Thursday, March 30, 2023


How would you describe the reliability of your RV’s automatic levelers?

Automatic levelers… If you have them you may love them or you may hate them. Sometimes they can be a little wonky, and they’re not always entirely accurate. You may know that a little too well…

If your RV does have automatic levelers, how would you describe their reliability? Are they always reliable? Only sometimes? Hardly ever? Never? Oh, boy…

Please tell us in the poll below and please leave a comment, too, if you feel like sharing your experiences. You may help other RVers out. Thanks!


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Diane Mc
13 days ago

21 years. Never an issue. Hope I didn’t jinx us.

13 days ago

I carry a 2 foot level and before getting out of the MH check the level. If needed I level the coach using blocks and add the same amount under the jacks, your wheels should never be off the ground, the jacks stabilize and are not for leveling. Way too many times I see MH’s with the wheels off the ground, if the rear ones are off then nothing is to prevent it from rolling damaging the jacks and frame. Personally I like to keep the stroke of the jacks as short as possible by adding extra blocking under them.

Bob Weinfurt
13 days ago

I’m the automatic leveling system. As for reliability, I usually get it done pretty quick.

13 days ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

We are good at it too! Pretty quick and nothing to go wrong. Should have offered the option of “Don’t have them, don’t need them”.

Roy Davis
14 days ago

We have a levelmate Pro® in our motorhome so I can find the levelest spot to stop. If we’re lower in the front, I will dump the air bags (lower the coach) so we’re less likely to have the front wheels off the ground trying to match the back end. I have seen that happen a lot, especially in State parks.

14 days ago

We just picked up a new 5th wheel that has the auto-levelers. None of our previous trailers had this. To me, it’s a little complicated and I would much prefer to level it manually. It just seems like one more gadget to break. We leave on our first trip in a few days so we will see how it goes. (We’ll also see how long the 12v fridge last dry camping with just the batteries and a small solar panel. 😊)

14 days ago

We have the six point automatic leveling on our Montana 5th wheel. I do carry a carpenter’s level with me to determine if I need to block underneath one side or the other to ensure all tires are firmly on the ground after leveling. After that, push the button, and TADA! Perfectly level. The only opportunity that comes up is the trailer can sag a degree after a long stay. Then I just use the manual adjustment and bring the trailer back to level. Would never ever consider buying another RV with auto-level.

14 days ago

The automatic leveling system in our 5th wheel is about the only thing that we have not had a problem with. I would never buy an RV without one.

Jim Johnson
14 days ago

Even based on articles in this newsletter, writers often fail to differentiate or describe the difference between RV leveling systems and RV stabilizing systems. RVs with leveling systems rarely need those fancy side to side leveling gadgets. I do still recommend isolating metal leveling or stabilizing feet from the ground with plastic or wood to avoid creating secondary electric paths to ground (another article opportunity for JAM?)

Having vented my spleen… I love our trailer’s auto leveling system. It is generally ‘accurate enough’. But when we are going to be stationary for a time I tweak it manually using a level inside the trailer. I try to be pretty much dead on fore-aft and very slightly sloped to the utility side. This causes A/C water to run away from the entry side and helps drain waste tanks.

Bill Fisher
14 days ago

I love the six point automatic hydraulic leveling system on our Montana fiver. Going on four years and they have been solid. They have helped to make setup both much faster and easier. I put snap pads on all six and don’t even bother to carry any other blocks anymore, so they have also helped lighten our load.

Dan Kruger
14 days ago
Reply to  Bill Fisher

Our Northwood has the 6 point system…..Takes about 10 minutes….taking the tubs out…push a button…..dead on level ….walk away to do other things….worth every penny…..

Bob S
14 days ago

My non-automatic hydraulic levelers work great!

Steven N
14 days ago

We don’t have auto leveling on our 5th wheel but after seeing our camping buddies battle theirs, I don’t know that I really want one. I use my Anderson Levelers and the Levelmate Pro system. Normally my wife and I have ours leveled and are well on our way to finishing set up while he is still cussing one of the legs that won’t cooperate, or his bluetooth won’t link up, or the system won’t respond to the touch pad, etc., etc. I like technology but just want it to work when I need it to!

14 days ago

We had one fail on our 2002 Newmar Kountry Star a couple of years ago and we have had it replaced. I think 20 years is pretty reliable!

Bob p
14 days ago
Reply to  Pat

We had a 2002 Newmar Mountain Aire that all the jacks lowered perfect but the left front was hesitant to return. New springs solved the return problems.

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