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Motorhome owners: How would you describe your rig’s suspension?


We have weekly staff and writer meetings here at, and motorhome suspension comes up a lot. Why? Because it can be such a big issue for motorhome owners!

If you’ve been following Karel Carnohan’s story in our Saturday newsletter, you know she’s been having one heck of a time with her motorhome’s Ford F-53 chassis. You can read the first installment of that series here if you haven’t already.

If you’re a motorhome owner, how would you describe your rig’s suspension? Wonderful? Good? Adequate? Poor? Terrible? Please, after you vote remember to leave a comment. You could help other motorhome owners out. Thank you!

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Dolph Santorine
17 days ago

I’m driving a 26 foot 1977 GMC Motorhome. Six wheels, in line with air bag suspension. It’s smooth and composed. Think of it as a large Cadillac (Eldorado), with which it shared a power platform.

Roy Davis
18 days ago

I suspect that the answer would vary depending upon what you are driving. Someone driving a Diesel Pusher with air ride will likely respond more positively than someone driving a gas Class A or a Class B. Yet someone in the second group can add Liquid Springs and be extremely happy with the ride.

Brian Burry
18 days ago

Enjoying our Newmar Ventana Class A diesel pusher’s suspension and ride, driving capability is why we purchased this wonderful Motorhome. 54,000 miles it still drives and rides smoothly and beautifully.

Bob Weinfurt
18 days ago

My Class C is 45 years old, built on a Ford E-350. A new set of shocks would probably make it ride a little better but overall the rig drives well.

Matt Colie
18 days ago

I almost cheated…
Chaumière is an original GMC. these were not built on a truck chassis. They were built to have a wonderful ride both in the front and rear. When the front end is set up as it was supposed to be (many have been mis-adjusted) they are all a dream to drive. The independent tandem in the rear (not duals on a single axle) makes for the back to be pleasant too. Too bad you can’t buy a new one like this.

Wayne C
18 days ago

I had an Itasca 22’ sunflyer class A that was overweight on the front axle from the factory empty. The wind would knock me around a lot. While I thought it was a bad design I got along with it for 90,000 miles.

18 days ago
Reply to  Wayne C

I had an ’86 Itasca 22′ Sunflyer and added air ride airbags to the front coil springs at 55# .. Drove beautifully the 86k miles I had it.
I certainly wish they still had this 22 footer with today’s drivetrain .. I’d fork over in a second..

Last edited 18 days ago by bill
18 days ago

Our Class C, is also known as a Class B+, so it has an aerodynamic cone over top of the driving cab, instead of the big overhead bunk bed configuration. It cuts the wind much better than typical Class C units that are an aerodynamic disaster. Ours is also only 97” wide versus 101” of most Class Cunits on the same Ford E450 chassis. My rear tires are actually at the outside edge of the house for better side to side stability. I chose our model specially because it drives so much better…..even in stock configuration.

Sheryl Hendrix
18 days ago

Our suspension is wonderful only because my husband added sumo springs, sway bars and rear stabilizer to our 2017 Newmar BayStar that we bought in the 2020.

Chuck B
18 days ago

I checked wonderful, but that is only because I spent big bucks to add steering stabilizer and improved shocks. As purchased, it was poor, and that’s in a $300k class A.

Larry Lee
18 days ago

2014 Thor Tuscany xte DP with air suspension. Ride is very pleasant and easy to control.

Jim Z
18 days ago

We have a Fleetwood discovery lxe40m on a freight liner frame and it is wonderful. I have drove truck over the road 3+million miles and this is by far the best ride yet

18 days ago

typical Ford E-450 chassis. Works, Nothing near as good as the suspension of our 1975 GMC Motorhome. Their simple rear air suspension cannot be beat.

18 days ago

33′ Gaser Class A, we both enjoy driving–wonderful now, but we have added a SuperSteer Rear Trackbar, Koni FSD shocks, SafTSteer steering stabilizer, and proper adjustment of the tire pressures. These upgrades and adjustments have made a significant difference. The ride is more stable when trucks pass, and gusts of wind. The tire pressure adjustment was big and with the Koni shock, our teeth don’t rattle while driving down the road. We feel more confident and in control, especially in heavy traffic and tight construction. While these upgrades weren’t cheap they were money well spent. We consider these upgrades and adjustments not just comfort but safety!

Last edited 18 days ago by Jane
Rob Fike
18 days ago

We have an Airstream Land Yacht Diesel on a Freightliner chassis, full air suspension and love it.

Tom B
18 days ago

I have a class C. Put Sumo Springs in the back, and it made a WORLD of difference. I want to get the ones for the front and finish it up

Joe Allen
18 days ago

We have an all air system for our suspension and rides like a dream!

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