Friday, October 7, 2022


Incredible cargo trailer RV conversion in just 4 weeks!

OK, this cargo trailer RV conversion build was MOSTLY completed in 4 weeks.

The video below says they still plan for some additional small improvements, like adding an awning over the outdoor kitchen, making a slider for the camp stove, one more window, and some table adjustments. But still, what they did build in 4 weeks in a 17-foot cargo trailer is pretty incredible.

Regardless of the improvements planned, the family has already traveled about 7000 miles in this DIY camper.

If you want to see what it took to make this build happen in this short a time, the quick time lapse video at this link shows exactly how they did it, from a bare-walled empty cargo trailer to a functional and stylish RV. Along the way, they impart some tips and challenges they encountered while building this cargo trailer RV.

The video below gives you a tour of the finished cargo trailer to RV conversion project so you can see in more detail how it all turned out.

Like the time-lapse video, the tour video also imparts a lot of practical wisdom, including things most of us have probably never thought of before unless you have actually lived in a cargo trailer. This starts with how to prevent someone from locking you in while you are inside asleep!

The video features some clever ideas. Some are practical, like their functional modifications of an IKEA table. Others are just fun, like the programmable color-changing LED lights along the ceiling.

This tiny trailer even has a bathroom, although not a full shower. Not to mention two full queen-sized beds. The top one lifts up if more interior space is needed when not sleeping.

Built-in cubby holes throughout make maximum use of the space for storage. Even here, the video gives tips for how to take into account that the wood used will expand and contract when traveling through different climates.

You’ll find the kitchen on this DIY RV in the back and outside. When you open up the back doors, you are ready to start cooking.

They also built some nifty storage into that back area. And the other half of the IKEA table they modified for the inside provides handy food prep space that folds into the back door when not in use.

So, if you are ready for some cargo trailer RV conversion inspiration, watch the video. You just might be inspired to start a similar project of your own.



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Dennis Johnson
23 days ago

He can keep those annoying color changing led light strings.

24 days ago

I am not impressed with that trailer conversion to an rv. Not for cold weather and not for me.