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A suspension upgrade called SumoSprings won’t break the bank


One of my favorite topics to discuss is suspension! I talk about it so often because every time you hit the road your unit goes through an earthquake. This shake, rattle and roll often puts unnecessary stress on the components of your RV, and let’s face it—repairs on those components can get expensive! Let me introduce you to another suspension upgrade today: Trailer SumoSprings. SuperSprings International proudly touts that these springs reduce G-force by 68 percent on average.

Say goodbye to hop, sway and vibration!

Trailer SumoSprings® are made from the same micro-cellular polyurethane as the original SumoSprings. This zero-maintenance option will increase your overall drive control and ride comfort when towing.
Trailer SumoSprings reduce wear and tear on body frames, windows, doors, closets, mounted TVs, and other components by minimizing bounce, hop, and sway associated with most towable RVs.
Reduced sway and bounce in the trailer results in increased driver control, ride comfort, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced overall cost of trailer ownership.
The estimated installation time is just one hour.

There are four options when shopping for your Trailer SumoSprings suspension

If you have a spring-over axle configuration:

If you have a spring-under axle configuration:

Check out this video to see the testing and results of this suspension upgrade:


Read more from Dustin about suspension upgrades:

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Bob p
2 months ago

I’ve never tried these on a trailer, but I did install them on my Nissan Frontier towing my 23’ trailer. It made a huge difference in weight carrying and handling. I use weight distributing hitch but when hitching up the tongue weight dropped the rear of the truck several inches, taking a curve at highway the truck leaned in the turn. After installing the SUMO springs the truck only dropped an 1 1/2” and it stayed flat in the curves much like a anti-sway bar would do at much less cost plus the weight carrying ability.

2 months ago

Is the upper area that the sumo spring contacts made to take this stress? Judging from the video I have my doubts. I would be deeply concerned that they would bend the frame.

Bob p
2 months ago
Reply to  Joe

These are high density rubber not steel.

Al K
2 months ago

I would like to see a review of Kelderman’s Leaf Spring Axle Air Suspension. Their kit includes shocks and supports the centre yoke with airbags. I can see how these springs stop side to side sway but I am concerned about the extra stress these springs put on the axles. Often people conclude the tire wear they see is caused by their tires when in fact the bouncing and ability to absorb bumps actually bends the axles changing the camber angle and causing premature tire wear.

Tommy Molnar
2 months ago

Do these grow hair and kill warts too?

Russ W
2 months ago

I considered installing these, but on my trailer the iron propane line runs adjacent to the frame where the sumo spring would contact. I cannot offset this line without serious modification, so no sumo springs for me unless someone offers a solution.

2 months ago
Reply to  Russ W

Try contacting them. They were very responsive.

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