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Have you ever flown in a small private jet?

Sorry, but we’d take a private jet over an RV any day! Well, maybe not… but if it came with free worldwide travel and champagne, then maybe…

Have you ever flown in a small private jet? If you answer yes, please leave a comment telling us where you went! Did you ever own a private jet? And if you did (or do), where was/is our invite?!


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25 days ago

Not a jet, but a 4 seat Cessna air ambulance, minus 3 seats, with 2 patients on stretchers for a 45 min flight. One patient with a chest tube (lung collapse after kicked by a bull), protecting himself from the other who was having intermittent seizures after a lightning hit (in by his ear and out his foot), both at a rodeo in rural Arizona. Me in a tiny space on the floor between their heads. All three of us survived, despite the rather frantic pilot. Lung collapse patient resolved completely. Lightning strike patient left with only residual hearing loss in that ear. I returned for many more flights and ambulance runs.

Diane McGovern
25 days ago
Reply to  Maridocs

Wow! That’s intense! Glad everything turned out well. Have a great day, J. 😀 –Diane at

Leslie Smith
30 days ago

Yes, Southern California Edison flew me to Los Angeles to a convention on the Queen Mary. We flew right down the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

30 days ago

Before I retired I flew many times in the business jet for meetings with customers. Other times helicopters.

Bill Langton
30 days ago

The only time I’ve ridden in small, private Jets was as one of the pilots! 😉

Deborah Mason
30 days ago

Several times in 4-seat prop planes. All in relation to national parks & education.

James Larry Simpson
30 days ago

I was the pilot of a Cessna Citation business jet for the US Forest Service. It was primarily used for forest fire infrared imaging but in the off season used it like a corporate transportation for Forest Service business.

30 days ago

Not a jet, but only experience in a real small plane. Seated 6 or 8 people. Business, short 200 mile hop, down and back in the same day. Pilot stored my briefcase in the wing and told me which seat to take. Entered the plane and there was a fully garbed Nun sitting in the co-pilot seat. Allayed any fears. I mean – when God is your co-pilot how much safer could you be. Totally true story.

Roy Davis
30 days ago

I discovered for family vacations for 5-10 people to certain locations, it was cheaper and easier to fly on a private jet vs a commercial airline. This is especially true when compared to either business or first class tickets. There are additional benefits to flying private like avoiding having flight cancelled and flying in and out of smaller airports that can be closer to where you live or final destination. It’s a 10 min drive for us to the municipal airport compared to the hour plus drive to the two closest major ones. We won’t even discuss the TSA screening at the major airports plus checking in or lose luggage.

Jeff Craig
30 days ago

Took several flights on a UC-35 (military version of a Cessna Citation) between Barking Sands and Pearl Harbor /Hickam back in my Navy days. Not the same as flying on the corporate jets, but since it wasn’t always a ‘scheduled’ milk run, I count it. Plus, all the times I flew as a kid with my best friend and his dad who owned a Cessna 172.

Last edited 30 days ago by Jeff Craig
30 days ago

Yes a Rockwell Sabreliner when I worked for Rockwell, It was great.

William Houston Albert
30 days ago

No, but I flew from Mexico City to Laredo in a DC3 once in 1967. Many Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters for work

30 days ago

Not on a jet but on private plane.

30 days ago

I was a NICU flight nurse. We had our own helicopter and fixed wing but occasionally a volunteer organization or private company would lend us their Lear. Stressful when baby was on board but felt like the queen when it was just myself and the rest of the team.

30 days ago

While in the Air Force in Saudi Arabia in about 1986, I flew a round trip to a “secret city” on a Saudi military Cessna Citation. I believe that location was what we now know as KKMC. And in 2004 I escorted a motivational speaker to events on 12 AF bases across the US in 6 days. Because of our tight schedule, we used his jet.

30 days ago

Not jet, but have flown in Cessnas a lot. At least I took off a lot but almost never landed. When I was young I skydived on the weekends.

George Thaxton
30 days ago

I was working for a piano store in Abilene Texas. One of our customers had purchased a player piano to use in Ruidoso New Mexico. The instrument developed a problem so the customer flew me and the piano tuner up there. We left Abilene at 11am, fixed the problem, and were back in Abilene by 3pm.

30 days ago

Have flown in a Cessna 2 seater non jet.

Ken Andrews
30 days ago

It was a medical fixed wing Lear jet to get my mom home in New York from Florida winter home before her imminent passing. It was a tough ride given the situation and an experience never to be forgotten given the many details.
30 days ago

Not in a jet but while at EAA the whole museum staff took a charter flight in a King Air turboprop across Lake Michigan to visit the Henry Ford in Dearborn. I think only three of us weren’t pilots. One of our number even asked and the charter pilot allowed him to act as co-pilot and he flew everything but the takeoffs and landings adding more multi-engine time to his log book.

30 days ago

Before I retired 14 yrs ago, I had 3 different customers who owned their own jets and I flew with them on several occasions, both for work and vacation trips. It’s the only way to fly if you can afford it or if you have friends or customers that invite you along. I haven’t flown on a commercial plane for several years and don’t intend to for the rest of my life!!!

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