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4 shocking Bigfoot sightings: Does this video show a Sasquatch?


By Cheri Sicard
Each year there are hundreds of Bigfoot sightings across the country. Some people devote their lives to hunting for the elusive cryptozoological beast.

In the video below from The History Channel, four separate compelling Bigfoot encounters are discussed from four different geographical locations and four different time periods.

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#1 Bigfoot Sighting: Hickory, North Carolina, August 2019

A hiker captures what he believes to be Bigfoot on video. He even made casts of the footprints he found. Sightings in this particular area go back to the 1800s.

But this is the History Channel. They talk about how many hoaxers over the years have created casts, so they consulted some experts. Unfortunately, those experts did not agree and could not come to a conclusion.

What do you think?

#2 Bigfoot Sighting: Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, 1971

Researchers have a recording now known as the “Sierra Sounds.” This recording is of some mighty frightening and otherworldly sounding guttural growls, grunts, and howls, along with wild whoops, to something almost resembling a spoken language.

Many witnesses over the years have reported hearing similar sounds in this area.

However, alleged Bigfoot sounds are easy to fake and easy to mis-identify.

Again, experts were consulted. They compared the sounds on the recording to those of animals known to inhabit the area. There were no matches and the experts also ruled out humans. So this one remains an unsolved mystery.

#3 Bigfoot Sighting: San Gabriel, California, 2020

A hiker spotted something unusual and pulled out his camera to record. Staring back at him from among the trees appears to be a Sasquatch. The large creature appears to be about 10-15 feet up in the tree. Other reports from this area have also reported seeing Sasquatches in trees.

The experts are skeptical anything as large as a Sasquatch could climb in such a manner.  The creature also appears not to move, so this possibly is an optical illusion.

That sounds most likely to me, personally, although the video labels this one as an “unidentified animal.” What do you think?

#4 Bigfoot Sighting: Northern Illinois Woods, May 2015

A mushroom forager was recording his findings as he hiked through the forest one day until he came upon a large mushroom with a big bite taken out of it. He was then suddenly startled by a long, loud guttural howl coming from somewhere nearby.

Despite panning the camera around the area, the forager could see nothing.

The expert who analyzed the sound thought it might be a warning or threatening sound.  Again they compared the sounds against those of a bear and a coyote, with no match.

It all sounded promising. That is until another expert matched the sound to one that came from a dinosaur movie soundtrack and declared this sighting (or sounding) a hoax.

Bigfoot sightings happen everywhere!

Have you ever experienced any Bigfoot sightings? Have you heard strange sounds in the forests? Please drop your experiences in the comments below.

I have to admit that I have yet to see a real Sasquatch. But maybe someday. I do hike a lot!


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Bob p
2 months ago

There is so much in nature that we have not seen. Look at some of the newly found creatures in the oceans. Who’s to say there positively is or isn’t a creature like big foot. If science claims we evolved from a fish that walked out of the water instead of being created by God, it doesn’t seem nearly as far fetched to think there is a creature like big foot.

Sandi Pearson
2 months ago

We look but so far, 16 months on the road, we have seen nothing..but still we believe..maybe…..we are
Sqwatch & Sqwatchi

Donald N Wright
2 months ago

There are legends that the Native Indians have seen creatures, many folks believe in fairy like creatures in the forests and fields (more in Ireland and Scotland) The new Jersey Devil , and things that go bump in the night. Keep an open mind and say “maybe”.

Deena Jones
2 months ago

With so many “recordings” of bigfoot, and there are many, I’m convinced that they are all hoaxes. EVERY picture, or video recorded is grainy at best. Until I see a video that is clear and precise, I’ll remain a non-believer.

2 months ago

They didn’t know gorillas existed until around 100 years ago. Before that it was just a myth.

2 months ago

I have seen one. My dog alerted me to it. Until that happens to you, being sceptical is prudent. After that happens to you, all doubt is erased.

2 months ago

I get a kick out of all the out of focus pictures or videos of the Bigfoots. Couple that with a strawberry hair colored biologist….how can we not believe

Stu Neilson
2 months ago

Why have there never been sightings of baby sasquaches???
Why has there never been a road kill???

2 months ago
Reply to  Stu Neilson

There was one hit by a car and thought dead but it survived. The family took it home and made it part of their family.

Gordy Bs
2 months ago
Reply to  Jewel

I saw Harry and the Hendersons also.

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