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Did you attend your most recent high school class reunion?


High school reunions can be great fun, can’t they? You get to see Freddie and his fifth wife. You’ll meet Cheryl’s kids—one of them was on TV! You’ll notice that Billy broke his knee playing football in college and never made a full recovery. OMG! What is Karen’s hair? And Steve, once a heartthrob is now, well, not…

Did you attend your most recent high school class reunion? If so, are you glad you went? Tell us about it in the comments. We’re curious to hear about your experiences.

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3 days ago

Graduated in 1958, had reunions every ten years until the 50th, then we had them every five years. Our 60th was in 2018. We are now planning for our 65th in 2023.
We have a group of classmates that keep in touch via email. I am better friends with my classmates now than when I was in High School.

Dennis Johnson
4 days ago

50th coming up next summer, have to attend to see who is still kicking!

Diane Mc
4 days ago

Me….last one I attended was the 5th. Just moved on. Well, sort of. Graduated with ex husband, although we didn’t get together until 5 yrs later. Our son keeps us in touch with one another. Husband….we just recently attended his 60th. Two of his best friends still live in the area and he is still in contact with them. Me…bedroom community. Him…small town. We are 5 years apart (he’s older). We always say “5 years makes a difference”.

Eddie D.
4 days ago

I attended my 52nd year reunion, since the the 50th and 51st were cancelled due to Covid.

Gene Bjerke
4 days ago

The only class reunion I attended was the 50th. That was some time ago. I don’t expect there will be any more.

4 days ago

Keep in mind that many recent high school reunions got canceled due to the Covid pandemic. If this question had been asked in 2019, you probably would have gotten a lot more YES votes.

Alan Utzig
4 days ago

I have attended my 10th and 59th. None in between. I was only at this high school for my senior year, so did not have many friends.

4 days ago

I forgot – my graduating class had quite a bit over 900 in it!

4 days ago

I went to 20 and 30 (Class of 1966). At the 30th, I discovered I went to school with people who are now rich drunks! Didn’t really have anything in common with most of them! I think they held the 50th in 2016 but I lived in Kyle (near Austin) and my high school was in Bellaire (near Houston). Couldn’t afford to go – as I said, rich drunks!

Joseph Eafrati
4 days ago

I try to go to every one that I can. I have my 50th next summer.

Donald N Wright
4 days ago

No, I am still friends with my old friends from 1970, and we are still looking for a few gals who married and moved away.

4 days ago

My class hasn’t had a reunion in a long time. Wife who graduated a year later keeps in touch with each other rather regularly so we traveled the 1200 miles for her 50th. Don’t know if they will have a 60th or not but when we attended her 50th 8 years ago it was at a classmates property. Huge property and huge fancy house and property. Parking was on the lawn under trees. It had rained. No problem for the cars to park but our RV sunk a bit while sitting. This is the first and only time we ever got stuck and we tore up the guy’s lawn trying to leave. I don’t know if we have been “black- listed” or not. lol If ever invited back I’ll try to find a place on a hard surface. We did have a good time up until the end of the party.

5 days ago

My husband & me graduated from the same school the class of 72. So it was our 50th reunion we attended this fall. My hubby was on the planning committee. It was nice to see former classmates. We still live in the same area but most of our close friends in our class live in other states. We are planning on stopping to visit them next year when we are traveling in our motorhome. Should be fun!

5 days ago

I attended my 10th and 70th! Haven’t heard of any since then – Class of 1955! I don’t share much in common with anyone except one who attended the Air Force Academy and virtually all are retired. We had a class of about 100 and surprisingly about 80 attended – some with wives who weren’t in the class.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 days ago
Reply to  DW/ND

Hi, DW. Wow! You attended your 70th high school reunion? You’re even older than I thought! 😆 Let me know what you meant and I’ll go in and correct it, if you can’t get in to do it. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

Roy Davis
5 days ago

Ya, our last one was a biggie, the 50th. My wife and I graduated together so it was nice to see all the people who didn’t think our marriage would last. 😀 Celebrated our 50 th anniversary in May. We lost 3 classmates the 4 weeks prior to the reunion and 4 more within a month afterwards. Life is short so embrace those you knew before they or you are gone.

Last edited 5 days ago by Roy Davis
T. Hudson
5 days ago

My wife and I attended our 50th reunion last May. We’ve only been to a few over the years, but decided to go to this one. We both had a great time! We had some laughs trying to recognize old friends. Most had mellowed over the years, and it was fun catching up.

Miles Olin
5 days ago

I have been to all our reunions. Coming up to our 60th reunion next year. Decided to get actively involved with the reunion committee for the 40th. and have helped ever since. It has been very enjoyable. We had a very close class as we went to junior high together then our junior high transitioned into a first year high school. Our class was the first graduating class in ‘63. Looking forward to many more, Lord willing.

John V
5 days ago

Went to my 50th reunion last month. Last one attended was my 10th. I had changed schools two years in so really no lasting relationships made but it was nice to see some people. About 55 classmates attended out of 129 with 28 deceased so it wasn’t a great turnout…

Mark K
5 days ago

I’ve never been back to a high school reunion, however, I have attended our eighth grade reunion and meet regularly with a group of 8th graders that are still very good friends.

Sandi Pearson
5 days ago

Yes…Class of 65 here. Funny how people you never “knew” become “friends” you care about 40 or 50 years later. Our last sanctioned reunion was 50th in 2015 but one of the couples began hosting a annual get together after our 40th. It’s been a great support at this time in our lives as “life happens”. Before the 50th I set up a FB page which has been our source of further communication and connects all of us living all over the world.
Some people are still “aholes”, or “different/weird”…but it doesn’t seem to matter any more.

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