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What do you use to set a reminder to do/complete things?

Say you need to call your pet’s vet to set up an appointment, or maybe you have your own doctor’s appointment coming up. Perhaps you need to remember you need milk at the store, or that you’re out of trash bags. How will you remind yourself?

Will you set a reminder on your phone or computer? Will you write yourself a note and stick it on your door? Will you rely on your partner to remind you? Do you start your day by writing a daily to-do list? Or do you have a good enough memory that you don’t ever need to remind yourself of other things?

After you vote, please leave us a comment and tell us what works best for you.

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Kathy (@guest_228077)
8 months ago

Paper calendar

Jeff Craig (@guest_202236)
1 year ago

Between my phone and Alexa, I’m pretty well covered – IF I think of setting the reminder in either of them.

Rag_ftw (@guest_202228)
1 year ago

In the RV we use clothespins with the pre-takeoff tasks written on them hanging from a cord. As we set up we move a pin from the bottom of the cord to the top.

Linda (@guest_202225)
1 year ago

I write appointments down on a just works better for me!

Larry Lee (@guest_202144)
1 year ago

This subject reminds me of the husband whose wife reminded him for the third time about a chore he had promised to do. His response was “listen, sweetheart, I promised to do that so you know I will. There is no need for you to nag me about it every six months”.

Diane M (@guest_202111)
1 year ago

I use paper notes, but I also write appointments and things on an old-fashioned wall calendar. Most people don’t even have them in their homes anymore.

Neal Davis (@guest_202098)
1 year ago

When I worked I remembered when things were due. If I forgot something, then I concluded that I was too busy. In retirement I put things into the calendar on my phone if I remember to do it. If I forget, then I conclude that I’m too busy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Davis
Michael Galvin (@guest_202032)
1 year ago

I used to have a ToDo List and Master Task list. Now post retirement, I just put things on my calendar.

Diane Mc (@guest_202029)
1 year ago

Depending on what it is, I use a combination. Phone for appts, birthdays, repetitive tasks, reminder for future tasks, like calling an RV park to make a reservation (when they don’t take them year round), Post-it-notes for immediate reminders. Like when I go to my 94 yr old Mom’s and have things I have to do. Or use something in the refrig before it spoils. Also, a to-do list for things that need to get done around house, financially, placing orders, making calls.

Linda (@guest_202027)
1 year ago

I use “sticky notes” – sometimes the paper ones stuck somewhere in the house, and also reminders on the Sticky Notes feature on my laptop. Occasionally I might set an alarm on my phone, especially to leave on time for an appointment.

Dave (@guest_202024)
1 year ago

I chose “other” because I use ALL of the examples and still forget things. Well, not forget but just don’t get around to doing it. PROCRASTINATION, IT’S a gift and a curse.

Dan A (@guest_202021)
1 year ago

Paper calendar and calendar on my phone.

M D-B (@guest_202020)
1 year ago

I use Google Calendar and both my husband and I can see each others schedule. It also comes handy to look back if some info is needed.

Jeff Roller (@guest_202017)
1 year ago

I send my self email to remind me to do things. My Inbox is my todo list.

Stephanie (@guest_202014)
1 year ago

We created an additional shared email address and use the calendar for it to put events and reminders. This way we both can see it and put in reminder alerts in the calender

F Dell Hill (@guest_202013)
1 year ago

I use “Hey google”, remind me to call…

Ron T. (@guest_202011)
1 year ago

A regular calendar on the end of the island keeps our appointments where we both can see. Grocery list on the side of the fridge. Daily task & other shopping lists as needed or desired.

Tom E (@guest_202009)
1 year ago

All of the above. To do lists are divided into immediate vs long term.

david (@guest_202008)
1 year ago

A 1 month at a time calendar planner on end of bar. Doctor visits, upcoming events, who’s coming to visit, etc. etc. Just have to remember to look at it.

Skip (@guest_202004)
1 year ago

The good old phone before that a palm pilot and before that a post it and before that a small note pad. I tried writing it in the sand but it kept disappearing. Ha

Last edited 1 year ago by Skip

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