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DIY mini survival kit: Easy-to-make survival kit in an Altoids tin


By Cheri Sicard
The folks from Wranglestar were challenged to make a DIY mini survival kit for emergencies using only items that could be procured from Walmart. Not only that, the entire kit had to fit into a used Altoids mints tin.

They were up to the challenge. Everyone should carry these mini survival kits.

In fact, you just might want to make a bunch of them to give to friends and family. They make terrific stocking stuffers and just might help save a life. And if you buy the parts necessary to make one, you’ll have plenty of leftovers to make more, so it makes economic sense too.

It starts with a trip to Walmart or some other similar store. You could also order everything online from Amazon. This is a quick part of the video but there are a few tips on why they chose certain items over others.

Besides what you should put in your mini survival kit, the video also covers how to make it all fit in the tiny confines of an Altoids tin.

One technique demonstrated is to fit small items inside a plastic straw and use a lighter to seal the ends, thereby turning it into a tiny waterproof packet. Brilliant!

What’s in the DIY mini survival kit?

For this to be a true “survival kit” this DIY micro survival kit needed items to cover three crucial components: first aid, tools, and fire starting.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • First Aid: 2 Advil tablets, 2 Tylenol tablets, 1 alcohol wipe, 2 Band-Aids, a bit of Neosporin packed using the waterproof straw trick, one Q-tip swab, a straight and a curved upholstery needle, and strong waxed linen thread (in case sutures are necessary).
  • Tools: a tiny flashlight, a whistle, a bottle opener and scraper tool, a couple of cutting blades, some gorilla tape, a tiny pencil and paper, plus a tiny Victorinox Swiss Army-style knife that gives you a small knife, a file, tweezers, a toothpick, and tiny scissors.
  • Fire starting: a small ferro rod, 3 stormproof matches, and a DIY fire-starting kit the video also shows you how to make using cotton balls and petroleum jelly.

In case you ever need to catch your dinner in a survival situation, another straw container holds a tiny fishing kit with 2 small fish hooks baited with dayglow marshmallows, some monofilament leader, 7 small sinkers and additional marshmallow bait.

Whew! That is a whole lot to fit in an Altoids tin. Watch the video to see how they did it!


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Gary Stone
23 days ago

Re the Altoids can mini kit: instead of waxed string for suturing, which may be hard to find, consider using non-flavored dental floss. The floss could also be sealed in a straw to keep it clean.

21 days ago
Reply to  Gary Stone

I would not use something that is coated and could disintegrate while healing. Go to amazon and buy individual sterile sutures with needles attached.

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