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How often do you gamble at a casino?

Whether you’re a gambler or not, casinos can be great entertainment. Food, drinks, cigar lounges, free beverages, and did we mention GREAT people watching? You see all kinds…

Many casinos across the U.S. even offer free, or almost free, parking for RVers. Did you know that? There’s a whole website dedicated to locating casinos that allow overnight RV parking. Check it out.

How often do you gamble at a casino? Not just visit, but gamble. On a regular basis? Sometimes? Rarely? Never? After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us about your favorite casino.

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Cancelproof (@guest_221156)
10 months ago

Re: SLOTS and Video poker.
Computers that are programmed to take in more than they pay out. Pretty simple choice. Show me an even slot gambler and I’ll show you a liar.

Lu Baggs (@guest_220779)
10 months ago

Winstar World Casino on the TX/OK border (Thackerville, OK) on I-35 is awesome! Approximately 1 1/2 mile in length (you can easily track 6 to 8,000 steps a day walking), and so many fun machines to play! It is very well maintained and they are always expanding. Food is great, too!

Lindalee (@guest_220693)
10 months ago

Quit gambling in a casino in ’78 when I moved away from California for the last time! Casinoes are illegal in Texas!!

Brad (@guest_220686)
10 months ago

Having grown up in Las Vegas I learned that I am a winner when I keep my $$ in my pocket. I actually did better when I was a teenager than I have since being legally old enough to gamble. My Dad used to occsionally take us out to breakfast downtown on Sunday & I would drop a few coins in a slot machine while he was playing the slots. Once I hit a payout that the change lady would pay, she looked at Dad & he just smiled……so she went ahead & paid me my winnings, Today though, the casinos refuse to pay you if you are under age & ask you to leave.

KellyR (@guest_220685)
10 months ago

I don’t even trust putting money in vending machines for a Pepsi or Snickers .

Leslie Smith (@guest_220666)
10 months ago

Never!! I am happy with a free nights stay. The free goes by the wayside when I buy the meal but I am still ahead a little.

Thomas D (@guest_220664)
10 months ago

A self imposed tax on stupidity
Oh, winning something might feel great but does it make up for all the times you lose?

Gary (@guest_220656)
10 months ago

Poorly worded poll. I rarely am in a casino, but when I am I often gamble. So I answered “often”, which is rare.

Neal Davis (@guest_220652)
10 months ago

I’ve never been to a casino and probably will continue this practice into the future. I have paid others to buy me lottery tickets on two or three occasions. I have been to horse tracks twice, but have yet to place a bet. I also expect that trend to continue. I pay enough involuntary taxes to be reluctant to pay a voluntary one (i.e., play the lottery or otberwise place a bet).

Tommy Molnar (@guest_220644)
10 months ago

We live in NV and never visit casinos.

Spike (@guest_220641)
10 months ago

About 55 years ago my father traded a pickup load of firewood for a nickel slot that we kept in the basement work room. Inside the back cover was a big sticker advising owners to never do anything to the internal mechanicals or it may result in the owner losing money.

As kids on rainy or sub zero winter days, we would empty the coin collection box in the back, then sit and play. Every once in a while we’d hit a jackpot or one of the bigger prizes, but in the end no one EVER “won.” The coin collection box was full again and the player was empty.

Good life lesson that the gambling game is always rigged.

As a side note, even if we stopped before losing it all, the left over went back in the box. No one was allowed to keep “winnings.”

M D-B (@guest_220638)
10 months ago

“Native Americans are taking back America one quarter at a time”. Which is fine with me.

Last edited 10 months ago by M D-B
Neal Davis (@guest_220654)
10 months ago
Reply to  M D-B


Camper Jack - MyRVRadio (@guest_220635)
10 months ago

Asking about our favorite casino, it would have to be Winstar World Casino on the TX/OK border on I-35. It is the world’s largest casino! Good exercise to go from one end to other and back. Been going there for…. 20 years. (Only been RV’ing going on 4, though.) Great campground (was open during Covid, nothing else was!) and the casino has plenty of entertainment options. With kids, the Choctaw casino in Durant, OK (on 75/69) has other stuff, too. And a great pool area!

Jim Johnson (@guest_220633)
10 months ago

Best lesson for my kids- 30-some years ago we got caught in a rainstorm in Deadwood SD. The town is filled with small venue slots. We ducked into one and were the only ‘clients’ in the place. The cashier said we were welcome so long as the kids didn’t touch the machines. I bought $5 in quarters and had our two kids tell me what to do. Lots of quarters fell but the total gradually diminished.

At the end I asked the kids how much I had won? My son piped up first with “A lot, Dad!” Really? He thought for a moment and quieter “You lost $5 Dad.” Best $5 lesson I could have given my kids. The rain ended and we had a great time touring Deadwood.

kat (@guest_220629)
10 months ago

maybe once every couple of years. only buy lotto tickets when jackpot is $500,000,000.00 or higher!

Richard (@guest_220628)
10 months ago

Lottery tickets are as close as I get.

JAMES (@guest_220625)
10 months ago

We’re at a Casino right now.

Bill Fisher (@guest_220620)
10 months ago

I never gamble, period, but on every major RV trip we take we usually schedule a casino visit or two so my wife can get her slot machine fix. It’s cheap fun for her and after long hours of riding in the truck she deserves it. And once in a great while she even wins a few bucks. LOL

Deborah Mason (@guest_220617)
10 months ago

I said rarely, but technically we are now gambling weekly. But, it’s Wednesday night Bingo at the local bar. It’s a casino, like many bars in Montana, since it has a few machines. For us it’s a dinner out, friends & maybe, just maybe, a few bucks won back.

Leonard (@guest_220614)
10 months ago

Like any other form of entertainment, decide how much to spend and that’s it! Having said that the last Casino I was in was about 25 years ago. They don’t build these things with people winning all the time! Funny, most people say they win or break even when they go! lol

Last edited 10 months ago by Leonard

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