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If you could RV around one of these countries, which would you choose?

In our poll below, we’ve listed a few popular places to RV around the globe. Wouldn’t it be fun to RV around Iceland? Or wine-taste around France? Count sheep as you drive past in New Zealand? We sure think so!

Even if international travel isn’t possible for you right now, hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream! We’re planning about 15 trips in our heads before we fall asleep at night. Are you doing the same?

We know there are hundreds of places you could RV around, but if you had to pick a place from the list below, where would you pick to travel? We’re curious to know.

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RV Travel
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Jef Boutin (@guest_205687)
1 year ago

My number one would be Australia, which you did not list.

jillie (@guest_204317)
1 year ago

Australia is the other one I want to tour as well.

Susan Smith (@guest_204130)
1 year ago

We would chose Iceland although New Zealand is a close second. I was part of an online international small group exercise group several years also, and one of the gals is a tour guide in Iceland. She would share pictures of different areas of her native country to pique our interests.

Jeff Craig (@guest_204062)
1 year ago

France – well, actually ALL of Europe. I’d like to see more than I saw during port visits in the 80’s and 90’s in my Navy career. However, my 35ft Class A would not fit down many roads, nor would I want to pay the petrol bill. And the European power system runs at twice the voltage with half the amps.

Diane M (@guest_204061)
1 year ago

I think everybody who has watched Lord of the Rings would like to see New Zealand!

jillie (@guest_204318)
1 year ago
Reply to  Diane M

And meet bilbo baggins

Neal Davis (@guest_204059)
1 year ago

I chose Canada. Would like to visit New Zealand, but I’m not keen to drive on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the RV.

Jim Johnson (@guest_204054)
1 year ago

My RV or rent an RV? If we are talking the northern 2/3 of North America (US and/or Canada), I’m game. I can get insurance on my rig, the plumbing fits and most of all, the electricity works with my rig.
Anywhere else in the world, I’ll rent thank you. 50Hz-220v AC, hitching systems are different, etc. There are also regulatory differences that may prevent my trailer from being towed in those other continents/countries.
Please don’t think that we have it better across the board in North America. Very close friends in Germany (and with the EU, that also implies travel in France) have a travel trailer (caravan). European RVs commonly have RV features I drool over. A big one are the rigid roof panels over slide-outs. These gravity operated panels hang on the side of the RV, covering part of the outer wall of the slide-out. When the slide-out is extended, those panels glide over the top to form a roof. Screw those troublesome spring-loaded fabric slide-out awnings.

Diane Mc (@guest_204023)
1 year ago

Left out Australia. Amazing country with the most friendliest of people. We became best friends w/an Australian man & his wife through vintage car racing/buying. We did a 2 week trip. Then a couple of years later he invited us on what was 6 wk, 5000 mile trip through opal mining country, the Outback (only 10% of Australians have been), the southern coast, wine country, Bathurst (drove on track). He had a ruggedized trailer & Land Rover. We had Land Cruiser w/roo bars & snorkel towing a jumbuck (rubberized w/floor) tent. Me a princess…lol. Greatest trip of our lives. Outback was incredible. As was food & wine our guests brought & everywhere we ate out.

Steven N (@guest_204013)
1 year ago

YouTube channel Keep Your Daydream did a season down in New Zealand. They flew down and rented an RV. I think that would be a great way to visit.

Bob p (@guest_204003)
1 year ago

When I have seen EVERYTHING this country has to offer, I will lay down and die as I will be to old to travel any longer. I’m not talking about the tourist areas I’m talking about the whole country, the out of the way places where ordinary people live and work everyday. That’s where you see what this country is made of.

Michael Galvin (@guest_204277)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

“What do they know of England who only England know? — Rudyard Kipling

Jeanette Walker (@guest_203996)
1 year ago

We have RVed in almost every Province in Canada and some of Mexico with our 40 foot Tiffen. In South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe we rented a small class C for 2 months. We also visited Uganda, but not with a RV. There we hired a guide, for safety sake. America is beautiful, but it is good for us to visit third world countries to remind us how blessed we are. We always do something to help where we see need. We bought one of our guides 3 goats and purchased food for a Pygmy village in Uganda, as well as other things.

Bob p (@guest_203999)
1 year ago

I visited all the third world country’s I ever want to see while in the Marines. I found first hand where my interests are and will stay. All you have to do is watch the news if you want to see what other countries are like. Believe me they are not friendly to the hand that feeds them. They put on an act in front of you, but in the end they dislike Americans. The female basketball player imprisoned in Russia found out the hard way America is better, same with Mexico, many Americans are rotting away in a Mexican prison because they took their American ideas there. This is the greatest country in the world and I am not going anywhere else. You can’t see everything this country has to offer in one lifetime.

George B (@guest_204009)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

well said

Bill (@guest_203991)
1 year ago

I lived in Naples, IT in the early ’80’s while in the Navy. I shipped my 1970 VW Camper to Italy and drove/camped in it all over Italy, Germany, France, Austria. Now I have a class A and my plan is to spend as much time as I possibly can touring the US of A until I am no longer able to safely operate the vehicle. As a previous commenter said, there’s so much to see that remains for me to see.

Spike (@guest_203980)
1 year ago


Bob p (@guest_204001)
1 year ago
Reply to  Spike

Too many deadly snakes!

Diane Mc (@guest_204024)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

See my post above. 6 weeks…areas of desolation….never saw a snake. But yes they have the most deadly creatures in the world.

Paul (@guest_204563)
1 year ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

Spent close to two months in Australia during two trips for business about twenty years ago. Never saw a kangaroo. Remember what I was told about Australian wildlife before my first visit, The three types of animal in Australia are weird, deadly, and sheep.

Gary (@guest_203979)
1 year ago

There are over 4 million miles of roads in the United States. If you traveled 300 miles a day, it would still take you more than 31 years to see all the sites along those roads. So why travel anywhere else.

Brenda (@guest_203981)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Because you can. We have friends in Canada and would like to finally get up there to see them.

Bob p (@guest_204002)
1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda

Use to be good, now to many hassles at the border.

DW/ND (@guest_204010)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

In our newspaper yesterday – an article stating the Canadian Gov’t is ending the Arrive-CAN tracking program – est. about 30 Sept 2022. We just returned last weekend – what a hassle getting up there – but not at the border crossing it was the easiest ever with pass-cards and pre-rgistration. (We’ve been back and forth for 60 years now!

BillyBogey (@guest_204484)
1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda

Yep; Canada is a neat Country & also lived in U.S. Would take time to travel North America anytime!!

Sharon (@guest_203976)
1 year ago

Very hard choices…we have loved both Iceland and New Zealand. Both are interesting, easy to navigate, and really economical. A slight language barrier in Iceland and a little more variety in the scenery tipped my choice to New Zealand…despite the horridly long flight to get there. Airlines for both countries are far superior to any US airlines (except maybe Alaskan). For either, arrange to rent your caravan before you go…and know the rules of the road. RVing either place is a bit different than here and you won’t find any monster units. But so enjoyable!

Bob (@guest_203975)
1 year ago

I voted not internationally. But then I also do not consider Canada as international.

BillyBogey (@guest_204485)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

Bob: you must not have met our PM!! You are welcomed to meet him as he is campaigning for his next job Internationally!!

Tom (@guest_203973)
1 year ago

I would do Europe in Class B anytime. Have tented all over Germany, Holland, Switzerland.
Too old for tent now.

Bill (@guest_203969)
1 year ago

Made many trips all over Mexico and enjoyed every minute. Want to go around Europe sometime.

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