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Does it bother you if dirty dishes are left in the sink overnight?

Some people can’t stand even just one dirty spoon in their sink. Other people don’t even notice if their sink is overflowing with dirty dishes. Some people are in the middle.

What about you, where do you fall on the spectrum? Would you ever leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight? Tell us in the poll below and, of course, feel free to leave a comment.


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28 days ago

Our current RV is the first we have had with a built in dishwasher. As we use dishes they go in and we run it when it’s fully loaded, which is usually once a day since it doesn’t have the capacity a home model does.

That said, if a couple of popcorn bowls or a glass sit in the sink overnight, it’s not going to cause us loss of sleep!

Christine D
28 days ago

We wipe all the dishes of food debris and neatly stack them after dinner. In the morning we wash the dinner and breakfast dishes.

Bob Palin
28 days ago

My dishes stay in the sink every night, I do the dishes every morning before making breakfast.

Greg Kanne
28 days ago

Help, Since I got a new computer I can’t see your polls. What do I need to change?

Diane McGovern
28 days ago
Reply to  Greg Kanne

Sorry you’re having problems with the poll, Greg. Here’s what Jessica, one of our IT folks, explained awhile ago: “Sometimes script blockers and ad blockers interfere with our polls since they are from a 3rd party site. If you have one of these try and turn it off and see if that fixes the issue.” I hope that helps you. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

28 days ago


27 days ago
Reply to  Richard

Same story here

28 days ago

My husband once stated (in front of my parents) that as long as I keep cooking such good meals he was happy to do the dishes (my least favorite job!). He usually does all of the dishes. However, I do dishes often in FL (we have a dishwasher in MI) and yes some will sit overnight. My husband ‘snacks’ until after 9:00 most nights, no way am I doing dishes that late!

28 days ago

Interesting. What if the question were phrased: do you waste water by washing all dishes right after use? And if the photo was a few neatly stacked dishes, already scraped/wiped off to keep crud out of the grey tank.

Diane Mc
28 days ago

At both home & in the motorhome I try to keep sinks empty. At home with dishwasher no need to leave in sink. Maybe a pot to soak. In the motorhome, if it’s just a cup or glass I may leave it and wait until a meal to wash with more things. When dry camping definitely leave them and do all at once. Easier to save water that way.

Roy Davis
28 days ago

I am not overly concerned but we do load dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Sometimes we leave pans and such to soak occasionally. A lot of time I will go wash the pans and such right before I go to bed. If we have company then they get left.

Last edited 28 days ago by Roy Davis
28 days ago

I do most of the cooking and dish washing aka dishwasher since I’m retired and the best half still works. After dinner I put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and sometimes there maybe a pot or pan that I’ll wait till morning to do after breakfast. I do tend to be little bit picky sometimes but hey, enjoy life and don’t sweat the small stuff.

28 days ago

The picture says something about them. I’d wonder what else needs to be cleaned up.

Dan A
28 days ago

Bothers me to no end. My wife not so much. She usually takes care of the dishes, I take care of the rest of the RV stuff. We’re full-time in ours.

28 days ago

YES! And they are harder to clean, the smell is sickening and just gross. But the wife and I share this. If I cook she cleans up and vise versa. I do dishes while cooking so not much to do after. Sometimes depending what we are cooking paper plates become an option to lessen the amount washed.

28 days ago

That’s just plain LAZY on the part of the person DUMPING their trash in the sink expecting others to CLEAN UP THEIR MESS!

Just let it sit there for DAYS if necessary.

Sooner or later the offender will say something about how disgusting that plate in the sink is.

That’s when you say “Clean It Up. It’s Your {bleeped} Mess”!

Joseph Phebus
28 days ago

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is make the bed. Why? This first small task completed sets me on an orderly path to methodically complete many other tasks throughout the day.

Before I go to bed, I make sure the dishes are washed and put away. I can go to bed peacefully knowing I’ve completed that days tasks to the best of my ability without undone tasks within my control waiting for me in the morning, and distracting me from that day’s business

Some might call it obsessive or uptight, but for me it sets a rhythm and brings a sense of order and self-discipline to my life. I think these small accomplishments and attention to details cultivate a mindset to be productive and better equipped to focus on achieving goals and doing the things that matter.

Tom B
28 days ago

Doesn’t bother ME, but it bothers HER, so that’s why I do them.

28 days ago

This is just part of meal prep, especially when camping. No food or scraps left around for the wildlife. Piles of dirty dishes are just gross

28 days ago
Reply to  Scott

When starting prep for a meal, the boil bucket goes on the fire for the planned dish washing afterwards. We dry camp as a rule, have never had the trailer plugged in at any campsite so water conserving / grey water issues do not play into concern. Dish water goes into a hole post clean up.

28 days ago

Would not leave a single dish at anytime let alone overnight. How hard can it be to wash and dry a dish.

Steve Minor
28 days ago

Dishes are tools, all my life when I finish with a tool I clean it & put it back where it goes. Kitchen tools are no different. When finished eating, wash them, dry them, & put them back where they go! Then the next meal, they are easy to find, clean, & (with no spots) ready to use again! Just my two cents worth LOL

Paul B.
28 days ago

Overnight??? I thought that’s where they lived!

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