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Do you wear your regular, outside shoes inside your RV?

Many people and families have a rule: “No shoes inside the house (or RV)!” And, if you’re not that person or family, you certainly know someone who is.

Do you wear your regular, outside shoes in your RV? Or do you take them off as soon as you get to the door? Maybe you have “inside” shoes or slippers that you wear inside (never outside)? Do you only take your outside shoes off if you’ve been in especially dirty, muddy areas?

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3 months ago

We take off our shoes in our sticks and bricks as well. Think of all the things you walk over a city sidewalk; saliva, animal feces/urine, food, bacteria, and people coughing up. We have flip-flops or slippers for guests (not mandatory though). You’d be surprised how much cleaner the floors stay.

Steven N
4 months ago

For the most part the answer is that we always remove our shoes to help keep from tracking a bunch of outdoors, indoors. But having said that, there are times when I only need to come in for a second to grab something I forgot. It would take more time to take off and put back on the shoes than warranted. For the most part I am wearing sandals or water shoes so it’s easy to slip on and off, but if it’s lace up shoes it’s not worth the time or effort.

Diane McGovern
4 months ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

That’s a true statement, Sven.👍 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at RVtravel.com

Neal Davis
4 months ago

If we lacked a dog, then I would remove my shoes. As is, I either change to inside shoes, or wear my outside shoes, depending on the state of my outside shoes.

4 months ago

Wearing my shoes inside our MH is quite controversial but when I am active if I were to take them off each time I entered I believe I just might spend more time taking them off, putting them back on, then off again…than the time I wear them outside doing things! I am one who normally wears shoes throughout the day….at home or in the RV,

4 months ago

We bought our RV used. When my husband went to look at it (with a friend) while on their way to a job they wiped their feet and walked in. The owner at the time indicated it was the first time anyone had worn shoes inside. Had to buy it!! Our homes and our RV are all for living. We can clean things up without a problem. We do respect the wishes of others and take our shoes off when entering their homes, but in any of our places, wipe your shoes off at the door and come on in!

4 months ago

We don’t wear shoes in the house, so most of the time, we don’t have them on in the travel trailer either. When we camped in tents, we removed our footwear in the vestibule, for less wear and tear on the fabric floor. We go in and out of the trailer more than we did in the tents, as we did with our popups. We do kick shoes off at the door if it’s easy, but laced footwear generally stays on until we’re inside for a while. The exception is when footwear is muddy.
For us, it’s more about comfort than protecting floors, so not wearing shoes inside, and having “door shoes” at home and in the trailer is a habit we’ve both had since we were kids.

Chuck B
4 months ago

We have a diesel pusher. No way I can wear my outside shoes when I fuel inside without messing up every surface. I have extended this policy to every outside shoe.

4 months ago

i’m normally barefoot inside but I don’t remove my shoes (unless muddy) before I enter.

4 months ago

I marked yes, always. But you should have put another response like “most of the time.” There are times when setting up/ tearing down that I forget, only because I wear “real” shoes then, n normally wear slip ons, so they come off in a sec.

4 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Same here. My answer would have been usually.

Roger V
4 months ago

Absolutely. That’s what brooms and vacuums are for. Last time I checked, neither my wife nor I have spent much time licking the floor. Unless you do, I really don’t understand the obsession. Besides, I have flat feet so I wear high rise orthotic boots. Taking those on and off every time I pass through the door would be silly.

Last edited 4 months ago by Roger V
4 months ago

Nor in my house. I hate wearing shoes.

Bob P
4 months ago

I said no but if I’m in and out setting up or taking down I don’t change each time I go in. Once everything is done as I go in I’ll remove my shoes and put house slippers on.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

Agree with Bob.

Jim Johnson
4 months ago

I do miss a few times if I am working a project that requires a few in & out trips, but otherwise we have slippers just inside the door and we swap. One BIG issue is tread design on the shoes. A lot of campgrounds have pea-gravel sites. Some shoes seem to repeatedly suck up these pebbles then drop them inside the RV. Those shoes (and we all recognize the type) I am pretty a*al about removing as I enter.

4 months ago

I answered yes, but I’m really, really trying to retrain myself to leave them by the steps.

Tom E
4 months ago

We found if we remove our shoes just before entering and put on indoor orthopedic house slippers that provide good arch support then we reduce our vacuuming from a couple times a week to two times a month. Just a few seconds to prevent bringing in dirt from outdoors adds up to hours less spent cleaning – to enjoy more time outdoors. That and we hate our cheap RV carpets matted down with dirt.

4 months ago

Work shoes no. Regular sandels yes.

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