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If you have an outdoor TV on your RV, how often do you watch it?

Most new RVs are coming with built-in outdoor TVs. Did your RV come with one or did you add one on? If so, how often do you watch it outside?

Outdoor TVs can be a lot of fun – gather the family or friends for a sports game or award show, or even curl up with a cozy blanket by the campfire and watch a movie with your special someone. On the other hand, though, if you’re in a crowded campground, outdoor TVs can be a real pain. If that’s not your sports team, or if you hate award shows, you probably don’t want to listen to your neighbor’s TV.


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Neal Davis
1 month ago

Several weekends each fall are spent tailgating at college football games. We always watch the outside television then. Additionally, we usually spend several days at a campground near where lived for 25 years. We always watch the outside television during those visits. Then sometimes watch the outside television during rest of our travels during the year.

1 month ago

Its difficult for me to understand that some folks actually have this sort of thing. I go camping to get away from media insults, and the rest of the left wing silliness going on. You cannot catch a fish. gaze at the stars, play your banjo, talk with the other campers or walk the trails while watching TV.

Dale Gilbert
1 month ago

I use it mostly for my wii in the after noon

Christine Ducey
1 month ago

Oh please! Enough with all the outdoor activities that adversely impact your neighbors! That means music and outdoor TVs. You’re supposed to be enjoying nature. If you can’t get away from the TV PLEASE watch it inside…with the volume down. Thank you very much.

Tom B
1 month ago

we have the Outside TV. Sometimes my wife wants to have a quiet moment with a glass of wine and her favorite crime show (maybe she’s plotting to get rid of me…maybe I should be careful?) I also use my RV at the local American Legion, where we host ‘tailgates’ for the local sports team (who I don’t really care for, but my friends like having the game on while cooking or having a cigar..)

So having an outdoor TV is not a ‘must have’ but it is pretty handy, sometimes.

1 month ago

We watch going RV of Dish channel 248. Mostly for the fun of the comments. We are always amazed that very high on prospective buyers lists is an outdoor TV. In the poll 75% use it rarely or never. Sound like a feature that isn’t necessary at all.

1 month ago

I watch outside quite a bit, during baseball season. Not much the rest of the year. I try to keep the volume down and I note how close neighbors are.

I’m intrigued by the wording of the poll, “answer only if you have a built-in outdoor tv”. Why? I had one mounted in the 5th wheel basement that swings down, there was already a cable outlet but no mount. Also noted responses from those who don’t have one. Hmmm. Lastly those who would rather sit around the fire, which is great. But I’m seeing more and more campgrounds that don’t allow fires of any kind, some even extend to grills. Now you’re down to sitting around the bug zapper.

Yeah, I’m stirring the pot a little.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

Our coach is 23 yrs old so no installed outdoor TV. Won’t be buying a new RV, but if we did, would not have an outside TV, unless it was in an unobtrusive place for viewing. We carrying a small TV with us in a bin. We occasionally use it if we are planning on a stay “in” day (no sightseeing plans/shopping, etc) just to lay in the sun or hang out. Only to watch a motor race or possibly golf match. And yes, we keep the sound low so it doesn’t disturb neighbors. And whatever we are watching has been recorded, so if we are too close to neighbors we would just wait until we went in for the night.

1 month ago

I would not pay to have an optional TV outside. The only time I have used the one that was already on the used RV we have is to occasionally watch the evening news while I’m grilling dinner outside. It’s not too often and I keep the volume low, then turn it off when the news is done.

1 month ago

For some dumb reason we bought our RV with 4 TV’s & we hardly ever watch them! Actually I unplugged them to save on our batteries while we are Boondocking!

1 month ago

I use the outlet in my storage bay for a fridge.- Much more fun and useful.

Steven N
1 month ago

I shake my head and chuckle when I see people at the lake watching TV. I’ve even seen football super fans outside at the lake with two big ol’ TV’s set up, yelling like crazy people. I just don’t get it. I always tell my wife she is a very lucky woman finding and marrying a guy with a defective sports gene! LOL

George B
1 month ago
Reply to  Steven N

Funny, ditto!

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 month ago

I went to the trouble of bringing a small flat screen tv that I put on the picnic table. I run a cable from the tv to the cable connector inside my pass-thru storage area. The first time we watched the TV maybe two times and that was for sporting events. The TV is still packed inside my trailer and I never hook it up anymore because if we are outside, we are sitting at the campfire.

1 month ago

I watched it once in a rv park just to see that it worked. I am not big on TV to begin with.

1 month ago

Our last two travel trailers had accommodations for an outside tv. Cable and power connections. One even had a slide in type mount already installed which matched the mount inside mount. We never used them and had no plans to ever use them. We seldom even watch tv unless the weather stops us from sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

John R Wilkins
1 month ago

Nothing like being outside watching TV while the mosquitoes are biting.

1 month ago

I think I’ve turned it on twice in the last 2 years. Once to see if worked, the second time to see if it works with the one’s inside.

1 month ago

If at our home site I watch the outside TV more often but still not a lot. On the road I seldom watch it outside.

1 month ago

Our 2014 Four Winds 31L Class C MH came with one. I de-installed it in favor of using the space as additional outside storage. I found a collapsible camp table that fit in the spot perfectly, and I use the table a lot more than I would an outside TV.

1 month ago

Don’t and wouldn’t watch it if I did. Outside is for a nice fire idle chit chat a good laugh. Be interesting how many that have or had a stick and brick have an outside TV.

Rosalie Magistro
1 month ago
Reply to  Skip

Plenty of people here in Arizona have them on their patio, I’ll be one as soon as we buy our forever home.

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