Saturday, May 27, 2023


Would you rather live where most often daily temps were lower than 50 or higher than 90?

OK, we know this is a tough question. And we also know it depends on your body temperature—some people run hot, while others run cold (and age plays a factor in that too).

But if you absolutely had to pick, would you choose to live in a place where daily temperatures were most often lower than 50° Fahrenheit, or daily temperatures were more often higher than 90° Fahrenheit?

After you vote in the below poll, please feel free to leave a comment and explain your answer. We always appreciate comments. Thanks!


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28 days ago

I hated your choices. I hate both. I tell people I am not a snow bird. First I am a full time moving every 2-4 months. I am a sun bird chasing sun and 75/80F. Of course it doesn’t always work out. I don’t want 90 with humid. 🥵 We did Wyoming (Glendo) during heatwave had over 90 for 6 weeks but with very low humidity. It was hot but felt fine in the shade. When working the constant light wind was nice.

Jesse Crouse
28 days ago

Back in my college days when “streaking” was a fad. Ask George Costanza about “shrinkage” in cold weather. Enough said.

28 days ago

One can dress for the cold, but not for heat. And outside work and exercise are doable when temperatures are below 50. Not so much above 90.

Bill Byerly
29 days ago

I didnt reply to the poll because I like it between 60-80, which is what keeps me living in the San Diego area. I can go anywhere else from here.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I’ve always said I would rather have colder weather than hot. If you’re cold,you can always add clothes. But if you’re hot, you can only strip so far before you get arrested. Actually, most full timers are “chasing 70” as the expression goes.

1 month ago

Over 90? How horrible! I can always add a layer but when do you do when you’re in shorts and sweating?

1 month ago

But that’s why we went full-time, to follow the seasons and not put up with the extremes.

1 month ago

Perfect weather 68 degrees.

1 month ago

Neither some where around 70 to 80 would be my sweet spot.

Gary G
29 days ago
Reply to  Doc


Darla VanAlphen
1 month ago

I have been hit since the day I was born and lived in FLA 52 years. I always say if you are cold put more on. I can only take so much off!!!

1 month ago

I would love to have a year round temperature that is close to the winter temperatures of Yuma Arizona!

1 month ago

I like being warm, but you can always put more clothes ON..and only take so much OFF (and when I do, THAT, my friends is NOT a pretty picture!)

1 month ago
Reply to  Notch

🤣 me to but I don’t care.

1 month ago

I’d say under 50. You can add clothing to warm up, you can only remove so much before it becomes illegal to be outside.

1 month ago

Well since I have about a 10 degree comfort zone, 65-75, neither option is good for me. If I had to choose I would go with the colder option as I do not tolerate heat very well. And I totally agree with other posters about the high humidity. No way!

Thomas D
1 month ago

Whats the humidity? So humid you can’t breathe. Thats why I don’t do Florida or Alabama. Just returned from Arizona where almost every day it started out freezing and got to low 60’s. Not really ideal temp either. We’ll never be satisfied

1 month ago

neither. but we like it warmer more than not.

1 month ago

I voted for under 50. I love to be outside and you can dress properly for cold weather, but when it gets hot outside there’s no way to stay cool.

Kelly F
1 month ago

Either would actually be ok as long as it was in an area of low humidity!

Charlie Sullivan
1 month ago
Reply to  Kelly F

Absolutely agree. For us, high humidity areas are to be avoided if at all possible.

Teresa Simons
1 month ago

I would prefer the daily temp to be between 50 and 70, This was not an option so I picked 50 and under as I don’t like the heat.

1 month ago

I prefer the 60-90 degree range, but that was not an option.

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