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How often will you typically wear jeans before washing them?

Did you know you’re only supposed to wash your jeans every three to ten times you wear them? Well, that’s according to Reader’s Digest, at least. Washing them more often than that can cause the fabric to break down, the color to fade, and the size and shape to shift.

Now, we as RVers may wash our jeans less than the average person anyway just because we may do laundry less than the average person since not all of our RVs have washing machines. But who knows…

If you had to say, how often will you typically wear a pair of jeans (any color jeans) before washing them? Do you wash your jeans after each wear? Do you wait until about ten wears? Do you wash them whenever you do laundry? Tell us in the poll below and leave a comment, too, if you feel like sharing.

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Karen (@guest_222222)
9 months ago

I normally will wash new jeans b4 wearing anywhere. Why? Remove the extra dye that Always turns my legs blue, n to remove what somebody else left in them when they tried them on at the store. True story- I worked retail, n a big box store (you KNOW who I’m thinking of) had a bad case of lice running thru their women’s jeans dept. After that, if they’re obviously dirty, or sweaty, they get washed, otherwise 3-7 days. Not doing too much out here that requires being filthy, for me.

wanderer (@guest_222041)
9 months ago

Gross. Now I know how those guys who show up at the laundromat with one small bag of clothes to wash do it. They wear the same jeans all week. Ick.

Roy Davis (@guest_221713)
9 months ago

To me, it depends on what I am doing. When I am actually doing something that will cause them to get dirty, I will go a couple days. Normally, 4 days in general but I change out of them several times a week when I need to dress a little better.

KellyR (@guest_221638)
9 months ago

As a kid – “Mom where are my jeans?” “They were standing in the corner all by themselves and asked me to wash them.” Not an exaggeration, that was my Mom. Really, when they get stiff and can stand alone, it is easier to slide your feet thru. I wear jeans all the time, even to my daughter’s cowboy country wedding, by request, bolo tie, hat and boots and all. However, they were a new, once washed, pair. There is no question, Fathers must make concessions to the Daughter Bride.

Diane McGovern
9 months ago
Reply to  KellyR

I think I know where you got your sense of humor from, Kelly. 😆 Have a good night. 😀 –Diane at

KellyR (@guest_221642)
9 months ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Yep, Mom drove my Dad nuts (and she was a preachers wife). And now I and my daughter (took after her dad) drive her mom (who happens to be my wife) nuts. But we all have fun and no one has ulcers. lol

Diane McGovern
9 months ago
Reply to  KellyR

Sounds like a really fun family, Kelly. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Cancelproof (@guest_221620)
9 months ago

Twice, then I turn them inside out for 2 more days, so that’s 4 days total between washes.

Last edited 9 months ago by Diane McGovern
Scott (@guest_221703)
9 months ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

I thought that was how you did underwear…yuck!

Jim B (@guest_221592)
9 months ago

i try new ones on first, and if they fit, I wash them before actually wearing them. I don’t like the way they feel before being washed.

Tom (@guest_221629)
9 months ago
Reply to  Jim B

Wash by themselves to get rid of excess dyes. Then, wear the heck out of them.

Cat (@guest_221588)
9 months ago

When they start to smell!

Drew (@guest_221586)
9 months ago

Close to three weeks but I marked 14 days.

tom (@guest_221583)
9 months ago

Wash when filthy, could be a year as I don’t wear them all that often.

Paul B. (@guest_221581)
9 months ago

You can wash them?

Richard (@guest_221612)
9 months ago
Reply to  Paul B.

Who, ME……?

johnm (@guest_221578)
9 months ago

I have two pair of jeans hanging on the back of the bathroom door. One old pair for bumming around the house and yard, and one pair to wear when going to the store or out to dinner.

Richard (@guest_221613)
9 months ago
Reply to  johnm


Timothy Johnson (@guest_221576)
9 months ago

I don’t wear jeans. I have worn two pairs of pants in the some 30 years.. I wear pants to work then after that i don’t wear pants and i wore 2 pairs this past year to weddings..( Had to ) lol..

johnm (@guest_221579)
9 months ago

Tim must be part nudist LOL

Jesse Crouse (@guest_221569)
9 months ago

Depends on what I was doing.

Donald N Wright (@guest_221567)
9 months ago

I have sold clothing for two divisions of Nordstrom. Please wash your clothing before wearing them, please dry clean your suits and dresses before having them tailored or worn.
the new clothing smell is insecticide and coloring agents. Wash first please.

Snoopy (@guest_221584)
9 months ago

I’ve always washed NEW clothes because of whatever they put in new clothes to make them look good. I think they call it sizing, but whatever it is, if they don’t get washed they feel stiff & scratchy! Also the possibility that someone else has tried them on YUK!

Glenda Alexander (@guest_221700)
9 months ago

I always wash all new clothes, towels, sheets, etc., before using them the first time. I don’t like how they feel and smell. I didn’t know that they contain insecticide! Yikes!

David Bulkley (@guest_221563)
9 months ago

When they can stand up and walk to the washer it is time to change them.

David Stansbury (@guest_221573)
9 months ago
Reply to  David Bulkley

Or at least start thinking about it. And who doesn’t wear jeans?!? Unless you’re a geezer, I guess…

Jack (@guest_221577)
9 months ago

What do you mean “unless you are a geezer”? I am 84 and a proud geezer, that wears jeans daily. And yes l probably wear them too long between washings. 🤠

Bob M (@guest_221597)
9 months ago
Reply to  Jack

I remember when we were kids and would call the old people geezers. Now after the blink of of an eye we are now the old geezers. How time flies and things change.

GeorgeB (@guest_221601)
9 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

Agree, it beats the alternative

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