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Do you have security cameras that monitor your home or RV?


Security cameras have become quite popular. It used to be an expensive hassle to have a home security system installed on your home or RV, but affordable, portable cameras are changing that.

It seems these days almost every house has a Ring, Arlo, Nest, Eufy, or Wyze security camera setup. They’re easy to install, affordable and connect to Wi-Fi. Curious about your upcoming Amazon delivery? Want to know what your pup Fido is up to? These cameras have easy access.

Do you have a security camera at your sticks-and-bricks house or on your RV? Both? Neither? After you vote please leave a comment.

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Lance Craig
1 month ago

We have Wyze Cams in our coach, and a full time cell hotspot providing remote access 24/7. This was originally installed to monitor our cats when we are out. But, turned out to be much more useful. Our coach was sitting at a paint/body shop (after a service center backed it into a fence!). About 11pm, my Wyze Cam phone app alerted on motion. I checked the live cam views and saw someone going thru cabinets. The idiot even inspected a camera, giving me a nice recording of his face. I called the police, who met me at the shop. We found the coach locked. I checked the Wyse Lock log, and noticed the lock had be unlocked manually, and re-locked manually. No one was inside, no damage, nothing taken. I provided cam footage to the police. Fingerprints were found. Later, discovered an ex-employee had taken the coach key from the paint shop to explore the coach. Well, in Georgia, entering an RV, even if no one is there or nothing stolen, is burglary. The idiot is now sitting in jail for 3 years.

1 month ago

We had camera at b&s. We have blink camera we set up outside once set up. We have one inside to check on dogs.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

We have two different camera systems covering both inside and outside of our home base. I’ve also bought a Blink camera system for our RV, particularly for when my wife was staying in our RV out of state, helping family after surgery. The Blink doorbell for our rig alone was worth it.

Gene Sannes
1 month ago

My wife and I live in a quiet street with little traffic and felt pretty safe. Then the next door neighbor’s Suburban was stolen and our safety suddenly seemed in Jeopardy. For our peace of mind, we got a full set of cameras and house security, that still might not stop the thieves, but we hope it will reduce the chances of loss.

1 month ago

I answered no. We lived in a small town in Vermont and never locked the door or garage. I would not move to a place where you felt so unsafe that you needed to set up cameras for safety.

1 month ago

I will not tell you if I have cameras or not. That is part of my security. I will tell you that I feel very safe at home. The neighbor across the street keeps me up to date on EVERYTHING that happens in our neighborhood.

Left Coast Geek
1 month ago

my home cameras watch my trailer when its parked at home, but I don’t have any cameras in/on the trailer. My cameras are PoE (power over ethernet) security cameras hooked up to a homebrew NVR built with BlueIris software.

1 month ago

a series of outdoor and indoor cams watching points of entry.

1 month ago

I answered no but I do have 4. They are mounted on 4 legs, 2 per 4 legs. They move around and survey the area regularly. Even when they are in “shut down” mode, they still maintain a good amount of security. They bark, oops, set off the alarm when any one or thing gets close (especially squirrels). The bad part is I can’t access their memory and don’t speak doglish. They are great security though.

Richard Hughes
1 month ago

I have cameras for both, but my trailer has been in the shop for so long, the camera is just using power.

John Macatee
1 month ago

No, but I have, a Chihuahua AND a Jack Russell, along with 12 gauge with 3″ magnums with buck shot. And I do great drywall repair.
The cameras themselves get stolen BEFORE the cameras can even get a pic, the face masks and hoodies make the videos worthless, and on the remote chance the thieving animals get caught the prosecutors DONT prosecute and or the judge let’s them off.

George B
1 month ago

Sadly, in todays world camera’s are a necessity in most locations. I live in a nice gated community and still have cameras as well as full ADT alarm system.

1 month ago

NO but I have a 12 gauge shot gun available at all times!!!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I said both, but we may mean slightly different things. I bought several indoor/outdoor (but protected from direct precipitation) cameras from Wyze at a very reasonable price (~$30/each) and put 3 outside the house that are active all the time and used to watch it when we travel. I have 2 additional ones inside the house active only when we are absent. I have 2 inside the RV to monitor it when we are not using it, or when we are traveling and leave our dog alone in the RV. I also added a doorbell/camera to the side door of the house. All of these send me notices when movement or sound is detected. They all also have speakers to allow us to converse, or reassure the dog, as needed.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

We keep taking about getting a camera so we can see the yard by the driveway & garage. We can’t see it from the house, so can’t easily check why the dogs are barking. Also, knowing someone has entered the property when we’re not home would be very useful.

1 month ago

Yep, we have them all over our place. We live on a couple hundred acres farm. Our lane is a quarter mile long and it has cameras and a alarm as well. If someone or something comes back here, I would like to know about it! Also have cameras inside our motorhome.

Tom E
1 month ago

Yes, on our house. We have a crack-head neighbor along with his questionable friends/associates that show up at all hours. We are gone 7-8 months each year and can view the cameras remotely. The recording software sends emails if there is “human” traffic in specific zones. So far we’ve only received notifications when the utility folks or pest control show up. I also posted multiple signs that inform the would-be intruders that “Smile, you’re on camera”.

1 month ago

I have them on my house. We had problems vandalism years ago. I installed 4 cameras. Front, both sides and rear yard.
It didn’t take long before we caught the perpetrator. The young teenager next door was the culprit. I confronted the neighbor about it and he denied it was his son. That is until the police showed him stills taken from the video.
Problem solved.

1 month ago

Really a trail cam that is used to monitor the comings and goings of wildlife but the house in seen constantly through them. Country living at its best when home. Connected to internet via laptop so can monitor home or away.

1 month ago

Complete Ring camera network on the outside of house. Included is an interior camera turned on when we depart. Nice to be able to monitor anywhere we have internet connection.

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