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Did you serve in the military?


Did you serve in the military? If so, thank you for your service! This poll is for the ladies and gents of the audience, so don’t be afraid to vote.

If you feel like leaving a comment and telling us when and where you served, we’d love to hear your stories. Thanks!

Happy Veterans Day!

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19 days ago

Marines 95-99/ 29 Palms, CA
Army Reserves 01-06/ Cumberland, MD
Army 06-13/ Ft. Bragg, Grafenwoehr Germany, Fort Huachuca,AZ
Iraq 03-04, 07-08
Afghanistan 10-11

Rod C.
20 days ago

Thanks for everyone’s service. I served in the US Navy in the early 70’s. Amphibious Navy. Honorable discharge as a BT2.

Bob Weinfurt
22 days ago

My father was in the army, one uncle in the navy, another a marine. I couldn’t due to a handicap.

Gordy B
25 days ago

I tried to join the Navy, they told me no. So for my part I had to settle for building war heads for Standard Arm Missiles (SAM) at General Dynamics in Pomona. It was the least I could do for my country. GOD BLESS the U.S.A.

25 days ago

Yes 20 years USAF. The best 20 years of my life if I were in good health and younger I’d do it all over. Great assignments, great people. The military is a great education. History, culture, arts, customs and the list goes on.

Deborah Johnson
25 days ago

I was USAF trauma and critical care RN, mid to late 1970s. Husband was USN submarine captain.

Joseph Weinstein
25 days ago

Father served in WWII. I serve
d 69-75 in U. S. Army reserves.347th General Hospital Unit Stationed in Presidio, San Francisco C. A.

25 days ago

US Army ’66 – ’69. 13 mos, 1 day in SE Asia. Father and Father-in-law, WWII. All proud and made it home alive. Not all of our buddies did.

25 days ago

My 2 older brothers and I all served in the US Navy at the same time. My middle brother and I served on the USS Ticonderoga CV 14 together from 68 -71. Oldest brother was landlocked in California for his time. At 73 I’d do it all over again. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters who served.

25 days ago

I reluctantly joined the Navy to avoid the draft in 1968, which turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. The Navy provided me with the training I wanted and then the GI Bill to get a degree in that field. I’ve had a very successful professional and personal life and I owe a lot of it to the Navy. By the way, Go Navy Beat Army on December 10.

26 days ago

U S Navy, Aboard — USS Oriskany CVA 34—- 1964 / 1968 MM2… Saw a lot of birds come back all shot up…3 brothers served in the SEABEES, now deceased…

26 days ago

Air National Guard and USAF Reserve. 17 yrs. enlisted to E-6, direct commission to lst Lt. Retired, as a Major, (Personnel, Training, Exec to Deputy Sqdn Cmdr), with 42 yrs. 7 mos. and 28 days. (1953-1996). Loved every minute and still miss it every day!

Neal Davis
26 days ago

Serving did occur to me while I was thrashing about in graduate school. I answered an advertisement by the Marines or the Army that was in some publication. The response was to thank me for my interest, but decline because at age 27 or 28 they considered me too old.

26 days ago

US Army 66′-68′. Vietnam 67′- 68′. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times….

Richard Hughes
26 days ago

In the Vietnam draft era, my number was near the top. I dutifully went for my physical. I had some muscle.problems and had difficulty raising my arm above my head. I was sent to another location for nerve and muscle tests. After the tests, several of the people there huddled and told me to strip to my shorts. I was then hooked up to wires all over my body and told to lie still during the test.
Laughing the group went behind a screen. The next thing I knew I was off the table writhing on the floor with electrical shocks all over my body. Laughs from behind the screen echoed in my head. The shocks stopped and one of the guys came out and ordered me to dress and return to the other building.
Upon my return I was told to strip to my shorts and continue with the physical. As I stood in the line, one of the Officers told me to step out and asked where I got the burns on my body. I told him.
Long story short, I was given a special deferment. I went back to college..

Chuck B
26 days ago

While not in the Military, I served along side the Military for 36 years, 16 of those years overseas. Ironic, but met great people and enjoyed our service members every day. Even wore a uniform from time to time.

26 days ago

First, thank you for your service to those who served. My husband, son, 2 bothers, father, nephew and Uncles have served in the military and I am so proud and honored. Bless you all for that sacrifice.

Tom B
26 days ago

20 years in the Air Force. Brother in navy, other in the army, third brother in the national guard, sister in navy, nephew in navy, other nephew in air force, father, step-father, step-brother, two uncles, grandfather all Navy… Nephew’s kids in navy, father-in-law and mother-in-law, navy..

26 days ago

U S Army. Jan 1960, Sept 1968. Some of the best years of my life.

26 days ago

USN, 1966-1988

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