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Have you ever had to take your RV into the shop because of a recall on it?

There are a lot of RV recalls. There are also a lot of recalls on other vehicles too, like maybe your tow vehicle. Did you know you can always find out if there are any open recalls on your RV, tow vehicle or other vehicle by inputting your vehicle’s VIN number here? It’s certainly worth doing every so often.

Have you ever had to take your RV in for service because of a recall on it? We’re not talking about your car or tow vehicle here in today’s poll, just your RV.

After you vote please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Thanks!


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14 days ago

No recalls issued in our 2018 Forest River motor home. I went over it with a fine tooth comb when purchased new and made repairs to factory issues that would cause problems. Out of warranty, I have done all servicing and repairs myself being a retired diesel mechanic and working on RV’s since a child. No different than maintaining a house and a truck chassis.

Tim Slack
16 days ago

Twice. Once for wiper arm correction, not a big deal; and once for recall on brake calipers. That one got us new calipers & rotors on all four wheels! 🤗

17 days ago

I had a recall on my travel trailer but did not take it in. It is a 200 mile round trip to the dealer and when I took it in for warranty work they kept it for 4 months – 3 of which it stayed parked in their lot without being touched. The recall was for a 120 volt wiring connection that could come loose. I inspected it myself. I figure my inspection was as good as or better than an inspection made by an inexperienced young man who doesn’t give a sh*t about my safety.

17 days ago

Haven’t had a warranty because I haven’t bought new, always used. And by my reading service issues on those purchases with warranties and the troubles everyone has with them I’m glad I haven’t bought new.

Thomas D
17 days ago

Yes, when Ford announced a recall on our F350 class C because of a chance that it could overheat and start a fire.
Simple fix, a couple of heat shields 1/2 hour and done. However, when I wanted a tune up they said ” we don’t work on motorhomes.” I explained that they had and secondly I was asking for a tune up on a FORD, nothin to do about a motorhome. Needless to say, I had to find an independent garage to tune up the MOTOR

17 days ago

I selected to answer Yes ……for the Norcold fridge recall.

17 days ago

Yes, four times for Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV. Two separate times for air bags, once for speed sensor and once for emissions. 240 mile round trip for each. No longer have, but just received one on my new Class A.

17 days ago

I said no because I corrected all three recalls myself. That way I know they were fixed correctly.

17 days ago

In 45 years only two. The Ford chassis issue 20+ years ago where it sucked up water into the air intake when raining and more recently the Cummins CARB-initiated emissions recall.

Had a used rig that had already had the “No-Cold” fire hazard recall done.

Jim Johnson
17 days ago

Given the finger pointing in the RV industry related to warranty issues – built-in components warranted by a company separate from the brand label stuck on the outside of the RV, I really wonder how effective recalls are. If a component is recalled, I am guessing that component manufacturer has to go to the assembler company and depend on their owner records to issue a recall.

Neal Davis
17 days ago

I took our first RV to the local Cummins dealer for a recall once. We have had one or two other recalls, also pertaining to the engine, addressed during a service visit to the manufacturer. If I recall correctly, they were addressed before I heard that there was a recall. We have never had a recall by our RV manufacturer — first REV/American Coach and now Newmar.

Tommy Molnar
17 days ago

The only recall we had on our trailer was for the locks and the lock mfg sent the new ones to us. We swapped them ourselves. We originally had two different keys for one door. We had the lock mfg send us one lock and key for both.

17 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I too replaced my own lock which was on recall.

Ed K
17 days ago

My coach was 14 years old when we bought it in 09 and had no recalls at that time. It has aged well and is simple enough that I don’t ever expect a recall on it by Spartan. Probably forgot they even built it.

17 days ago

I had a recall on my awning because of a faulty switch. Took longer to take the trailer to the dealer than it did to fix it. They did the job in the parking lot.

Bob p
17 days ago

I said no but I did have to call a dealer of my RV 50 miles away about the LP regulator recall, he checked the serial number and said no, saved me a couple of 100 mile round trips.

17 days ago

Does answering “no” mean I have a recall and have not taken it in, or I have no recalls, thus no need to take it in? I answered no because I’ve no known recalls. I’m a happy camper!

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