Saturday, April 1, 2023


Would you go for a ride in a self-driving vehicle?

Self-driving cars and other vehicles (even RVs!) are becoming more and more popular. Maybe you’ve had your own experience where you’re driving down the highway only to look over and see the car next to you driving itself. Maybe the “driver” is even taking a nap!

If you had the chance to ride in a self-driving vehicle for a little joy ride, would you go? If so, would you be excited to try it out or would it take a lot of conniving for you to try? Or would you never, ever hop into one to try?

Tell us in the poll, then please leave a comment explaining your answer. Thanks!


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Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Around town as long as I’m behind the wheel to take control if need be.

Tim Bear
2 months ago

My answer is, literally, not on my life!

2 months ago

Lawyers are busy printing their business cards……and I’ll bet very few lawyers will be riding in a car that is controlled by software than cannot judge the difference between a dog on the shoulder of the road, and a child crossing the road. NOT for me!!

Neal Davis
2 months ago

There would have to be a back-up driver sitting at the steering wheel able to over-ride the car if anything goes awry. Only then would I be willing to take a ride in such a vehicle.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
2 months ago

Yes, but I wouldn’t pay Elon Musk a nickel for the experience.

Lawrence Neely
2 months ago

Having worked on avionics software and all the testing and verification we have to go through for the software took about 20 years before it was safe to fly a lot of the systems. I saw a lot of articles about lack of testing and no safety backups in the auto industry. No way this is ready for prime time, just waiting for the first major accident

Roger Stickley
2 months ago

I do often as I own a Tesla. Just have to remember to stay involved and ready to take over! Great car and I love it. It isn’t the answer to fossil fuel cars! To charge every car in the US if they were all electric isn’t possible. Also all these claims about the other manufacturing companies switching to all electric by 2035 isn’t possible. Our electric grid will never be ready to support that demand by that time. Also remember that only Tesla’s can charge at Tesla charging stations. Also there are 3 different levels of charging stations and the ones you see at various locations such as grocery stores that aren’t Tesla’s are only level 2 stations and you could sit there for 8 – 10 hours to get a complete charge.

Sheri Ken
2 months ago
Reply to  Roger Stickley

We have a family member who has a Tesla and he showed us this wonderful car with all the perks! Enjoy Stay Safe

Tom B
2 months ago

already did. Rode to work (’s a DC thing…) in a Tesla and the driver had the driver assist on. it drove and handled exactly as I would have in those conditions. not a problem at all. Just remember to stay involved.

Roy Davis
2 months ago

Probably safer than riding with some of my family.😁😁😁

2 months ago

In a controlled or demo course I would, but not on a city street.

Brian Burry
2 months ago

No! Just go to Chandler Arizona and see the terrible Waymo self driving cars nearly hit you in your car! The number of terrible accidents are worth this stupid concept! Twice we barely avoided those cars hitting us as they driving over three lanes to make a turn! No way!

2 months ago

I rented a car with lane and forward spacing control. I didn’t trust it and turned it off after I had to fight it a couple times. I would like to have rear/blind spot warning though.

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Self driving cars in their current state of development, no. But, they’ve gone from idea to testbed on public roads in a decade – imagine where they will be in another decade, or even two.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
2 months ago

I would take a ride in a self-driving vehicle as long as I could grab the wheel, hit the brakes, etc. if needed in an emergency.

I was just telling my wife, The American motorist is not going to accept the self-driving vehicle because the vehicle will obey all the traffic laws. There will not be any speeding, rapid switching of lanes, tailgating, or making a left turn from the right lane, etc.

William Albert
2 months ago

At this time in development, only on a closed track.

2 months ago

On a major RV forum I frequent there has been a lot of discussion on the failures of collision avoidance systems on motorhomes. Most are related to the units literally slamming on the brakes because the system thinks it sees an imminent collision that isn’t there. Some have asked for removal or disconnection of the optional systems and are told it is not possible. That’s just one part of a driverless system. How do they handle snow and ice coating the sensors? How do they do in complex construction areas? I’m talking true driverless vehicles…no ability for human intervention. Those are not common but are coming. No steering wheel, throttle, or brake controls. What about newly constructed roads with no lines painted yet?

In the famous words of “Engineer Scott” in Star Trek, “The more complex they make the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain!”

2 months ago

Looking forward to the day.

2 months ago

nope, not ready for prime time use. I don’t like smart driving technology I have in my subaru that tries brake if it thinks it sees something in front of the car…too many false reactions. Lane maintaining function does not like it when you go into a curve and hug the white lines either. When the time comes that I can not drive competently enough, I do not want a nanny car to take over.

2 months ago

Yes but, someone needs to be at the wheel to take over if needed!

James LaGasse
2 months ago

I would take a ride in one but the technology is to the point I would rely on one much less consider it a necessary means of transportation.

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