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Dog owners: Is/are your dog(s) a purebred or mutt?

Okay, dog owners, this one is for you!

Is your dog or are your dogs purebred or a mutt?

Now, if you have a “designer dog breed,” we’re still considering that a purebred, not a mutt. Don’t know what a designer dog breed is? It means a dog has been bred, usually by a breeder, by two purebred dogs to create a new breed. Some of the most popular designer dog breeds are the doodles (Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Cavapoo, Sheepadoodle, Yorkipoo, Maltipoo, Ausiedoodle, etc.), Chiweenies (Chihuahua and Dachshund), Puggle (Pug and Beagle), Pomski (Pomeranian and Husky), and many more.

After you vote, tell us what kind of dog you have in the comments. And if you have a mutt and want to know what breeds they are, we suggest doing this easy at-home DNA test. It’s fun!


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Joni Weed
2 months ago

A DESIGNER DOG is NOT a purebred. It is a MIX- as they tell you i.e. poodle/golden

2 months ago

Designer dogs are just controlled Mutts…I get a chuckle when someone explains the lineage of their expensive mixed breed dog. To each their own. We do own a sheltie but my wife always wanted one and she is a peach

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Scott

Hi, Scott. I’m just wondering if your wife is a peach or your sheltie is a peach? Or maybe both? 😉 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

2 months ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

she has tolerated me for 37 yrs ( my wife), I would say that she is much better than being described as a peach…the dog will qualify for the description of a peach. Keep up the great work on the discussions !

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Scott

Thanks for the clarification, Scott. 😆 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

2 months ago

There is no such thing as a designer breed. Designers make dresses, shoes and handbags. They are mixed breed dogs, period. Very loveable, yes, but extremely overpriced. Unscrupulous breeders who have dogs that are not quality enough to breed as purebred dogs make these mutts and charge a fortune to uneducated buyers. There’s nothing wrong with getting and loving a mutt but you can get one that looks JUST LIKE a so called designer breed at the pound. So go rescue one, don’t spend thousands on a dog that the breeder couldn’t breed as purebred!

Karen Chapman
2 months ago

We have a Havashire – havanese and Yorkie mix.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

We got Jackson from the Georgia Aussie Rescue. His moma was a pure blooded Aussie, but his dad must have been a hound. He was 15 years of age last (2022) November.

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Our pure bred GSD, Odin (who was featured here as a Pet of the Day recently), was an abused pup that I found drinking from a puddle in the middle of a busy road. Our other dog, Olivia, is also a rescue from a group in Tulsa. Did the Wisdom DNA panel on her and the two biggest breeds in her are Dutch Shepherd and Whippet, with three other breeds under 15%.

Doesn’t matter if they are pure bred or a mutt – EVERY DOG IS AWESOME!

2 months ago

PJ is Havanese / Bichon

2 months ago

the vet thinks Maggie is all Beagle but we never had her tested as it’s unimportant to us.

Deborah Kirkman
2 months ago

We always rescue from humane societies. Mutts make the best pets they are very loving and in some cases the first home they have had that is good for them. Ours love the RV life.

Thomas D
2 months ago

Notice that everything is a rescue now? ( a good thing)
But mine was a rescued mutt long before it became popular. And you can’t tell her from a purebred. She cost me around 75$ spayed. Brand names are going for $600+

Sheri Ken
2 months ago

Per Our Pup’s DNA:
72% American Staffordshire Terrier
25% American Pit Bull Terrier
3% American Bulldog
Kitty is her name and she rescued us! Thank goodness we found our Kitty at our local no-kill City shelter. Kitty will be 6 years old this June 1, approximate date and she’s has added love, more adventures and better health to our life for 5 years and going!

2 months ago

Current dog is a chiwenni (at least that’s the vet’s best guess). She is a pound pup. Has long hair which makes her ears look like a dashound dog but under the hair her ears are shaped like a chihuahua. Loves people. Can’t believe someone let her become a stray.

Ron L
2 months ago

You needed another possible: “I don’t know” In our case our little girl is a rescue and the best we can tell she is a Bichon Frise as she looks identical to one with the exception she is apricot color, not white. But without doing a DNA test, we have no idea. In any case, compared to all the other dogs we’ve owned during our lifetimes, this girl is absolutely the smartest and most lovable we’ve ever had. Unfortunately, we have no idea how old she is and the vets we have taken her to over the four years we’ve owned her, they all say she is about 3 years old. Not sure how that can be as she was an adult when we got her and she still acts like a very young dog…almost puppy like and loves every human she comes into contact with but shies away from small children or dogs larger than her. She has been the doggie of the day here on rvtravel newsletter.

2 months ago

We have four rescue cats, no dogs. I’m thinking of a dog, it must be a rescue or a “surrender’ from a senior who can no longer care for it.
No idea how the cats would enjoy a dog as a companion.

Lee Ann B.
2 months ago

Over 34 years we’ve had 10 dogs and all found/pound. We just adopted number 11 from Animal Control in January. She is a 1 yr. old, 45 pound Super Mutt! I sent in her DNA and she is designed from 15 different breeds with only two standing out in the 20+ percentiles. A bundle of energy and smart as a whip.

2 months ago

Brother and sister shitzu born without tails so breeder gave them to us. Entertaining but completely useless other than good door bells. I’ll take a rescue over a breeder every time.

Heckman Kenn
2 months ago

Princess Charlie is a four year old border collie/poodle cross. She doesn’t shed and she is smarter than I am. Great dog !!!

2 months ago

Over the decades we have had several rescues and several purebreds of different breeds. From a small Yorkie rescue to finely bred German Shepherd Dogs to mutts. We have loved them all but I think my favorite was our Golden Retriever.

Jim and Wayne both mentioned doing research and seeking out a quality breeder if getting a dog through that channel. Our current, and third German Shepherd Dog is from stock bred by a past President of the GSD club of America. I was able to review genetic profiles back several generations to ensure that common GSD genetic “issues” were not present. Great breeders who really care about what they are doing will have this kind of evidence available. Ask for it!

Gary G
2 months ago

In the past I would call her a mutt, but now she is a “designer breed”.
Dad pure breed poodle.
Mom half St Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog.
Guess she is called a St BernaDoodle.
Cuter than the devil and ornery as “he” double hockey sticks.
We love her to death!

2 months ago

My dog is a German shorthair pointer
She is 6 years old. Our 2nd pointer. We’ve had labradors before the pointers. Raised all from puppies.

Last edited 2 months ago by Sandy

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