Thursday, September 21, 2023


At a rest area, do you use the public toilet or yours in your RV?

When you stop at a highway rest area and nature calls, do you usually use the toilet in your RV or do you use the public toilet?

We’re going to guess that most of you use the toilet in your RV. But that’s just our guess and we could be dead wrong. So you tell us. This will be interesting…

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  1. If we are boondocking alot I will use rest area bathroom. Just to keep our black tank as empty as possible. Otherwise will use our own bathroom if headed to FHU camping.

  2. Depends on what I need to do. If it involves sitting, I use my own toilet. Also depends on what State I’m in. CA, AZ, NM are a no go.

  3. We mostly use our own toilet. Not only do I know it’s clean, it has better toilet paper. We increased use of our own facilities during Covid travel – it was so nice not to have to mask up to go inside. We took 2 trips during the 4 months I was in a boot with a broken ankle (actually broke it on the first trip), which just reinforced using our own; it was just easier for me.
    We still stretch our legs.
    There are places we know have clean facilities. Also, some that are just interesting to stop at (The Thing in AZ). But, there are also some that are just barely acceptable, have been that way for years.

  4. Always in my RV, that is why I have a bathroom. No need to chance on it being nasty, we stop to rest make a sandwich and use our on-board restroom.

  5. Only two reasons we wouldn’t use the public restroom: availability and cleanliness. Why fill the RV’s black tank faster than necessary?

  6. These stops are multi purpose. One of the main reasons is to stretch the legs and relax from driving. Use of rest stop helps with that purpose.

  7. Not all rest areas have a public restroom. Many of the New England two lane back roads have many pull-over rest areas every couple miles, with no restrooms. Some I can get into with my truck and 5th wheel. Others, not. And on several occasions interstate highway rest areas up and down the eastern US were closed, some permanently, others for renovation.

  8. Public restroom unless I get a bad feeling about the place. I always listen to the voice in my head (no not that kind of voice).

    • Seann, This is the voice in your head, you can make it to the next Rest Area.
      There goes the exit…
      OK, maybe NOT!

  9. Mostly the rest area facility. However, prepared to use RV if necessary. Once, in dire emergency, pulled over and used portapotty on construction site.

  10. From a Plumber. You never know who was there before you. Public rest rooms are breeding grounds for whatever someone else brought in. Women’s rest rooms are always the worst.


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