choice do and do not kill. The EPA has a database of products, so you can look up what you are using and check its effectiveness.

For those who don’t need so much research, Mark has done it for you and recommends three disinfecting cleaning products that work well in the RV (and at home too, for that matter).

Best of all, you won’t have to go out and buy special cleaning products. His three essential RV interior cleaning and disinfecting products are things you probably already have on hand:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach

Well, you could buy a special cleaner, as Clorox makes a disinfecting cleaner that contains all three in a handy spray bottle… but it’s not required.

As Mark so eloquently puts it, having these products in your RV is one thing, but knowing how to effectively use them is another.

Most disinfectants, including these three, only work if you follow very specific instructions.

That’s where this short video can help. Mark demonstrates best practices and how to use these three simple products to sanitize and disinfect your RV’s interior and help you and your family stay healthy. Even during flu season.



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