Thursday, February 2, 2023


Do you use email more, less, or about the same as, say, two years ago?

According to, more than four billion people across the globe have an email address. In 2020, approximately 306 billion emails were sent and received every day across the world. That’s a LOT of emails!

So, do you think you use email more, less or about the same as you did two years ago? However you answer, we hope you still open your daily newsletters! That’s the best email you receive, right? Riiiiight?! (Just say yes!)

As always, thanks for voting. The poll may take a few moments to load.


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Leslie Smith
7 days ago

I think I use email less than in the past. I am Texting more for daily communication theses days. Email seems to be more business and billing.

Neal Davis
7 days ago

Relative to 5 years ago (before I retired), I use email far less. But in answer to the survey question, I use it about the same as two years ago.

Roy Davis
7 days ago

I get a lot more emails but mostly junk. I am old fashion when it comes to texts. I have seen people spend 20 minutes texting back and forth to each other what could have been accomplished in a one minute conversation.

7 days ago

I get multiple email newsletters each morning to read while I’m having a cup of coffee. They’re either news or health related newsletters. But i get less personal emails as texting is now the main way of communicating with family and friends. By far the best email is from!

Diane McGovern
7 days ago
Reply to  M D-B

Awww, thanks, M D-B. We appreciate your kind words. And, as (I think) we’ve said before, we appreciate YOU! Have a great day! 😀 –Diane at

Jeff Craig
7 days ago

Since the proliferation of Video and Group chats after the start of the pandemic, I’ve been doing a LOT more chats/text than emails. Still get a ton of junk/phishing emails, but MS/Google/etc… have gotten better at screening those out.

7 days ago

No poll ever loaded. Definitely use text more than email now.

7 days ago

It seems more text than emails as time goes on. Everything can be done by text; links, messages; notes than the internet for all those searches. I believe that email will go the way of snail mail though I do like writing a letter to my distant friends.

7 days ago

Far less…retired now and 99% of my emails were work related. Also, tend to text more with friends & family.

7 days ago

I read emails. Very seldom any reason to reply. I text occasionally, but don’t make a habit of it. I would rather just talk directly to the person. If they don’t answer or call me back, so be it.
Seems texting and emailing is getting to be the norm while driving or even walking. I’ve seen to many people texting while driving and taking their eyes off the road nd drifting into other lanes.
Probably 80% of the cars on the road have bluetooth, but very few use it. They need to have that phone in their hands. The younger generation cannot even walk unless they are holding the phone. Just ask the one that walked into me at the mall and his phone came out of his hand and hit the ground in pieces.

7 days ago

Since retiring in 2020 my email use is very reduced. Most of my email now is newsletters, solicitations or pure junk. Acquaintances are too lazy to check email regularly so like most folks I use text. I have no social media accounts.

Tom E
7 days ago

I mostly message or text on the phone. Also starting to use video calls.

Pat D
7 days ago

Marked less because I think texting more has reduced my email communications.

7 days ago

If counting spam, we get more. Normal stuff is about the same level.

Ed K
7 days ago

I use E-Mail if my Sibs text and I want to send a detailed reply, I can use a real keyboard a lot faster on a real computer than I can the fake keyboard on the phone. I hate texting and everybody that counts in my family knows it. I am included in all the texts between my wife and other family members and can reply if I feel the need.

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