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Do you normally carry a vacuum cleaner in your RV?

When you’re RVing, do you normally bring a vacuum cleaner along with you on your travels? We’re sure your answer depends on a lot of things (like if you have pets, if you allow shoes inside your RV or not, if you’re a full-timer, etc.). But generally speaking, do you?

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner for your RV, check this one out. It’s one of the highest-rated on all of Amazon, and it will tuck away and store nicely. Happy spring cleaning, everyone!


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Bill Fisher
1 month ago

Our Montana came with a central vacuum.

M Heritage
1 month ago

I have a battery powered Hart stick vac that stays in the camper. Can be used as a handheld or cleaning the larger floor areas. Same battery as my tools so it’s convenient.

1 month ago

I replaced all the carpet with vinyl plank flooring, found an Oreck portable vac and installed a VacPan. I use a broom to sweep the dirt into the VacPan.

1 month ago

I bought a corded Shark duo stick for pets. It is a slim vacuum that is amazing on the carpet in our bedroom. I hate carpet! I wish we had none. The ease of doing all flooring. The attachment for our truck seat cover.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

Does an onboard one count? How about a Rumba? If you camp in the desert or have pets that shed you’ll need something, but we don’t have any carpeting.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

I bought a Dyson V6 Animal with powerhead, and it has done a very good job over a decade. of service.

Dale Hammons
1 month ago
  1. We have a central vac.
Richard Hughes
1 month ago

We carry two, a stick vac and a hand held. We also have a broom and a Swifter mop.

Cathi S
1 month ago
Reply to  Richard Hughes

I’m like Richard, Shark stick vac and a hand held but with a dust mop and swiffer.

Timothy Stitzel
1 month ago

Yes, we carry a small upright. My wife is a clean-a-holic. Shoes are to be left outside. The outside carpet is swept every morning.

Leslie Smith
1 month ago

Yes we do. We carry a little Dust Devil. It can be a hand vac or a upright. When we are boondocking it gives me the excuse to run the generator.

1 month ago

I never thought about a vacuum in my RV, but looking at the posts I must be the one living in a vacuum.

Ron L
1 month ago

Ours is built in, so yes.

Tony Grigg
1 month ago

TWO!! A shark brand stick vac with beater brush, etc. And a small wet/dry for crevices, cleaning the storage bays, truck cab, etc.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Both of our RVs came with a central vacuum. Our previous RV had Dirt Devil’s version and was great for keeping the inside of the RV clean. The new RV’s system is by InterVac and it can be used inside OR outside the RV. The compartment holding the dustbag is in a storage compartment on the driver side. It has a receptacle allowing one to plug the vacuum hose directly into the compartment. Further, the hose is long enough to reach all but the last bay on each side. That presents no problem because the last bay on the driver side contains the DEF tank. The last bay on the passenger side contains the chassis batteries and some engine filters. We also carry and use a broom and dust pan, a Swiffer with associated wet and dry pads, and a Swiffer duster. I’m sufficiently an*l to vacuum and dust the inside of the RV daily, and wet-mop with the Swiffer at least weekly.

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

Our rig has a built in one that works great…so no need to! Also, we replaced all of our carpeting with wood floors (yea!) so most of the time I just sweep the dirt right back out where it came from!

1 month ago

We used to but our rig has one built in and it is amazingly easy and cleans terrific. Very happy!

1 month ago

We didn’t care for dragging out the central vac hose so we brought our small Dyson from home with us this winter and it is great! Great for pet hair too!

Last edited 1 month ago by Leonard
Jim Johnson
1 month ago

In our large RV – yes. In our small camper size RV – no. Going commercial, we like the Rocket vacuum as the top detaches and stores next to the motorized brush making it small enough to fit in our closet between hanging clothes. Plus that top functions independently as a hand-held vacuum.

1 month ago

Since we do not have carpet in our trailer, a good fine bristle broom and a hand held battery operated vac works fine. I have a Ryobi vac and the batteries also fit my drill.

John Macatee
1 month ago

Electric vacuum

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