Thursday, September 21, 2023


Do you like pickles?

Pickles, you either love ’em or you hate ’em! You rarely find someone who doesn’t like them, but will eat them anyway. If you’re that person there’s a space for you in today’s poll.

Did you know there are more than 15 types of pickles out there? There’s everything from traditional dill pickles to half sours to bread and butters. What’s your favorite kind? Tell us in the comments after you vote in the poll. Well, that is, if you like pickles…

P.S. If you do like pickles, look for these at Costco (or just order them on Amazon). A certain staff member of ours who shall remain anonymous is addicted to them. They’re great in salads and on sandwiches!


  1. Husband loves them. Got hooked on Fickle Pickle’s when visiting son and family and DIL took us to Fickle Pickles. DIL sent us off with 3 jars. On return visit bought more for home. They ship if not in the area.

  2. Love dill pickles…especially fried ones dipped in ranch dressing. I’ll eat other kinds depending on my mood and what they are with.

  3. Mom always had a crock of dills brewing at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. Made and canned bread and butter. My favorite was pickled watermelon rind. If it didn’t get out of the way, it got pickled.

  4. When I first followed the link to Amazon for the “fried cucumbers” my initial response was “eeeew!”. But, I’ve been surprised by stuff before so I’ll refrain from this comment (even though I guess I just made it anyway). I like almost anything salty and crunchy so this may actually be good. But, I won’t order them because I too may become addicted – ha.

  5. Bread and Butter, my great grandma use to always can a few quarts of bread n butter pickles for me when I came to see them. Ummm good!

  6. My favorite pickle was imported from Poland and sold at Big Lots. Once COVID panic started, it is no longer in their stores.
    My new favorite is from Aldi, their German Style. Made in India.

  7. Sour Dill with lots of garlic, can’t stand the sweet pickles. Mom use to make a crock dill I loved as a kid and we were free to indulge as we passed the crock.


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