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Which do you most enjoy, giving gifts or receiving gifts?

Some people LOVE to receive gifts. There’s nothing more special to them than someone they care about thinking of them with a gift. Is that you? Perhaps you’re the kind of person who likes to be on the gifting end… especially when the person you’re gifting the gift to loves receiving gifts (boy, how many times can we say the word gift??).

Which do you enjoy most: giving or receiving gifts?

After you vote, will you tell us about your favorite gift you ever gifted or received? Unless it’s private, of course… Thanks!


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Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
5 days ago

I used to enjoy choosing gifts I was pretty sure would be enjoyed by the recipient. My current husband hates receiving anything he did not ask for, and insisted on the children writing letters to Santa enumerating what they wanted. 15 years later, he admitted that the gifts I had chosen for him that he hadn’t asked for and he’d given me hell for he’d really liked.
I no longer particularly enjoy choosing gifts but it wasn’t a deal breaker. In my marriage that is basically modus operandi. I adapt. Now I wait for the requests.

Neal Davis
7 days ago

In general, both are nice, depending on circumstances. Sometimes, one is nicer and other times, it is the other.

10 days ago

We enjoy giving to our kids and grandchildren and shopping for operation Santa Claus for children in need. The gift of giving feels great. But receiving material just collects so we a lot of times repurpose. A tin of baked goods or a nice bottle of wine is nice and happily accepted and will be shared.

11 days ago

I/We do not need one more thing. If we already have something that someone has admired, that is our gift to them. A gift for them and a gift for us, in that it helps unclutter. We try to pass on Family Heirlooms that we have enjoyed and now for others to enjoy. I, however, do enjoy receiving one gift – home made chocolate chip cookies. I will cherish that gift for at least a couple of moments and the thought forever.

Jay J
11 days ago

We like giving gifts not only to family but friends and neighbors. While there isn’t anything we are in need of, our kids and grand kids enjoy giving us gifts. We don’t want to inhibit their joy in giving, so we joyfully and thankfully accept the gifts from others. Giving and receiving gifts enrich each other’s lives.

11 days ago

In giving I receive joy. Win/win.
Very little joy realized in receiving anymore.
The Joy that is in receiving is why grandparents, aunts and uncles were invented.

Last edited 11 days ago by Cancelproof
Wayne Caldwell
11 days ago

I have enough tools, clothing, and other junk. Don’t buy me anything. If I find I need something, I’ll go get it.

11 days ago

We love giving gifts, especially to our Grand children. I really enjoy their reactions when they open their presents! As far as getting gifts, I’m way to hard to buy for, well maybe something Snoopy!

11 days ago

I’ve been very blessed. I enjoy giving especially to our daughter and grandkids

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