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Do you have a portable propane campfire pit?

With all the devastating wildfires burning the past few summers, there’s a good chance you’ve camped in an area with a burn ban. If so, and you wished you could have a fire, you’ve probably looked over at your neighbor’s propane fire pit longingly. “Honey, we should get one of those fire pits so we can always (or usually) have a fire.” Has the idea crossed your mind?

Do you have a propane fire pit? If so, do you use it often and/or bring it on your travels? Would you like to get one? (If so, check out all these options.) Or do you not want one at all?

Please tell us in the poll below. Thanks!


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1 month ago

I used 3 letters and not what you may think and couldn’t write anymore.
To finish, after reading the rest of the comments, some of us just love the ambiance of a campfire. We tried solar lights in the fire ring and just not the same.
No smoke or odor, and you can cook or toast your marshy-mellows on it. Love it!.
No having to go inside when it gets dark either….(;+)
Everyone: Have Fun!

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  UpriverJouce

That’s weird that it cut you off, Upriver. It doesn’t look like you reached your word number limit. And if you wrote something that’s on our list of words to be blocked, it would have just replaced it with {bleeped}. Sorry about that. Have a good night. 😀 -Diane at RVtravel.com

1 month ago

Some years back I ordered a “Bond” propane fire pit from one of the big box stores…There are only 2 here and I like them both so, no names. We all make mistakes, or you are a fibber.
I think it was free shipped to my house. When I opened the box it was a moment…And a note with some usual excuse why they did not send what I ordered. Oh but we think you will like this this one. NOPE!…
The Bond has a locking lid to keep all the pumice rocks from Lake Paulina or Glacier Peak from running around my storage areas.
I had to take it back to the store and try to explain to the ladies the difference..I did get the one I had ordered and wanted. It works swell! When out camping you, well you.

1 month ago

I have the Little Red to go with my table top and full size Solo Stoves. I haven’t had a chance to use the Little Red and Large Solo Stove but the table top one was a big hit with my grandkids in the back yard making some’ores.

1 month ago

We have the Little Red campfire, just a nice size for us, when we choose to take it. We have never had a wood fire in 30+ years of camping. We camp where there are often fire restrictions, with good reason. Also, we now have asthma, as do friends who camp with us,, so wood smoke is an issue anyway.

1 month ago

We considered a propane fire pit and chose to make our own firepot out of an old dutch oven, corrugated cardboard “wick”, and melted wax. You can’t cook anything over it, but it is lightweight, compact, and refueled with a single small pillar candle placed on top to melt. While it doesn’t match a wood fire, it has a great flame, is quick to light and put out by covering it, provides heat, and can be used outdoors anywhere a flame is allowed, even on a picnic table.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I want one, DW does NOT want one. So, do you think that we get one? That’s right, … nope. 😉

1 month ago

I bought one due to the fact of not being able to load wood into my truck any more. Over the years of being a Corrections Officer and getting injured in attempting to control the inmates, I am now held together with rods and screws.

Kevin C
1 month ago

We have one, carry it in the m.h. We use it on occasion depending on the mosquito situation. I like not smelling like smoke crawling into bed. With more and more campgrounds suspending the traditional camp fire, it comes in handy.

1 month ago

We’re in a truck camper so definitely no space for something like this. But even saying that I’m not a fire person, so I can’t imagine a reason to have one even we had a different RV.

John Macatee
1 month ago

I have it, works great, doesn’t annoy others, and while out overlanding in our jeep in Death Valley for 4 nights in April I placed a grill on it and made coffee &, made breakfast, dinners and bbqed on it. Carrying a 30 pound propane tank was easy, in a trailer or jeep there is always a shortage of space!

Ken Weinert
1 month ago

We have it because we enjoy the fire but my wife’s asthma precludes a conventional fire. I’d rather watch a propane fire dancing than go home early because my wife can’t breathe.

1 month ago

I think it would be kinda cool to have, but don’t need the extra weight in my truck or trailer.

1 month ago

Yes, use it frequently in the cooler months. We do not think wood camp fires should be allowed ANYWHERE since there are just too many unresponsible people.

1 month ago

I answered yes, I have one home In my octogon gazebo I built. The grand kids love it .for toasting marshmallows and making somemores.

1 month ago

I have a friend that has a permanent gas fire pit. I really do not enjoy it as much. But then I like to go to bed and wake up smelling of good oak campfire smoke.

1 month ago

We only got one recently when we discovered the price for bundles of wood in Illinois approached $9.00?!?! We live in Michigan where bundles run an average of $5.00. So for ambience without the expense of $9 bundles, or no fire policies we ended up buying one.

1 month ago

We are rv’ers, not campers. Haven’t had need or desire for an outside fire in 20 years of rv’ing, other than occasional use of a charcoal grill for meal prep.

1 month ago

Yes, love it. Instant on, instant off and no smoke.

Sven Yohnson
1 month ago

One of my best camping equipment purchases is my UKIAH Note portable fire pit. When it’s not with us camping it’s on the deck. I have plumbed it to the camper LP system with a shut-off valve, and quick connect, so no extra tank. I have the grill/griddle top option (Yes you can cook on one)! You can also smoke wood chips on it. No sparks, fast cool down (no smoldering embers to keep you up all night). Built-in Bluetooth speakers for listening to your favorite music (or campfire audio clip). I can position it anywhere with-in the 24′ hose range, even under the awning when its raining (try that with a wood fire)! WAY cheaper than buying firewood! Extremely satisfied customer!

1 month ago

Love it for those times it’s too dry to have an open fire.

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