Monday, November 28, 2022


What will you do tonight to celebrate Halloween?


Do have something special planned this evening, after dark, when witches, goblins, ghosts and ghouls will emerge from their homes in search of candy and other treats?

Or are you headed off to a wild party, where you can let loose behind a mask and not embarrass your true self? Or are you just planning a quiet evening at home or in your RV as you do most years?

That’s our question. Let’s see if Halloween is a big deal to our readers or not.

Oh, before we leave, a Halloween joke: Why do demons and ghouls hang out together? Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

As always, your comments are welcome.

And now a final word: Boo!

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25 days ago

I volunteer for trunk or treat at my church

Roy Davis
27 days ago

We go over to the church to work. We open up our fellowship hall to serve hot dogs, chips, and drinks plus hand out candy. We set up tables and chairs so people can rest and get a break from the weather plus they can use the restrooms if needed. We call this our “Fall outreach” and the people really appreciate it. We usually have 300-400 people come through.

Neal Davis
27 days ago

Our driveway is almost 1/2 mile long, so we rarely get callers we do not already know. Also, we just returned from a trip of a few days and decided to not say that we are entertaining trick-or-treaters on the NextDoor application. So, just another Monday in our sticks-and-bricks.

28 days ago

We’re on the road.

If we were home we’d be waiting for the two or three kids that make it to our home in the woods while we watch Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks).

We brought the DVD along and just finished watching it!

28 days ago

We stopped participating in any Halloween “activities” when we realized it isn’t the innocent event it seemed to be to us years ago.

28 days ago
  • hand out candy to the dozen or so urchins that ring the bell.
  • kill the porch light around 7
  • hit the recliner and watch the TV

same as every other Halloween.

Jim Miner
28 days ago

Watch the sunset in beautiful Kauai.

Darla VanAlphen
28 days ago

We are full- timers who are usually in parks without children. We always watch a scary movie while eating a cauldron of blood… fondue made with tomato sauce!!!

28 days ago

We are in London so we will be very, very careful because everyone knows there are Werewolves in London. Especially American ones. (P.S. the drive over was very wet!)

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
28 days ago
Reply to  Jim

You must have one of those amphibious RVs, Jim. Cool! 😆 Yep, watch out for those Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon, 1978). Happy Halloween! 😀 –Diane

28 days ago

When the kids were growing up, I used to “boobie trap” the yard and surprise anyone trying to sneak through to do any tricks. Also, I would always have two life-size scarecrows on the porch waiting for the kids coming for candy. One had the dish and the other one stood behind the parents.

28 days ago

Put candy in a bowl on the porch and go to dinner… which I called a party.

28 days ago

I’ll watch Monday night football in my RV.

Gene Bjerke
28 days ago

Since we live on a farm, there is no one nearby to Trick or Treat.

28 days ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

That’s why we go the church in the next town over and do “Trunk or Treat”……

28 days ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

Also with you on that. I do miss taking the kids on a hay wagon pulled by the tractor.

Steven N
28 days ago

Our grandchildren are grown and do not do trick or treat any more. We will turn off the porch light so the dogs don’t loose their mind every five minutes.

28 days ago

It’s KID”S Nite!! Look forward to The KID”S coming to the Door. Gives Me a SMILE!! BIG TIME!!
Being a “Grump” is not in my Vocabulary!!

28 days ago
Reply to  BillyBogey

OUTSTANDING!!! I agree 100%

28 days ago

Trunk or treat at the community center. We will decorate our cars. Farm scene for wife and I this year. Usually have around 70 kids. It is a fun event.

28 days ago
Reply to  Greg

Same here!!

Deborah Mason
28 days ago

For the last 30 years we’ve lived in rural areas where homes are too spread out for trick or treating. The only time we had any kids come to our door, the parents let us know ahead of time. We always buy a small bag of candy, just in case. Then eat it later.

Lisa Adcox
28 days ago

Since no longer traveling,we will hand out candy.
Lots of families in neighborhood.

28 days ago

Our church puts on a huge Fall Festival for the community. I baked and bagged 24 dozen cookies for a cookie/cupcake walk. We are dressing as train engineers and built a train ticket booth to hand out candy at the trunk or treat.

28 days ago

Experiencing Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca!

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