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Have you visited Hawaii in the last ten years?

Oh, Hawaii. There’s no other state like it. It would be hard to argue that there’s a more beautiful state. (Oh, come on. Have you seen those beaches?!) Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Have you visited Hawaii within the last 10 years? If so, more than once or just once? Never?

If you’ve never been to Hawaii, we suggest you park your RV somewhere for a week and fly on over to one of the beautiful islands. Doesn’t that sound nice?


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20 days ago

Maui…..from our condo watching the sunrise over Haleakala (volcano) at about 7:00 am, toes in the sand with my wife and a favorite book….Waui!!!!

Charles Ihlenfeld
21 days ago

My partner and I are on The Big Island. I am looking at the vast Pacific as I write. Just wonderful!

21 days ago

Just once. We always said we would go for our 25th anniversary, so not quite 10 years ago we took a cruise to Hawaii!

Greg Bryant
21 days ago

It will be ten years ago next month. We flew to Honolulu and met our oldest daughter’s ship (USS John C Stennis) at Pearl. Stayed a couple days touring the island, then took a Tiger Cruise on her ship back to the mainland. It was an incredible experience.

Dan A
21 days ago

We were stationed there in the 70s, but my last time in Hawaii was in 1989. My wife and kids in 94. When we transferred off of Guam in 94, we were only there long enough to switch planes and fly into California.

Neal Davis
21 days ago

We are so enamored with Kauai that we try to go every 5 years. We spend a week there and at least a few days on another island. Unfortunately, it was 6 years ago that we were last there. Once current dog passes, then we’ll go again.

Bob p
21 days ago

The only time I was in Hawaii was on my way to Vietnam in 1968. While the plane was being refueled we got to tour the closed terminal, first time I knew of an airport terminal being closed. They must have bankers hours.

21 days ago

Once, 1967. Broke my arm surfing.

21 days ago

On our way to the Philippines in 1966 while in the Navy our repair ship developed a major issue & we were there for about 3 weeks. What I remember that everything was way too expensive, especially for a sailor!

21 days ago

We were supposed to leave yesterday for Hawaii for our 65th birthdays and 45th anniversary, but colon cancer raised its ugly head with surgery on December 20th (Merry Christmas!). Hoping chemo only goes for the 3 months and we can make the trip in May now…….If you haven’t been there yet, put it on your bucket list, it gorgeous!! AND, get a shave ice while you’re there!

Diane McGovern
21 days ago
Reply to  Robert

Good luck on your health situation, Robert. We hope you can get to Hawaii in May! And we wish you a much healthier and happier 2023! 😀 –Diane at

21 days ago

always wanted to go to Hawaii but events always seemed to conspire against us.

Don H
21 days ago

We visited on a cruise a few years ago. But during my Navy career we were lucky enough to live there for 4 years, on Pearl Harbor. THAT was a fantastic experience…

Cliff Chambliss
21 days ago

Went there in 1970 while on R&R from Vietnam. Sworn in as a Naturalized US Citizen on 1 May 1970. Following the ceremony toured Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Enjoyed the next two days with my wife and then bank to Vietnam.

21 days ago

Have been there 5 or 6 times but not in the last 10 years. Don’t plan on ever going again since there are just too many tourists there anymore and I don’t want to ever fly on a commercial plane again in my life!!

David Stansbury
21 days ago

We have kids and grandkids there.

David Stansbury
21 days ago

So we go every once in a while.

Leslie Schofield
21 days ago

i answered yes to in the last 10 years and plan to go for a couple of weeks in February

Ed K
21 days ago

Not since 75 on Uncle Sam’s Dime.

21 days ago

I went once with just my husband and once with him and our kids. But not in the past 10 years. I really enjoyed it. Maui was my favorite island, but I’ve heard Lanai is beautiful as well.

21 days ago

Years ago in 89-92. It’s ok the same as the American Somoas. There were more tourist there than Disney land or world. Just not my cup of tea.

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