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What do you do most nights after dinner?

On most evenings after a nice dinner, what do you find yourself doing most often? Is an after-dinner walk a part of your nightly routine? Do you usually watch TV or movies every night? Maybe you play a game on your phone or do a physical puzzle at the table? Do you finish up the day’s work? Participate in your favorite hobby? Sit outside around a campfire and chat with your partner?

In this poll, you can vote twice. So please vote for the two that you most often do. If you answer “Other” please leave a comment. We’re curious! Thanks!


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2 months ago

Take a walk with my four-legged BEST FRIEND; shower, and watch series on AppleTV or Hulu prior to dozing off.

2 months ago

Projects, I always have something I need to work on. 😉

2 months ago

I go out and work in the yard or in my shop and then read RVTravel. Go in at midnight and read my magazines until I fall to sleep. I guess I will have to ask my wife what she does?

Leslie Smith
2 months ago

First we take a walk. After walking we read until bedtime. We don’t have TV so we listen to music. We have lots of music on Pandora, Amazon Music and XM radio. We love our evenings.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
2 months ago

It all depends on where I am camping. If it’s on Chincoteague Island we take a ride through the Assateague Island park out to the ocean and back. Then we ride through town and out to the inlet for a look at the sundown. Then we come back to the campground and have a campfire or just sit outside. Other campgrounds we stay in the campground, maybe going up to the store for an ice cream cone.

Mike Albert
2 months ago

Hi Kurt,
You forgot to mention that on your ride through Assateague, you donate about one gallon of blood!
We have had a house there since 1984 and donate almost every night during the late spring through the early fall. Enjoy the island and the area and thanks for supporting Chincoteague!

2 months ago

This time of year I’m outside normally working in the flower beds or garden. Taking a break or two in the swing to relax

2 months ago

My pup and faithful companion Shelby go fo a walk and then if it’s light we visit with fellow RVers.

2 months ago

sit by a fire till bed. thats where dessert comes (smores)

Deborah Mason
2 months ago

At home it’s TV (program or movie) most nights. On the road we almost never turn on the TV, but read or play games. We love to “Farkle in the Dark” (in the Park, in the Woods, etc.).

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

Hi, Deborah. For those, like me, who have never heard of “Farkle,” it’s a dice game. 😉 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

2 months ago

While hubby does the dishes (our deal is I cook, he cleans up) then we play cribbage, dice, or watch something together on his laptop or mine. He goes to bed earlier than me and reads his kindle. I stay up and play computer cards or read my kindle. We don’t have or want TV.

2 months ago

After evening dinner cleanup, I go to our family room and recliner, turn on the Tv, watch or listen to Andy Griffith and Barney; while reading the days junk mail and a 3 day a week newspaper and then military or Trains magazines and then I check the inside of my eyelids for about :20 to :30 minutes, then onto Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies et. al., along with playing Solitaire on my laptop! (Unless there is snow to shovel before morning!). Off to bed at 0100 to 0130!

2 months ago

Usually clean up the kitchen, then me and my best half watch TV and enjoy each other’s company.

Ron L
2 months ago

Immediately after dinner, we wash the dishes. Then we watch David Muir and World news on ABC.

Cheryl Robinson
2 months ago

After dinner, almost always wash dishes and any pots or pans if we didn’t cook outside.

Frank Niehius
2 months ago

We spend about 3 months in AZ with friends we have met over the years camping in the desert, and if weather is ok we always have a big fire. this year I found a way to make blue flames in the fire and was a big hit this year. We go to feed stores and pick up old pallets and have made a device to break them apart to burn them then before leaving have a big magnet to pull all the nails from the ashes.

2 months ago

I check email for the last time that day.

Dave Telenko
2 months ago

Well that depends if I’m camping or at home. If camping we most likely cooked dinner on the camp fire & after clean up, returned to the fire ring for beverages & great camaraderie & the usual campfire eexaggerations (BS). Now if at home after dinner I play several games of on line cribbage with like wise players. My wife used to play but gave it up as I seemed to win too much! Hard to find cribbage players as you have to know a bit of math to play, seems they don’t teach that in school anymore!

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 months ago

We belong to the Order of Eastern Star (a Masonic organization) and attend meetings occasionally after dinner. Great time to do some good and do some socializing!

Bill Bamber; Edmonton Alberta
2 months ago

Usually watch some Sport’s. Kind of Quiet!!
Princess, on most occasions, tries to tell me how to live my life.
If I’m awake usually say “Yes, you are right!!” once; then pretend to fall asleep.

2 months ago

My 2 included tv/ movie. I don’t have a tv, but I do watch on my phone n DVD player. My other is just sitting outside w my dogs, watching people, watching animals, occasionally a campfire (most places I’ve been don’t allow campfires tho, so that’s seldom), n watching the sunset.

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