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Do you prefer an RV park that allows or does not allow dogs?

We love dogs. We realllllly love dogs around here. But we DO know that dogs can be a pain in the you-know-what! Especially the barking kinds… As much as we love dogs, we don’t particularly want to be staying right next to a campground neighbor with a loud, obnoxious barking dog. Who would?

If you had the choice between two RV parks across the street from each other, both equally as nice, would you choose to stay at the RV park that allows dogs, or the one across the street that does not allow dogs?

We know your answer may depend if you have a dog or not. If you have a dog, you don’t really have a choice, but if you don’t have a dog… what’ll it be? Feel free to leave a comment after you vote, of course.


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Paul Frawley
1 month ago

Too many people who rv don’t clean up after their pets. We live in a resort for 6 months of winter and see so many people come in for short term stays and don’t leash or pick up after their pets. It disgusting how they look all around while the dog does its duty thinking no one’s watching, time and time again no cleanup. We currently have a neighbor who doesn’t leash or pick up but also leaves the dog in the TT when they leave for the day, the mutt barks howls and whines all day long until they return. They know this happens( because we tell them every time) and just don’t care. These people should just stay in their basements and leave those of us who do the right things alone. We love pets, it’s people we don’t care for. PS why is it always people from {bleeped} hole California who don’t clean up after their pets? We see it too much. So tempted to retrieve the poo and place it on rv steps so they can step in it first thing in the morning. Good morning AH, do you get the hint.

William Albert
1 month ago

First, we have been married 46 years. We lost our house during Hurricane Harvey. We bought a 2007 Jayco 29 RBH (POS), our insurance paid for it and everything for the set up. We lived in it for 2 1/2 years while we built our dream house. We didn’t murder each other, in fact it brought us closer.

1 month ago

I like dogs. But I would ban owners who won’t pick up behind their dogs or leash them.

1 month ago

Prefer RV parks that allow dogs. There’s always pet owners that think they are to good to pick up theirs dog’s poop 💩. Gives a bad name for people that are REASONABLE owners.

1 month ago

I wouldn’t be an RVer if it weren’t for dogs. After a month-long car trip across the USA several years ago, I realized I really needed a motorhome with a generator so I could go into stores and restaurants and keep the dogs in comfort. (I have a MarCell device to monitor temperature.) In more than 8 years of full-timing, I have yet to find an RV park that didn’t allow pets but if I did, I could not stay there. Sadly…the minority of truly awful pet owners ruin it for the majority of great pet owners. It is extremely easy to leash your pet, to pick up its poo, and if it is going to bark all day, train it or get a dogsitter. There is no excuse for bad behavior.

1 month ago
Reply to  Debby

Very well said!

Nc grandma
1 month ago

Since we have 2 fur babies, we only stay at places that allow dogs.

1 month ago

Responsible owner like us~ enjoy. We keep ours leashed, scoop the poop and try to control her barking.

1 month ago

Pets are welcome in RV parks, just some of the owners need to be reeducated.

Burnes Rose
1 month ago

Animals do what animals do. Pet owners are what makes or breaks others encounters with those animals. Never met a bad pet just lousy owners. Rules at parks are set up for the safety of the pet and pet owner and the non pet owner.
As far as aggressive breeds I totally agree they should not be allowed in public parks. They are more difficult to control and are unpredictable.
Its all up to the pet owners. Live by the rules and don’t bend them or just plain ignore them.

1 month ago
Reply to  Burnes Rose

On the one hand, you say that owners are the problem, not the pet. A few lines later you condemn breeds simply by virtue of being a certain breed. Those dogs have no control over their breed. Then you finish with blaming the owners again. Any breed can be trained to be aggressive.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

Absolute truth! On Cesar Millan’s show you will see that it is the owner, not the breed, that determines it’s temperament.

ALL breeds can be unholy terrors if not trained and handled correctly and the so called “aggressive breeds” will be absolute angels with proper upbringing.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I have heard that somewhere around 60% of full time RVers travel with pets. Most say that the ratio of dogs vs cats is 4 to1 but I think it’s a much bigger ratio. I also have issues over breed restrictions. We’ve good friends whose 2 pit bulls are big babies.

Last edited 1 month ago by Roy Davis
John Becker
1 month ago

We try to find “no pet” parks, but they are few, and even so people sneak pets in anyways. Sick of the barking at all times of day and night, dog poo everywhere, and moron owners who leave them off leash, or at the site when they leave for the day.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Becker


1 month ago

I thought my dog was “problematic” because she would sometimes bark in the RV for a few minutes after we left (she does settle down). Then I went to an RV park and experienced…

  • People letting their dogs off leash with specific rules that you are supposed to keep them on leash
  • People tying their dogs up outside and leaving for the day
  • Large dogs, off leash, running up to me and growling and barking aggressively
  • People not picking up after their dog

I totally understand why many RVers have a negative impression of pet owners.

