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Does your RV feature a Murphy bed?

Many new RV models feature a Murphy bed. If you tour new RVs you may not even notice it’s there—they can be well-disguised up against the wall, which is nice because you get so much more space in your RV during the day when the bed is put up. They’re great for families who may need an extra bed for kids or guests, too.

Does your RV feature a Murphy bed? If so, is it your main bed? Do you use it? After you vote, please leave your answers in the comments below.

And if you’re curious about Murphy beds and how they came to be, read this article by Gail Marsh. The more you know…


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Mark W
1 month ago

We don’t have a Murphy Bed, but, we have a king size bed, 69 by 76 inches and we put it up every day because it doubles as our sofa lounge in the rear of our 2012 Roadtrek RS Adventurous. Putting or taking down the up the bed everyday takes 5 minutes. We use a mattress topper and pin the sheets on the topper so all we need to do is roll out or roll up the mattress topper and secure it with bungee cords at either end. In just a few minutes it’s stashed away in the overhead cabinets in the back of the van.

Space is EVERYTHING on a Class B motorhome. Learn how to take less stuff and use space as efficiently as possible. It’s pretty easy to do if you think about what you do and don’t use.

Our king size bed is extremely comfortable and offers plenty of space for sleeping. Unfortunately, we’ve seen rigs with Murphy Beds up front and they seemed slightly smaller than a full size bed especially for two adults.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark W
Gilly Claydon
1 month ago

We had a Short Queen Murphy bed in our Winn Navion and it was super comfortable once we upgraded the mattress. It suited us great until we went to full-timing. Then the motor broke when underbed storage fell out and I was crossing my fingers every time we put it up or down and since it was in the slide out we couldn’t move until it was fixed again, and again and again… And as I was going to bed at different times from my hubby it became such a hassle to maneuver around. Now we have upsized to a 30′ class A with a full king and wouldn’t go back. 🙂

1 month ago

I hate my Murphy bed it does not have the flat board that comes down, it just has a mattress that goes on top of the couch so you get a dip in the middle of the bed, I have a 2023 wolf pup limited, I love everything about it but the bed! If it had the flat board like other models it would be much more comfortable.

2 months ago

Our 2015 jayco has a Murphy bed. We replaced the mattress with a short queen from mattress insider. We leave the bedding on and just fold it up into the wall and then we have plenty of room. We love it.

Steven W.
2 months ago

Yes, our travel trailer has a queen size murphy bed and it is our only bed. The first thing we did when we bought our travel trailer in 2021 was replace the manufacturer’s mattress with a new Purple queen size mattress. It fits perfectly and folds up without any problems!

2 months ago

This is our second trailer with a Murphy bed. Main bed. We replaced the 2-part mattress with a 9” deep hybrid mattress that bends enough to fit in the Murphy space which is wider at the bottom than the top, fortunately. We leave the bedding on the bed. It all fits. We like having a sofa and the dinette as separate seating since one of us sometimes needs to work and spread out at the dinette.

2 months ago

I voted yes to the poll, it is not a murphy bed per se, but an Electro Majic Bed, which comes down from the ceiling in our 2001 Safari Trek 2830!!!

Neal Davis
2 months ago

A Murphy bed was not offered by Newmar as an option. I like the idea, but it isn’t practical with our floorplan, which includes a window above the bed headboard. A cousin has a TT that had a Murphy bed as an option. She did not want or get it.

Alfred Buccola
2 months ago

Downsized to a 19′ Cruiser trailer w/ a Murphy bed 2 yrs ago. Big Mistake!! Cushions separated while sleeping, had to partially make bed every nite , negated use of sofa when bed was open. Went back to 22′ Grand Design w/ normal Qn size bed.

TJ Miller
2 months ago
Reply to  Alfred Buccola

Ouch… the mattress I have is segmented, which means it hinges, but is otherwise one piece.

Jim Johnson
2 months ago

Well a Murphy bed is certainly a step up from converting between dinette and bed as we did in our 1st camper. Do we want one? No. It is still this nightly conversion between a sitting area and the bed (although the bedding is already in place). Plus I am pretty sure it adds weight to the trailer. With our new small camper, we sit upright at the dinette or lounger style in the always ready bed. Plus we have useful storage space under the bed.

2 months ago

We had one, but removed it for a minor redesign. We sleep on twins, with custom foam mattresses..

2 months ago

select comfort queen…donated the RV torture mattress. Use a jackery for controlling the select comfort since we dry camp

Gordon den Otter
2 months ago

We looked at them, but no way we wanted a bendy mattress. We decided we’d rather have a longer RV with no Murphy bed. Saves on the weight of the mechanism, too.

Bob p
2 months ago

The question I’ve always had was do yo strip the bed every time you put it away? If not how do you hide the bedding from view.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I do not strip the bed, just fold the sides of the linens up on the bed to hide them from view.

TJ Miller
2 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

Similar to Laura, we just tuck the linen in so it looks continuous.

2 months ago

For one horrendous year we had a Murphy bed. Worst experience ever. Wife loved it but I usually go to bed before her, there in the problem. As an early riser I had no sofa to sit on and enjoy my coffee. At the end of one year and thousands of miles I said that’s it, going today to find a new camper.

TJ Miller
2 months ago

It’s the only bed in my little NoBo 19.2, so yes, by default that’s the bed I use. Funny thing, that’s the front end of a 2022 NoBo you have pictured up there. 🙂

On the plus side, with a Sealy 2″ memory foam topper on it, it’s incredibly comfortable (and, it’s a full Queen sized bed.)

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