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How do you feel about your RVer neighbors hanging out wind chimes?

Wind chimes, you either love ’em or ya hate ’em. What’s your stance?

If you pulled into your campsite, got all set up, and finally sat down to relax with a book and a nice beverage only to suddenly hear the sound of your neighbor’s wind chimes, would you be okay with it or would you be upset about it?

If you do love the sound of wind chimes, we highly recommend you take a look at this. Even if you don’t like wind chimes you’ll still find it cute, we just know it.


  1. To us it’s just like all the lights so many campers put out. You could light a small city. Buttttt- as long as it doesn’t shine in my bedroom window- which it doesn’t- it doesn’t bother me. Same with the chimes. We enjoy them, but certainly don’t want to hear too much of the neighbors. But again- we’ve never run into this problem.

  2. I like wind chimes and have made some as gifts. If the wind chimes are made and tuned properly they have a very soothing sound but when they aren’t tuned right they can be annoying. Cheap wind chimes are seldom tuned and will sound as well as an out of tuned piano,

  3. I feel that chimes are out of place in a campground where many of us enjoy hearing the sounds of nature. They are much like the bright lights that many 5’vers have on the front of the RV. A friend likes to turn his on when he is going inside for the night. This makes no sense to me as I prefer the flickering light of a campfire. I do have wind chimes here at the house but they are a much lower tone than most. I don’t care for the small diameter higher pitched ones.

  4. I dislike them so much that my daughter will take them down when we visit. Im not above asking others to silence theirs

  5. Chimes are fine- we have them at home too. What’s not is people playing musical instruments outside (especially when they seem to lack much talent).

  6. I enjoy wind chimes. I have never noticed a neighbor at a campground or RV park hanging any, so maybe I won’t like them. Presently I naively expect to like them.

  7. We have wind chimes at home and love them, day or night. But having ‘wind’ chimes at a camp site is a little perplexing. Aren’t they usually hung from awnings that should be pulled in when it’s windy? Well, I guess it may be a way for those who have them to be alerted to when they need to pull their awnings in?

  8. More NOISE!

    Just what you want when supposedly getting back to nature.

    Of course it’s kinda hard to call a campground nature!

  9. I’m amazed that so many people dislike the sound of windchimes! Personally, I love ‘em. But since I know that many people don’t like them, I don’t hang them.

  10. Just as bad as that big screen tv outside or the stero system blaring away. I don’t want to hear it past bedtime. Reminds me of a co-worker always jingle of his change in his pocket to the point in front of all if all he can do is jingle don’t worry when you grow up you might be able to jangle. He stopped the jingle. So if your wind chimes aren’t chiming they might be on the table.

  11. IMO we should all strive to keep sound within our site. I know that’s not always possible, especially with how some places jam us in. You only rented YOUR space…the person next door rented theirs. While outdoor TV’s and radios can be turned down, wind chimes are what they are 24 x7.

    I like certain wind chimes but dislike others. I think it’s an item that just doesn’t need to be in a campground.

  12. We enjoy wind chimes. But, the real heavy ones with a deep “bass” sound can get annoying. The lighter ones are relaxing to us.

  13. We do not mind it as long as they are not the BIG obnoxious ones. The sound of small quality ones is actually relaxing.
    One thing, take them down in high winds.

  14. There are wind chimes and there are wind chimes. The soft slow harmonized type can be relaxing. The clashing disharmonious type can get annoying. If someone’s wind chimes are keeping you up at night, politely inform the owner. No I cannot promise what will happen, but reasonable people will try to come to a solution.

    We have windchimes at our seasonal site. They are as far as possible from other RVs, and taken down during high winds. So far no notices of complaint, but we do have people (and not the same people) who have expressed missing the sound if the chimes are not quickly rehung.

    • You’re a good neighbor. I don’t mind the sound normally, but I have been woken in the middle of the night by chimes clanging furiously in high winds.

  15. No more or less annoying than a constantly barking dog, loud, outside music or TV or an all-day running generator. All annoying though.


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