1 month ago

Love dogs, but “Not allowing” wouldn’t stop me from staying.

Glenda Alexander
1 month ago

I like dogs (and cats) but don’t have one. I checked “prefer no dogs” but it wouldn’t matter either way IF THOSE INCONSIDERATE INDIVIDUALS would pick up after their pets and keep them from barking constantly.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

Dogs are ok at National Park campgrounds as they keep the bears away. Elsewhere they are a problem.

1 month ago

I hate to burst your bubble about dogs keeping bears away, but the primary reason that dogs are not allowed on any trail in the Smoky Mountain National Park is because dogs actually can attract bears. Typically bear hunters use dogs when they hunt bears. So, a bear will see a dog, and if it is a single dog they are more likely to charge that dog out of self-defense. This scares the dog, and the dog goes running back to its owner, which leads to unfortunate incidents. When I worked in the Smokies at Cades Cove, and we had instances there where people did not keep their dogs on leash, and were incredibly lucky that they and the dog were not injured. I was in Custer State Park in South Dakota and saw a man letting his German Shepherd wander up to a small herd of burros. Even with several of us yelling at the man to get his dog away, that did not end up well for the German Shepherd. They did charge and the dog got injured.
Generally speaking, it is the dog owners that lead to the problems, not the dogs.

1 month ago

I’d pick the no-pet park. Too many bad experiences over the last few years. When people bring pairs of big dogs, who bark ferociously if I step outside, it’s just one symptom of a growing problem. If your pet can’t be calm in a public park, don’t bring it to one.

Bob M
1 month ago

We only camp in Pa state park campgrounds in the pet section. While I can understand sections for pets only. I don’t agree that they won’t let you walk your dog on the road thru the no pet camping area. Some of the non pet camping areas have the better campsites. When we camped last year in NY, they didn’t have non pet camping areas. I don’t agree with allowing dogs that bark excessively.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob M

Surprise, not every one wants to meet, be jumped on, be lunged at, or slurped by your dog. Nor walk around your 10-foot leash radius to avoid it. Be glad most places are totally dog friendly, don’t begrudge us a few no-pet zones.

1 month ago
Reply to  wanderer

I feel that ^^^^ and travel with two medium-sized dogs who don’t bark at other dogs or humans, don’t get to lunge at other dogs or humans, get walked on a short leash right beside us until we’re the only ones in the fenced dog-park, and who always have their poop scooped/bagged and thrown away. I loathe dog owners who have their leashes fully extended or dog off-leash, and let their dog bark at and chase our dogs who are in the vicinity, on-leash and minding their business, or worse- the owners who walk right up to us with their dog, assuming our dogs will be friendly. Just yesterday I was walking both my dogs on a short leash, on either side of me, and here come SIX dachshunds, off-leash, running at us and barking their heads off, nipping at my dogs ‘ feet, and the owners just laughing it up. Thankfully my dogs were listening and I kept them moving without as much as a bark. We’ve had a huge Rottweiler off-leash charge us and that was a nightmare! I had to run up and climb on top of picnic table and try dragging my dogs up with me. The Rot’s owner was unapologetic, (Halle Barry- Rot’s name- I see you) 😆 campground couldn’t care less despite their having a leashed rule. How any dog owner fails to realize their dog IS an animal, and even the best trained ones, even/especially the tiny ones can and will lose their minds when the conditions are just right, blows my mind to see any dog off a leash anywhere in public.
We’ve never seen or heard of a campground that’s not pet-friendly, just 55+ not kid-friendly resorts, and motorcoach only places, which I’m sure have to be dog-friendly considering nearly every coach comes standard with a tiny, barking dog. 😉

Neal Davis
1 month ago

We travel with our dog and only stay where he is permitted. Once he passes, DW will get another dog and we’ll travel with that one.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 month ago

We currently have 7 full time dogs and one foster dog. Needless to say, we love dogs! We only take 2 or 3 with us camping. Yes we want dogs wherever we go.

1 month ago

How do you choose which dogs for which trips? Same dogs usually?

F Zee
1 month ago

I like dogs. My Wife and I would like one but right now we are not wanting the responsibility of one as we do not feel that we should force others to have to deal with one even though it is well behaved. Some people have allergies. I don’t believe that a dog should be allowed or tolerated in a grocery store or clothing stores, (True service animals are the only exception). By the way it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the dog’s owner that makes it a pain at times!

1 month ago
Reply to  F Zee

I’m happy people can bring their well behaved pets with them as they are family. We have cats so having barking dogs creates stress in our RV that we don’t need. Ownership is also responsibility & something we all need to practice. We can all get along & enjoy our 4-footeds by being kind to others. Always.

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