Thursday, June 8, 2023


How often do you read the print edition of a daily newspaper?

The glory days for newspapers have passed. Readership is way down, especially among younger people. But the printed editions of many newspapers are still being published, and there are still many loyal readers who read them.

How about you? Do you read a daily newspaper every day — maybe even get it delivered to your front door? Or are you an infrequent reader, perhaps just buying a copy when you pass by a newsstand and see a front headline that you just can’t ignore?

Please let us know. And remember, if you’re on a slow internet connection it can take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by.


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Dennis Johnson
8 months ago

Dropped our local paper because delivery was horribly inconsistent, downright spotty at times. Constant calling did nothing so buh-bye.

Dale Gilbert
8 months ago

I don’t but the wife gets the Sunday paper and reads all of it then does the cross words

Jack K Schmotzer
8 months ago

I used to love reading the daily paper. But my local paper drove me away with three actions. First, delivery became more and more sporadic and I had to call almost weekly to request missing papers when the carrier didn’t show up. Second, the same time delivery was going to he**, the price more than doubled. And it became almost impossible to phone them without spending an inordinate amount of time on hold. I miss the local news, not much of it on the internet, but this is not a problem I can fix.

Bob p
8 months ago

I subscribed to local newspapers most of my life while I was still working. Since retiring I probably haven’t read a newspaper front to back in 23 years.

Phil J
8 months ago

I subscribe to an online version of my local newspaper. The printed version got so expensive and delivery was terrible. Now I have local news, national news and USA Today in one app for only $10 per month.

Linda Giguere
8 months ago

I would read the Daily paper if it were available. I had a subscription for years and years. I live in a rural area and they stopped home delivery 2 years ago due to gas prices and a shortage of delivery drivers.

8 months ago

I read digital news, Google News. Washington Post, CNN among others daily. My husband reads print copies of local paper and USA Today primarily for the crossword puzzles.

Ron T.
8 months ago

I get my daily news headline stories online from 3-6 long-established hard news sources – not social media. And, they represent all sides politically so I learn a bit about what everybody is saying. Still watch national and local TV news in the evening, a lifelong habit.

John Macatee
8 months ago

I get the Epoch Times every Friday and I love it!

Michael Galvin
8 months ago
Reply to  John Macatee

Epoch Times has not yet conceded that Biden won the election….

Steven N
8 months ago

I stopped getting the local news paper long ago. The price kept going up and the size and content kept going down. I can get a far wider sample of what is going on locally, nationally, and world wide by going on the internet. I can even see more comic strips online than I got on hardcopy.

Chuck B
8 months ago

I go through print version of our very expensive local daily and read a national and former home paper daily. I get more than one point of view on issues and the comics help start the day with a smile. Not reading is not learning and to rely on a single preferred source is dangerous. Besides all that only the local gets me grocery savings on Wednesday!

8 months ago

Can get all the news on line. Just an added expense and anymore for the last 8 years it’s nothing short of depressing, miss leading and opinionated and television isn’t any better.

Paul Namkoong
8 months ago

I read a delivered newspaper every day except when traveling. I spend time on the various puzzles.

8 months ago

Our local paper became so biased it isn’t worth reading. When traveling, the web became much easier to glean info from various local/national/international sources

8 months ago

Stopped reading the local printed newspaper because it has become nothing but a LIBERAL rag. Never read newspapers on- line either.

David F Krieg
8 months ago

Paper additions….
Local and WSJ every day..

Betty Dagle
8 months ago

I read the print edition of my local paper, but it is online. Every ad is there so I can see what’s on sale locally.

Randy Bitner
8 months ago

I read the digital version of the print paper every day. The newsprint paper no longer read.

8 months ago

I read the limited digital (free) versions of two daily papers & I read the print version of our local weekly free newspaper.

Neither condition answers the question so I chose occasional

8 months ago

every day for the last 60+ years.

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